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Pongee Fabric: Uses and Advantages

September 27, 2017

What  is Pongee fabric? Pongee is a medium-weight, balanced, woven fabric with an irregular filling and a fine regular warp. It was originally wild-silk fabric, but today it’s used to refer to a fabric with an appearance of irregular filling yarns and fine warp yarns. The most common form of pongee fabric is the naturally […]

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Gift Umbrella In BRICS Summit 2017 Xiamen

September 6, 2017

Gift Umbrella In BRICS Summit The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Summit, 2017, is currently on at Xiamen, China . Within the framework of the BRICS Summit the business program was taken place in Shanghai and Xiamen (China). Xiamen weather is mild and pleasant most of the year because the city has a […]

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How Do I Source Umbrella Factory From China ?

September 4, 2017

TIPS FOR SOURCING UMBRELLA FACTORY  CHINA Alexander Hanes, CEO & Founder of E-Promotion Gift.,15+ years of experience in Gift and Umbrella sourcing. INTRODUCTION China manufactures nearly every product. Sourcing from China is a good consideration for small businesses. The fear of being scammed or the complexities of importation, they decide to source products locally. It is a good […]

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Tips for buying cheap wedding umbrellas

August 16, 2017

Wedding Umbrellas Rain or shine, umbrellas are a simple way to add elegance to your wedding. They often create an excellent opportunity to play around with colors and add some fun to your big day. In addition to creating a colorful atmosphere, umbrellas make for exceptional pictures. With a wide array of options out there, […]

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umbrella buying guide

 Tips for buying umbrellas China

August 2, 2017

Make sure  that Buying  Umbrellas China From The Right Manufacturer Buying umbrellas  China doesn’t have to be as much of a mystery as one would make it be. With this in mind, you can’t simply buy in bulk from any manufacturer you find online. For this reason, you want some suggestions to find the right […]

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Floral designs

How to Create Unique Umbrella Designs?

July 20, 2017

Many of you fancy customized umbrellas. You might prefer them for personal use or corporate branding purposes. The applications are endless. However, seldom do individuals know how to go about the process. That is what, we will help you out with today. We at Hfumbrella, believe in providing our customers with complete freedom to design […]

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A Personalized Umbrella Leads To A New World

July 3, 2017

Personalized Umbrella Preface The umbrella industry, with the characteristics of not complicated manufacturing techniques and affordable price, is a highly competitive world. To excel and make a profit in this industry is not easy at all. Nonetheless, Guangzhou Huifeng Umbrellas has opened a new world by adopting the strategy of divergence. Renovation in Advertising Umbrellas […]

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The Power of Digitally Printed Umbrellas in Your Business

June 16, 2017

Umbrella Printing No Minimum Order Growing businesses require consistent advertisement. This ensures that it competes favorably in the industry; and realizes great profits. Many successful businesses have come to realize that one of the most effective tools in advertising is through the use of print umbrellas. Custom umbrellas have a way of effectively creating awareness […]

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How to print on umbrellas?

June 13, 2017

Print on Umbrellas There are many options for your branded printed umbrella. We use and combine a number of different print processes to create your promotional umbrella: dye sublimation, silk-screen, 4-color process print, transfer print, embroidery and good old fashioned sewing and tailoring. We can create eye-catching promotional printed umbrellas to be brand specific. We […]

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Dye Sublimation on Umbrellas

Dye Sublimation on Umbrellas Promotional umbrellas alike are one of the most common types of promotional products, because these are practical for daily life and can be suited for any weather,  also will always be used for whenever we go outside. Branded umbrellas are one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising, particularly in hospitality environments […]

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Best Custom Umbrella For Your Business, Home or Event

Guide to Choosing the Best Custom Umbrella For Your Business, Home or Event

April 10, 2017

Are you planning on getting a custom print umbrella for any need at all? Ensure you read this guide before you order for your custom-print umbrella. Surely, Hfumbrella can help you in choosing the right custom outdoor umbrella. We have every type of umbrellas, including our custom and quick ship umbrellas which come with exceptional […]

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Umbrella Shaft Knowledge

Umbrella Shaft Knowledge

March 5, 2017

Useful knowledge of Umbrella shaft 1: Materials of Umbrella Shaft Aluminum Shaft、Wooden Shaft、Steel Shaft、Fiberglass Shaft 、Acrylic Shaft、Carbon fiber shaft 2: Outer diameter of umbrella shaft Super-slender 6.0mm, Ordinary middle shaft 8.0mm, Reinforcement shaft in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm. 3: Aluminum shaft can only be anodized, can not be plated, because the anode can add color […]

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How New Businesses Can Use Custom Umbrellas to Steal Their Competition Customers

March 1, 2017

New Businesses Use Custom Umbrellas  New businesses find it hard to compete in an industry or place where there is already an established brand. To survive in such business environment, business owners and managements need to come up with fresh ideas and innovative ways to get new customers. This makes promotional products such as custom […]

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Huifeng Umbrella Passed UV801 Test

Huifeng Umbrella Passed UV801 Test

Congratulate Huifeng Umbrella Passed UV801 Test Huifeng Umbrella Co.,Ltd. passed the UV801 test and became the first China umbrella manufacturer who got the UV801 certificate. UV Standard 801 In order to provide consumers with a reliable UPF, the particular requirements to which a sun protective textile is subjected during use must be taken into consideration. In […]

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How To Get The Best Custom Umbrellas to Promote Your Business

February 23, 2017

The Best Custom Umbrellas Custom umbrellas have changed the ways businesses use in creating awareness for their products and services. Before, it used to be Billboards and media. But now, people can actually go about with a product that boldly says the name of a company . Promotional umbrellas bring a lot of benefit to […]

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What Are the Color and Design Options of Promotional Umbrellas?

February 20, 2017

What Are the Color and Design Options of Promotional Umbrellas? No doubt, custom umbrellas are one of the hottest picks. In fact, almost every new business is now leveraging promotional umbrellas to give their business a boost and bring in more customers.  What make this type of promotional strategy perfect is that umbrellas have wide […]

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Can I Custom Print my Business Logo on the Umbrella Canopy or the Valance?

February 16, 2017

Can I Custom Print my Business Logo on the Umbrella Canopy or the Valance? Are you looking for new and innovative ways to promote your business? You should consider using a custom print umbrella to create the much-needed awareness about your brand or any new product you just introduced into the market. Research indicated that […]

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Know Your Options When It Comes to Custom Umbrellas

February 13, 2017

Know Your Options When It Comes to Custom Umbrellas Custom Umbrellas are becoming very popular in recent years. This is because they can be used for versatile needs. One of the most popular uses of custom print umbrellas is for promotional activities. Since these types of umbrellas are most seen outdoors during charity or sporting […]

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Promotional Umbrella Manufacturers

What to Consider When Choosing Promotional Umbrella Manufacturers

February 12, 2017

What to Consider When Choosing Promotional Umbrella Manufacturers When it comes to creating awareness for products and services, brands are leveraging new and innovative ways to set their brand apart from others. As a business owner, you will need to consider certain things when you want to get a customized umbrella for your promotional activities. […]

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Why You Need to Promote Your Brand and Services with a Custom Umbrella

February 11, 2017

Why You Need to Promote Your Brand and Services with a Custom Umbrella Every day, the market is getting more competitive; more and more people are entering into any profitable services. Additionally, brands are leveraging new advertising techniques to create awareness for their products/services. The increased competition in business environment means that you run a […]

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