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Get your kids ready for a rainy day with our fantastic kid’s umbrellas

Being a good parent involves ensuring your children are protected from all kinds of harm. With the rains comes cold and the flu and so, there is a need to protect your children from the rain with an umbrella.

As the number one professional kids’ umbrella manufacturer, Huifeng Umbrella stocks a wide range of colorful kids’ umbrellas suitable for any weather condition.

These umbrellas are made of the highest quality material and are designed to protect little ones in even the worst weather conditions. So, you can relax knowing that the kids are safe even in the worst weather.

Keep reading to find out how to select the best types of kids’ umbrellas for personal use or bulk buying.

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Why our umbrellas?

It is a well-known fact that children continuously change their interests and want all the toys and accessories to match the new fashion so giving your kid an umbrella is a very good choice. Moreover, our umbrellas aren’t that costly, so it really does make sense to gift them something they would love without costing you the earth.

Even though many of us give little thought to choosing or using an umbrella, kids may look it at a little differently and would love something looking like a cartoon. We can design them for you as per your own requirements. Give us a call today to learn more about kids’ umbrellas.

How to Spot Good Umbrellas for Kids?
When it comes to choosing toys for kids, it might not be that difficult a task. You probably already know what they would like.

But buying the right umbrella for them might be overwhelming if you do not know what to look out for exactly. As an entrepreneur, purchasing the right products to meet your customers’ needs is also very important.

This is why we have put together some tips to help you choose the best kids’ umbrella as you buy.

  1. Strength of the Umbrella’s Canopy: Kids’Umbrellas nowadays are made with different fabrics. The fabric used by the manufacturer could determine the quality of the umbrella. While some would last you for a long time, others would soon wear and end up in the trash. It is advisable to go for a durable canopy because kids may be quite rough with their umbrellas.
  2. The durability of the Umbrella: When selecting a kid’s umbrella, you should look out for its And how do you know if an umbrella is durable? By the materials used in the production of the umbrella. Most kids’ umbrella manufacturers provide a breakdown of what the umbrellas are made of. These materials could determine the umbrella’s durability.
  3. Weight of the Umbrella: Go for a kids’ umbrella that is lightweight enough for your child to carry. If the umbrella is weighty, convincing your child to go about with it could be difficult. Additionally, resellers should go for kids’ umbrellas made with such lightweight material; many buyers will go for these types.
  4. Ease of Opening and Closing: Many kids would likely prefer an umbrella that’s easy to open and close. The purpose of owning an umbrella gets defeated when you can not quickly use it as protection against harsh weather. Your kid’s umbrella should have a runner that makes opening and closing the umbrella effortless.
  5. Design or Decor on the Umbrella: Kids get attracted by flashy designs and decorations. Knowing this, kids’ umbrella manufacturers incorporate these designs into the umbrellas they produce. Your kid is more likely to use their umbrella happily when designed with pretty images and patterns. As a wholesaler, you should buy colorful and beautifully designed umbrellas to appeal to the relevant market.

5 Best Types of Kids Umbrellas
With the many kids’ umbrella manufacturers in the market today, diverse types of umbrella abound, making it difficult to choose. We have provided a list of the 5 best types of umbrellas for kids so that you know which brands to look out for as you plan to buy or make a bulk purchase.

  1. FCTRY Hipster Kid Umbrella

This kid-sized umbrella keeps little ones dry in style. This umbrella comes in fun, fruity designs such as lemon, kiwi, and watermelon. Its mechanism for opening and closing is easy to use while its smooth matte rubber handle gives a comfortable grip. It is also pinch-proof, poke-proof, and kid-proof.

  1. Safety Round Colour Kids’ Umbrella

Unlike regular umbrellas, this kids’ umbrella by HF Umbrellas is designed to protect young children from poking their eyes with pointy umbrella tips. It has a round corner design in place of the regular pointed corners. This umbrella is made with quality polyester, which can be used in any season. It also passes the test on child safety.

  1. Colour Changing Umbrella

HF Umbrellas have created this special kids umbrella that changes color when wet. This innovation, without a doubt, appeals to kids. When dry, the umbrella has a white color, but it begins to change color when it gets wet. The special ink used to make this change happen is very safe for children; therefore, there’s nothing to worry about regarding child safety.

  1. Stephen Joseph PopUp Umbrella

This kids’ umbrella comes in unusual 3D patterns such as a shark with pop-up fins and a mermaid with a crown, which children are sure to find interesting. It also features a comfortable handle for easy grip.

  1. Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella

This polka-dotted umbrella is characterized by a bubble dome canopy that prevents splashes during rainfall. It has rounded tips at the end of its rims to prevent poking, while its closure is pinch-proof to provide additional comfort for kids.

How to Care for Kids’ Umbrellas ?
Many umbrellas do not last as long as we would like. This becomes even more glaring when children have a hard time maintaining their umbrellas. Failure to give appropriate care to umbrellas usually leads to quick destruction and inevitable disposal.

It also makes it difficult to enjoy the full benefit of your money’s worth. To avoid issues like this, these are 5 simple tips that show you how to help kids properly care for their umbrellas.

Always leave the umbrella open to dry after use.

Opening it to air-dry allows the fabric of the canopy to breathe and discourages mildew from growing on its canopy. It also prevents the metal parts from rusting. However, do not dry the umbrella under direct sunlight, as this could cause fading.

Do not leave the umbrella exposed to heat sources such as leaning it against a radiator or leaving it in a hot car.

Excessive heat sources could result in fading of its canopy, ruining its appearance. Extended exposure to heat also causes the umbrella’s shaft to go out of shape.

Teach kids to open and close their umbrellas gently.

This would guard against several damages to the umbrella. Sometimes, when closing or opening the umbrella, its ribs could get caught in the canopy. To ensure the ribs are free before opening, shake the umbrella. Doing this would avoid the risk of breaking or bending the ribs as they’re being opened.

Clean your kids’ umbrellas using tap water only.

Using any other form of cleansing agent could damage the protective waterproof coating that has been applied by the kids’ umbrella manufacturer.

Storage is also essential.

After the umbrella has been used, dried, and aired, it is crucial to store it properly. If the umbrella comes in a casing, it should be returned to its casing and kept out of the children’s reach. Proper storage keeps the umbrella parts in good shape.

Following these care tips would ensure that kids get to enjoy their umbrellas for a long time.

Note to Kids' Umbrellas Wholesalers
For wholesalers (or retailers) interested in selling kids umbrellas in large quantities, HF Umbrellas allows for bulk order requests. While other kids’ umbrella manufacturers insist on a fixed amount of orders that you can make, we offer you the freedom to request as many orders as you need.

We help your business stand out among your competitors because we only provide you with quality products. This ensures that your customers keep coming back to buy from you because you offer them only quality products.

When you buy in bulk from us, you save a lot of costs and expenses that you would have spent if you purchased in smaller quantities. There is no order too large for HF Umbrellas to supply; even if your order requests kids’ umbrellas in varying shapes, sizes, colors, designs, or patterns, we can meet it without hassles or stress.

Why our Umbrellas?
HF Umbrellas has been in this industry for over 30 years, and during this period, we have created a phenomenal reputation for ourselves. With 2000+ umbrella manufacturers in China, finding a reliable company to manufacture your kids’ umbrellas according to your specifications might be daunting. But, with us, your fears are alleviated.

HF Umbrellas specializes in creating custom umbrellas, making it our foremost duty to fulfill all of your requirements. We make sure that we present you with the perfect umbrellas made with the best materials, designs, and spot-on printing at delivery.

Our customization and ordering process is stress-free as we have competent staff that would help walk you through. What’s more? Each of our confirmed custom orders comes with a free printed pre-production sample to help you decide what you want or do not want in your design.

Our prices are affordable; when it comes to pricing, we top all our competitors by offering pocket-friendly prices. Place your order for kids’ umbrellas; send us an email at for a breakdown of our order process.


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