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Various factors determine the quality of custom umbrellas or commercial patio umbrellas your company purchases, but the manufacturer, your company, works with plays a significant role. However, there are many umbrella manufacturers in the market; hence, it will be a challenging task to find a manufacturer that offers premium quality products.

Are you looking for premium quality umbrellas that will portray the reliability and quality your brand or company offers? Look no further because here at Huifeng Umbrellas, we specialize in bringing our clients’ dreams to reality. We are not only a reliable umbrella manufacturer but also an umbrella expert. As umbrella experts, we will channel our expertise, knowledge, and experience into helping you choose the right umbrellas in line with your budget and needs.

Our products are exquisitely different from the design of other manufacturers, and we have complete control and ownership of our materials and workmanship. Therefore, we will sell our umbrellas directly to you without the involvement of middlemen. Hence, you will be a beneficiary of our premium services and quality of products at an affordable price.

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Why Choose Us?

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Our primary focus in manufacturing our products is quality. We also have complete control over the materials and workmanship we use during the manufacturing process because we exclusively own our line of umbrellas.

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We sell our products without the involvement of middlemen but directly to you. This enables us to provide you with the best service and quality at an affordable price.



We have been manufacturing only umbrellas for over ten years. Therefore, we will offer you the knowledge you need to choose the premium quality umbrellas suitable for your budget and needs.

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We take the convenience of our clients with the utmost respect and importance. Hence, we offer door-to-door services without any additional duties and shipping charges.

What Makes Our Quality Better?

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Durable Frames

Quality is our watchword. We make quality frames strong and flexible enough to withstand strong winds. The frames we make are also durable because they are rust-resistant.

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Performance Fabrics

The fabrics we use in the manufacturing of our umbrellas have various durability properties, such as waterproof, tear-resistant, fade-resistant, and UV-resistant.

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Vibrant Logo Printing

The ink and printing process we use in the manufacturing of our umbrellas are unmatched in the business. Hence, your logo will appear vibrant and color-accurate. The positioning of your logo will be perfectly placed on the panel in a way that captures the attention of anyone close.

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High-quality Sewing

We ensure our umbrellas, especially the rib ends and panel edges, are sewn to prevent tearing and fraying.


Durable Hardwares

We make use of high-quality quality and fashionable handles, tips, and caps to provide our products with durability and aesthetics.

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Strict Quality Control

You will hardly find any fault in our materials and workmanship because we incorporate a dynamic quality-control process during our manufacturing process.


We are arguably the most reliable umbrella manufacturer in China. We specialize in creating all kinds of umbrellas from scratch. We offer customization options; hence, we don’t only supply but also manufacture our products. We will build your company’s umbrellas with your logo and brand messages on them with durable materials to portray the reliability and quality of your brand or company.
We exquisitely and exclusively manufacture our products to help us regulate the quality of our products and sell them directly to you. Hence, eliminating the involvement of go-betweens to make our products affordable to you. We export our products to various

Recent Work

How It Works: 5 Steps


Step One: Fill out the “get a quote” form

Once you complete filling out the “get a quote” form, we will receive your request and provide you with the price and printing suggestions.


Step Two: send your brand or company’s logos or artwork to us

You will need to send us your logos in vectors or outlines in EPS or AI files. However, we can assist you in creating your logos at a low price if you don’t have them in the required format.


Step Three: confirmation of your order with an upfront deposit

We will require you to pay a 50% upfront deposit to confirm your order.


Step Four: Get A Digital Proof (Digital Sample)

Once you have made your desired logos and 50% upfront deposit, we will provide you with a digital view or sample of your umbrella for your approval before producing them.


Step Five: Wait To Receive Your Umbrellas

Once you approve the digital sample, we will begin the production of your umbrellas, and you will get them in time without any compromise on their quality.


Customers are Saying About Us


We received umbrellas yesterday ^_^
The folding umbrellas are very beautiful and the case is very original, congratulations you did a great job!The straight umbrellas were popular in Italy and will be sold out next week, I would like to place a re-order this Wed.a


Kuala Lumpur, Phoenix, Arizona

I have worked with several China vendors by now, but this experience was simply amazing. The team was always proactive and they kept us updated about developments at each stage. Thanks guys, we are receiving good reviews for our umbrella and people are always dropping by to say that quality of umbrellas offered by us were good.


Noel Joshua ,UAE

I would like to take this time by saying that I am very impressed with the level of service that you and your company have provided to me so far. I purchasing customized umbrellas from you was the best gifting decision, I ever made. Many of my customers were initially apprehensive about the credibility of these umbrellas. Today, many of them call us to say that they love it and are still using it. Thanks guys. I have even recommended it to many of my friends, who have just begun with their business.


Shaun Evans ,North Carolina

Every year, we hand out useful business gifts, and this year, we have run out of ideas, when Annabelle (our graphic head, project manager) suggested buying promotional umbrellas from After much dallying, we gave it a thought. By god’s grace, everything fell in place, and the orders were done in time. I have worked with several China vendors by now, but this experience was simply amazing. The team was always proactive and they kept us updated about developments at each stage. Thanks guys, we are receiving good reviews for our umbrella and people are always dropping by to say that quality of umbrellas offered by us were good.

Debbie Devillard ,San Francisco

Whoa! This is really amazing. I fell in love with the umbrella product, the very moment I glanced on it. The purchase process was very smooth as compared to many of my earlier experiences. Three cheers to you guys, keep it up with good work.

Eileen Mah ,Portuguesa

I would like to take this time by saying that I am very impressed with the level of service that you and your company have provided to me so far. I have purchased umbrellas from China over for many years, but the level of service that you and your company provide far surpasses my expectations.

Alina Fanatics Designs

Thanks very much for being a really good company with great customer service. I have had real nightmares in the past with Chinese umbrella factories and I haven‘t once had a problem with you guys, so thanks Justin !

Dave Edmiston ,Procella Umbrella

I ordered 3000pcs golf umbrella ,from HFUmbrella.It’s a nice-looking umbrella. It opens quickly: just press a button and flips open. It closes as quickly. It’s got a very nice and thick solid rubber handle that is easy to grip. The spreaders look to be very well built and durable. It’s lightweight and looks like it will last a long time. I’m quite happy with it.

Thomas Hansen, Italy

“I really appreciate the support and advice that Huifeng Umbrella offered ,when I started out on my own business and would happily recommend your services. Justin Zhang has been so very helpful and is always available for my calls and responds to emails immediately. It’s the kind of service I wish more organisations would provide, as it seems customer service is high on your agenda.

Alison Collins , Sydney

I will obviously recommend Justin and Huifeng Umbrella to anyone needing the services you provide based on my experiences working with you! I too feel sad to no longer be working with you guys! If there’s ever something I need to get done I can always have full confidence that my issue will be sorted promptly and efficiently when you are dealing with it – if only everyone was this good!

Kelly An ,JP Brand, South Korea

“I feel like I was getting a VIP service. Customer service is absolutely outstanding. All my queries have been dealt with quickly and on time. I won’t hesitate to go with Huifeng Umbrella again when I will go back to custom umbrellas.”

Jonathan Colson

I’ve never had a problem with HF Umbrella sales team or with any staff. I have worked with them for almost 7 years and they have always gone above and beyond what is expected in terms of service and pricing. All my queries have been dealt with quickly and on time. Thanks for being a reliable partner.


You can read our Patio Umbrellas Buyer’s Guide, and you can also ask us for assistance and advice!

Custom Logo Printed Patio

It involves the addition of your brand or company’s logo to your in-stock patio umbrellas via the printing method you desire.

Cons: We are limited to printing in the bottom center part of each panel; hence, the panel edges and seams are not printed. Lastly, the fabric colors and frame sizes are also limited to printing.

Minimum order: 4 units.

Production time: 2-3 weeks

Custom Fabric Patio Umbrellas

We have umbrella frames in our warehouse, and we will use them for your patio umbrella, depending on the fabric you decide to use.

Cons: There is a limitation to the size, color, and shape of frame we have in stock.

Minimum Order: 4 units.

Production Time: 3-4 weeks.

Fully Customized Patio Umbrellas

You can customize the whole patio umbrellas from scratch (fabric color). Lastly, there is no limitation to the customization of patio umbrellas.

Minimum Order: Depends on style or type of umbrella.

Production Time: 12+ weeks depending on the frame type.

We offer two categories of production options for your custom umbrellas, and they are custom logo printed umbrellas and fully customized umbrellas.

Custom logo printed umbrellas

This production option involves the addition of your company’s logo to the in-stock umbrellas via your desired printing method.

Cons: We are limited to printing on only the flattest areas of your umbrella’s panel because their fabrics have already been sewn onto the frames.

Minimum order: 25 units.

Production time: 2 weeks.

Fully Customized Umbrella

This production option, as the name implies, involves the customization of an entire umbrella from scratch. There is no limitation to this production option.

Minimum Order: 500 units.

Production Time: 16-20 weeks.

Custom umbrellas are a different branding or promotional item because of their multipurpose property. They can be used for the following purposes:

Promotion or advertisement: You can use custom printed umbrellas to promote your brand’s exposure in a specific area. You can also use them as an incentive to purchase.

Guest use: Custom patio umbrellas can provide shades to your guests on sunny or windy days. Hotels and retail shops mostly use them for this purpose.

Fundraising: Raise money for various purposes like charity or school by re-selling your custom umbrellas.

Gifts: Give a custom umbrella to your customers and clients as a thank-you gift for their patronage.

Outdoor activities: Custom patio umbrellas are important for outdoor events, tours, or sporting events.

Employee use: Give your employees custom logo printed umbrellas each to use whenever they go for a meeting or lunch.

Employee gifts/incentives: Appreciate your employees for doing their jobs diligently by giving them a custom umbrella each.

We make use of different printing methods to make your custom umbrellas unique and attractive. The printing methods we use are heat transfer, screen printing, and digital sublimation.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing method is primarily designed for printing multi-color logos or logos with gradients. It involves the use of a vinyl substrate onto which your brand or company’s logo will be digitally printed.

Screen Printing

This printing process is specifically designed and suitable for printing solid colors without gradients (not more than four colors). It involves using the stencil of your logo to make a mesh screen; it is then followed by the squeezing of ink onto the umbrella’s panel and through the screen. Of the various printing methods, screen printing is the most economical and commonest printing process.

Digital Sublimation Printing

Digital sublimation printing is arguably the most versatile printing method, but it is more expensive than other printing methods. This method ensures that the entire panels of the umbrellas are printed in full color.

The ordering process for custom and commercial patio umbrellas involves five simple steps.

Step 1: Completely Fill The Quote Request Form

By filling out the quote request form, we will get to know the umbrella you desire and your logo. We will then provide you with the price

Step 2: Make a 50% Deposit

We require an upfront payment (50% deposit) to confirm your order before customizing your umbrella. We accept payments via Mastercard, Visa, and Cheques.

Step 3: Send Your Logo Or Artwork

If you want a logo or artwork to be added to your umbrella, you must send them in the right format. Send your logo as an EPS file or in a vector format AI. However, we can help you re-draw your logo or artwork if you don’t have them in the required format at a cheap rate. Lastly, we require a photographic image in high resolution of at least 300dpi if you need an all-over printed umbrella.

Step 4: Digital Mockup

We will provide you with a digital mockup of your desired umbrella for your approval before we begin with production.

Step 5: Delivery

Once we are done with production, we will deliver your products to you without exceeding the timeline we gave when you placed your order.

We offer a Year Guarantee on the custom umbrellas and custom commercial patio umbrellas we produce. Hence, we will gladly provide a replacement, refund, or repair for any umbrella that does not function properly within the first year.
Our patio umbrellas also feature fade-resistant properties and a frame warranty. You can find this by checking the individual product pages.

Furthermore, we will also provide a replacement for every damaged fabric or part even after the warranty period. Please get in touch with us for pricing.

If you are looking for the most reliable umbrella manufacturer to purchase patio umbrellas, Huifeng Umbrellas will make a great choice. We use durable materials to build our patio umbrellas for various commercial uses for hotels, restaurants, or bars. You can also personalize these patio umbrellas by attaching your logo and brand messages.

If you are looking for the best place to get premium quality umbrellas at an affordable rate in China, Huifeng Umbrellas is the answer. We also specialize in building umbrellas with your company’s logo and durable materials to portray the reliability and quality of your brand or company.

It is essential to consider the purchase of custom umbrellas for your business. They will serve as a source of comfort for your customers on sunny days. Custom umbrellas will also attract the attention of passersby (visibility). Hence, making them a suitable branding tool to increase awareness and reach your target audiences.

Custom umbrellas will provide your business with the three factors a business needs in a branding tool. They are useful, memorable, and visible. Custom umbrellas have a more practical purpose than other branding tools; hence, they will always be used rather than being left behind in a closet.

Unlike other promotional items like t-shirts and pens, custom umbrellas are not common; hence, they will stand out in public and provide a memorable experience. Lastly, custom umbrellas are visible; they provide a large and eye-catching format to advertise your brand or company effectively.