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Buying Patio Umbrellas: The Ultimate Guide

Patio Umbrella

The word patio is a Spanish word for a courtyard or a special kind of building (mostly situated at the backside of a building). This is why Patio umbrellas are often seen in use in either courtyard, buildings, poolsides, or any area adjoining a house. But don’t get it wrong, patios are different from the usual umbrellas you use for shades; patios are bigger, stronger, and contain more people than the conventional umbrella that we know. Patio Umbrellas are detachable: they can be attached or detached at convenience.

Patios umbrella manufacturers understand that building spaces differ, so they have made different Patios to fit different environments, building spaces, and landscapes to meet customer demands. You can also see patios that come in different shapes and sizes to suit different purposes; they are manufactured to suit different floor surfaces, e.g., Rocks, pea gravel, peddles, tiles, bricks, stones, pavers, and concretes. This is why some of them come with features like rollers or cross base while some don’t.


Believe it or not, choosing the right type of patio umbrellas can be quite a task for most people. We have seen on many occasions where beach campers run towards their fleeing patio umbrellas as the strong beach winds blow them away. That’s what you get when you get the wrong umbrella. This article is not only designed to make you have a better understanding of patio umbrellas but guide you through the process of making the best choice while buying them.

It may interest you to know that the American continent has been named the biggest manufacturers of patio umbrellas and also has a fair share of the European market as well. But it seems like the demand for patio umbrellas is not slowing down after all; it has been established that the market size for this product is expected to experience a 6.7% growth in the next four years; in monetary value, the industry is expected to worth $858.2 million in 2025 as against the current $110.5 million.

Different Patios Umbrellas for Different Occasions

Before moving to buy that patio umbrella, you should be able to define your purpose; it would help if you decided what you need them for; that’s the only way you can make the right choice. There are different umbrellas for different purposes; below are some popular ones:

Patio for Swimming Pools

A. Centerpost Umbrellas

These are mostly seen in hotel swimming pools; it is recommended for large swimming pools with more space. Though not the biggest pool umbrella that is, but it can comfortably shade five people at once. It comes with a powder-coated aluminum pole, self-locking fasteners, and flat-sized hexagons and square shapes. The colors might differ, depending on your location, but the commonest of colors found amongst them include Silver, Teak Woodgrain, Charcoal, and White.

B. Sidepost Umbrella

This is a sleek cantilever umbrella with a statuesque-coated aluminum frame or matte white finishing. Normally, it comes with large square shapes but can also be found in octagon shapes accompanied by a slim profile. The sturdy has a wheeled base made from strong galvanized steel. Because of its hi-tech designs, it is considered the most sophisticated, it has a 360° rotation feature, and the frame has an innovative tilt feature that enables the user to adjust it up and down, or left and right.

C. Bambrella Levante Cantilever Umbrella

Every hard surface in this umbrella is made from bamboo, except for the clips and bolts used in coupling all the parts together. It comes with a wind-resistant, 360° rotational feature, and the parts are designed to be interchangeable. This is probably one of the strongest poolside umbrellas, and it is the most recommended for beach outings because of its ability to withstand a strong breeze.

D. Oceana Center Pole Umbrella

The roof is made of fibre and comes with a pin and pulley canopy lift, flexible robs, moulded nylon joints, and a single 13 Octagon and square-shaped vent canopy. But often, this type of umbrella is used in marketplaces and outdoor coffee shops.

Patios Umbrellas for Beach Outings

A. Steel Tilt and Sand Anchored Beach Umbrella

This patio umbrella is made of weather-resistant fabric materials and is anti-fade. This means that the colors remain the same throughout the entire summer season. It is packed in a compacted package which made it easy to convey from one location to another. The strong aluminum pole has a sparrow-looking bit, making it possible for users to stamp it firmly on the sandy beach ground. The sparrow-looking bit makes it almost impossible for winds to blow it off its stamped position.

B. Tilt Beach Umbrella with Built-in Sand Anchor

This is another Beach patio umbrella usually used for group beach outings. All you need do is to find the right size. Unlike other patio umbrellas, it is designed specifically for sun protection or prevention from the direct impact of UV rays. It comes with a tilt coverage feature, an in-built sand anchor, and a portable compactable carry-bag for easy conveying.

C. Highland Dunes Leiker 67″ Umbrella

This is one of the most adorable beach patio umbrellas, little wonder it has been rank as the best-selling patio umbrellas for summer vacation. It usually comes with assorted colourful flower design patterns; it has an auger screw poll tip that makes sure it is well fitted in the sand. Again, it has eight thick fiberglass ribs that support it for durability.

D. Movtotop Beach Umbrellas

If you are looking for versatility in a patio umbrella, there you have it. The Movtotop beach umbrella comes with assorted colorful designs, a well-secured anchor (for the sand), an aluminum powder-coated pole, and an adjustable feature that allows you to adjust it to a comfortable angle. It is a perfect patio umbrella for the protection of UV rays and also comes with a well-balanced heavy metal base to protect it from the rough wind.

Indoor Patios Umbrellas

A. Crank Auto Tilt Umbrella

This is a perfect choice for modern indoor Patios and can seen in various sizes. It comes with restoration hardware and a touch of sleekness, and the pole is made of marine-grade aluminium, which also helps it withstand strong winds. The pole is designed with a plated metal stand that helps you erect it on any levelled ground freely.

B. Sun Wing Patio Umbrella

It is also known as the Brown Jordan Outdoor patio umbrella and has been in use since the 1930s. Though not recommended for Beach activities because of its limited shading capacity, it is just perfect for indoor use. This indoor patio umbrella comes in different sizes but the same shape; the popular size is the 48″ diameter, but it can go more extensive than that. This is recommended for small gatherings, especially for people who do not have many occupants in the house. The patio umbrella can only accommodate two adults at once but may shade three minors depending on the size and diameter.

C. Pagoda Series Patio Umbrella

This is also called the “California Umbrella” because of its popularity in most California homes. This comes with a carnival-looking shape, scallop edging, with a pop of yellow peeking edges. It has a white-coated aluminium pole with a bold, roundish plated base that allows it to sit firmly on the floor surface. This indoor patio umbrella is made to contain four adults at once comfortably. They are often seen in most barbecue gatherings.

Patios Umbrellas for Summer Outings

A. Sunnyglade 9-Foot Patio Umbrella

This patio umbrella comes in six known designs, patterns, shades and might differ in price. It is made to be supported by eight ribs, an aluminum powder-coated pole, and a crank handle. It also comes with a push-button tilt to angle the canopy to shade the occupants from the late afternoon sun. It has a vent on the roof to ensure that air still circulates.

B. Abba Patio 9-Foot Umbrella

This 9-foot patio umbrella comes with screws that attached it to its eight-ribbed frame for a firmer grip. The pole of this patio umbrella comes in two types: the straight and the adjustable pole patterns. Also included is a 100% (post-consumer recycled) polyester fabric, a 1.5 inches strong gauge pole with a powder-coated antique bronze. It has a push-button feature that cranks open when activated, and a vent stabilizes the umbrella in case of windy solid impact.

C. Gear 6.5-Foot Patio Umbrella

This summer outing patio umbrella comes in a square canopy shape; the material is made of polyester; it has this clean lines all over it, a hardwood frame, and a pulley lift system. Just like most summer patio umbrellas, it also has a small wind vent on the top. Though you can get it in other colors depending on your location, its original colors are red, lime, sleek black, and natural white.

Different Sizes of Patios

The size of the patio umbrella you need depends on the purpose it is meant to serve. Patio umbrellas come in different sizes and diameters, but the average size measures 2 feet on each side. But if you wish to put it on a 4-foot rounded table, then we recommend that you go for 8 feet diameter patio umbrellas; it is likely to contain 4-5 adults or 5-6 children.

Like we earlier stated, there are different sizes of patio umbrellas meant for different occasions and environments. The first thing to do before even setting out to get a patio umbrella is to determine the space it will be situated; as in, if you have a small compound, go for a smaller-sized patio. Below, they are listed thus:

• 6-8 feet patio umbrellas – for 30-36 inches table size.

• 9-11 feet patio umbrellas – for 38-48 inches table size.

• 11 feet patio umbrellas – for 54-60 inches

But for an average patio umbrella pole, the height and diameter might differ according to your geography. But no matter your choice of patio umbrellas, be it in color or design, make sure the pole is strong enough to withstand pressure. Poles are the most important aspect of any patio umbrella and can be made of wood or metal, but they are well coated with anti-rust materials. Ensure that the pole is at least 1.5″ in diameter; in some countries, it is measured at 2.5″ – but make sure that the base is bigger and heavier than the umbrella pole itself.

You also have to take note of the base of a patio umbrella. This is because how firm these umbrellas sit on the floor depends on how large and heavy the base is. This applies to all patio umbrellas except for those used at the Beach, which comes with a pyramidal bit. The recommended weight for each umbrella base include:

• 20 lb. Base – recommended for smaller table umbrellas.

• 30 lb base – recommended for 6.5′ table umbrellas.

• 20 lb. Base – recommended for smaller (6′) table umbrellas.

• 30 lb base – recommended for 6.5′ table umbrellas.

• 40 lb base – recommended for 7.5′ table umbrellas. NB: This is the minimum weight for any 4.5′ free-standing umbrellas.

• 50 lb Base can accommodate up to 7.5′ free-standing outdoor umbrellas and be used for a 9′ table umbrella.

• Over 70 Ib Base – recommended for 11′ free standing umbrellas. This base size is strongly recommended for environments with strong winds; it can as well be used on Beach outings due to its strong wind-resistant abilities.

How to Purchase Patio Umbrellas Directly from a Manufacturer: Why You Must Stick to Hfumbrella

Well, there are no general instructions for customers wishing to get patio umbrellas; it all depends on your location. But this article will focus on Chinese buyers only. China being the global manufacturing hub, has a few reputable companies that produce patio umbrellas, and Hfumbrella is one of them. If umbrella Company Ltd is a company committed to the production of assorted types of (patio) umbrellas, they have designed their supply chain to make it easy for prospective customers to access their products.

Purchasing these umbrellas from the company is quite simple. Now, this is how it works: go to any company-accredited wholesalers, and they will be happy to offer you the best prices.

But in most cases, some companies prefer to go contrary to the original supply chain principles and go straight to sell to the retailers, boycotting the wholesalers completely. To reach the customers, these companies have to set up selling points at strategic locations. In this case, you have to find out these selling stations to make your purchase.

Different Types of Fabrics & Materials Used in Patio Production

The materials and fabric used in the production of patio umbrellas depend on the type and design the manufacturer chooses to go for. The commonest fabric in use for this purpose is the Sunbrella fabrics which have also been in use since 1961. Like we earlier stated, the materials and fabric used in the production depends on the type of patio in production. Some of these products and the materials in use include:

Tilting Patio Umbrellas

Most tilting umbrellas come with a resin, metal waterproof base specially moulded to anti-ageing and wear-resistant technology. It is also produced with a 1.5 inch/ 38 mm cone wedge plug, a 33.5 bottom lower pole (33.5) manufactured with alloy steel material, and a brown powder coating for sleek finishing.

Cantilever Umbrellas

The production of the Cantilever Umbrellas is a bit complex, the essential parts include the crank (or the tilt), which is meant to facilitate easy opening (and closing). It maximizes the shade with the help of the tilt feature. It is also installed with 40 bright solar-powered LED light that helps lighten your space in the dark. It also comes with a rust-resistant powder-coated aluminium frame, polyester canopy, and a 99″ tall pole.

Free-Standing Patio Umbrellas

This is the most domesticated patio umbrella in the market, so most of its materials are light. The hubs (or crowns) system of the umbrella holds the ribs together. The ribs are made up of tiny soft-coated aluminium; the pole has an anti-rust technology that extends to the heavy metal base as well.

Paver Patios Umbrella

Before you buy this type of patio umbrella, make sure it is strictly for indoor use. The base is made of a lightweight metal frame; thus, it can’t stand heavy winds. The pole comes in two types depending on the manufacturers; some manufacturers use aluminium, while others prefer using wood for the pole. The canopy is made of Silk or Acetate materials to shade off the rain and sunshine.

Slate Patios Umbrellas

There is nothing special about the materials used in the production of Slate patio umbrellas. Like others, the pole is either made of coated anti-rust aluminium or wood. The canopy is made of rayon: a strong rain and sun resistant material. But some manufacturers also go for vinyl plastic materials which are also often used for the production of transparent umbrellas.


The Future of Patios Umbrellas

As the Chinese market continues to dominate the Asian umbrella market, competition continues to tense up between their American counterparts. The future of this market is never in doubt, even with the presence of the COVID-19. In 2013, for example, China was reported to be responsible for 85% of total umbrella export in the Asian continent. Analysis shows that 4.6% of those umbrella export went to Italy, 11.5% of the export went to the United States, 12.6% to Japan, while 9.8% went to Brazil. And guess what? All these five countries also made it the best destination to buy both patio and normal umbrellas of your choice.

China is not the only country with a massive array of (patio) umbrella production; Germany and Belgium also contributed to the growth in productivity with 23% and 37% global productivity rate. The United States continues to dominate the world market, having strong market-dominating in both the American and European umbrella markets. Indian manufacturers have proven their strength in umbrella production, but with a very low export capacity resulting from huge local consumption.

The consumption rate of patio umbrellas continues to grow, probably because of the increasing global human population. Today, countries like China and India remain the biggest consumers because of their huge populations. The growing number of patio umbrellas in China is due to the ever-increasing smaller manufacturers who sometimes deliberately reside in bushes to evade government taxes. Nevertheless, their output still contributes to the country’s economic growth.

It is therefore imperative to still add that the (patio) umbrella market is doing just fine. Instead of predicting its decline, more attention should be focused on the innovation going on in that industry. A practical example of this scenario is the transformation from linen and cotton to microfiber fabrics materials used today. And from the look of things, more innovations are coming to the scene, especially now that more attention is being drawn on global warming and greenhouse materials.

Why Hfumbrella Products Remain the Best

We will always emphasize the need to make your purchases through Hfumbrella or any of their distributors. The point is, while other distributors usually supply their dealers with one product type, this company (Hfumbrella Ltd) serves their customers with multiple product choices. Some of these products come with unique materials like nylon, vinyl plastic, acetate, and silk, which will create more space for customers who needs these products for different weather conditions.

Again, customer security matters a lot in business; this is why every customer likes buying from a reputable source. In Hfumbrella, your safety is guaranteed; every product passes through a strict checking process before it could be marked for market consumption. Even when transactions didn’t go as planned, as a customer, there is always someone at the management to talk to; there are always ways to resolve such issues. That’s one of the many reasons you should stick to people you can trust when doing business. That’s why you need to stick to Hfumbrella: the trusted brand for manufacturing and supply of patio umbrellas of all shapes and designs. You are welcome.