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What is a golf umbrella

What is a golf umbrella

Golf umbrellas are specially designed for golfers to protect them from the sun and rain. These are larger than standard umbrellas and are designed to protect the golfer and basket. Some non-golfers also use these large umbrellas to better protect themselves from the heat and rain. Commonly seen on the golf course, this is an essential part of golf games on the field. They use it for promotion and as a corporate gift.

Golf umbrella types


Golf umbrella type

The number of folds- two folds and three folds, straight umbrella.
The canopy structure- a single layer and a double layer umbrella.
The canopy shape -round and square shaped umbrellas.
The way of opening- manual open and Auto-open
Fabric -material,  pongee golf umbrella, nylon golf umbrella, a polyester golf umbrella, and a PVC transparent golf umbrella.
The shape of the handle-straight handle and curved handle




Golf umbrella size



Golf umbrella size

Golf umbrellas are available in sizes 23,25, 27, 30, 32, 34, 36





Difference between golf umbrella and normal umbrella

In general, these umbrellas extend over large areas and measure between 60 and 65 inches. Some umbrellas are even bigger and measure 70 inches. Because of its large size, it is normal that it is very heavy to handle. To avoid this problem, it consists of a fiberglass drum. The axle and the separators are made of this material, which makes the umbrella light and easy to transport. Fiberglass used for umbrellas makes it resistant to lightning and is a protection for golfers.

Umbrellas are very strong and resistant and prevent the canopy from turning due to the wind. Another important feature of this large umbrella is that it has an ergonomic handle. This ensures that when the golfer holds it, the hand stays in the natural position and the hand is not gripped by the handle of this large umbrella. This does not affect the golfer’s swing.

The purpose of a golf umbrella

People often use these umbrellas for promotional purpose. Several companies and organizations use it to spread the name of their company. The embossed company logo, company name, site, address and umbrella phone number will be visible to everyone on the golf course. These golf umbrellas are offered for this purpose to customers and employees of the company. Every time the umbrella is open, the company’s message reaches out to thousands of people.

Company ofter give promotional items to customers. Some popular golf items include Birdie golf shoe bags, fancy velvet napkins, dashboard mounts, forks, and gloves. Some of them are small and light, while others are big items. The vendor prints their company logos on the golf umbrella and uses it copromotional purposes.

Golf tees are another important element used to support society. Golf gifts are very popular among businesses because they attract large business investments.

Using golf articles and umbrellas to advertise with the company logo is an excellent marketing strategy.

What’s the best golf umbrella?

Golf umbrellas are an essential element for those who love sports and even for those who just want a big umbrella. When you are in the field, having one will be more resistant to wind and dust. The benefits of having quality items will be rewarded many times in the future, so buy an umbrella that offers protection, style, and value.

There are several essential elements to consider when buying golf umbrellas. Once you have decided on the size and style you want, you can optimize your shopping experience.

a.Golf umbrella materials
The material of the stem will be important. Try to find a fiberglass handle to allow some flexion during a storm. In addition, you do not want a steel handle in case of relief.

The essential for each game is to be able to express your personality. As you expect to spend a lot of time in your golf game, find attractive golf umbrellas visually. Sports logos, bright colors, stripes or other patterns lend themselves perfectly to the customization of your umbrella. Get an umbrella that would suit the class as well. This will also facilitate identification when other golfers have removed their umbrellas.

Size matters when buying an umbrella. Although the variations are less important, it is advisable to obtain the largest size for maximum protection. You do not want to get caught on the field with a bag filled with golf clubs and then face a storm. A bigger umbrella will protect you and your team.

When looking for golf umbrellas, make sure you know the wind resistance of the umbrella you want. When he’s outside homeless nearby, the last thing he wants to fight is an umbrella that’s turned around. The design of the canopy or other forms of ventilation slots will prevent the umbrella from turning around when the wind suddenly takes hold.


Having a long plastic peg at the end is exclusive to a golf umbrella instead of normal street umbrellas. This is used to hit the end of the turn when you hit a shot.

This will prevent him from getting away from you in case a gust of wind blows. The shape of the handle is also an important feature. An ergonomic handle will make the umbrella more comfortable when held, whether open or closed. Be careful that the handle is the style you prefer.

Buying umbrellas have never been easier. You no longer need to go to a store, but with the convenience of buying online, you can buy more colors, designs, and sizes than those offered in an independent store. Take a look at the many styles of umbrellas available online and, once you’ve found one or two that you like, read a few comments. Consumer feedback is a great way to find out if an umbrella will work as you wish.

Choosing the Right Golf Umbrella

The history and origin of golf date back to the 14th century. Then people play golf with a big stick and a ball. Little by little, the game of golf has become more organized. With the formation of clubs and associations, the use of stylish accessories, golf has become popular as a style and luxury game.

Golf courses have been built in all parts of the world. Golf is largely an outdoor game. Players are exposed to the sun, rain, and wind. Therefore, it is essential to use protective equipment such as golf umbrellas. These golf umbrellas are very useful and provide relief and shade to golfers.

Standard umbrellas are good enough to protect us from the sun and rain. We are using a golf umbrella for similar purposes. However, the golf versions are much larger than normal. Indeed,  we use golf umbrellas to protect both the cart and the player. We also use it as ordinary umbrellas, as they offer better protection against rain.

When choosing an umbrella, one that measures about 152 centimeters or more can be a good option. They can also reach 175 centimeters. These umbrellas usually have a straight handle. This ensures that they fit easily between the clubs in the golf bag.

Umbrellas are made from fiberglass material and also use spreaders that keep the awning open. This makes them lighter and more resistant, even at the risk of lightning. Recently, ergonomic umbrellas have gained popularity in the golf market. This allows the hand to be in a natural position while holding it. These are
also lightweight, which can help prevent fatigue.

Finally, the best umbrellas are those that can withstand the strong wind. Canopy golf umbrellas tend to better withstand high winds. Protects from wind and water with two layers. This type of umbrella can easily cover the golfer and his accessories. Umbrellas are an essential accessory for any golfer. It protects it from a sudden rain or hard sun. If you choose carefully and handle it carefully, your umbrella can last a long time.

Few things to consider before buying golf umbrellas

If you play golf regularly, you must have all the important elements related to the game. In addition to the golf club and gloves, even umbrellas are necessary for golfers. Often, rains or strong winds spoil the game and the only way to cope with these climatic conditions is to use an umbrella.

The main purpose of these umbrellas is to protect players from rain and sunlight. If you plan to buy golf umbrellas in the near future, you need to consider some important points.

Umbrella Size
This is one of the most important factors to consider before making the final decision. We always recommend our friends to buy a large golf umbrella offering maximum protection to users. The best thing to do is that they also protect your golf equipment from rain.

Soft material
Make sure the umbrella is fiberglass for more flexibility during the rains. Avoid buying an umbrella with a steel handle as it can be dangerous at the moment of lightning.

Long plastic peg
Get an umbrella with a long peg, as it will allow you to easily put the end of the lawn. This feature will protect your umbrella during a gust of wind.

Easily withstand wind
When you buy an umbrella, you need to make sure it stays firm in the wind. Most of the newer umbrellas are with a double roof that protects them so they do not turn around.

Umbrella Design
Currently, golf umbrellas are available in different designs and colors. Some of the umbrellas also wear stripes. Select an umbrella that suits the game and your personality, allowing others to identify you remotely.

Consider all the points mentioned above and add an appropriate umbrella to your golf kit.

Reverse Umbrella- Innovation, Pros and Cons

The “Reverse Umbrella”

reverse umbrella woman

If you have been rained on before or has ever walked in the rain, then you know the importance of having a quality umbrella. Umbrellas, like any other products, have not been left behind in the innovation craze going around in the world. A good example of such a classy innovation is the inverted umbrellas, also known as the reverse umbrellas.

Definition And Invention of The “Reverse Umbrella”

Just like its name suggests, although the Inverted umbrellas function like the standard umbrellas, the difference lies in the fact that they open towards the opposite direction. For instance, instead of pulling it upwards/downwards when closing or opening like the traditional umbrella, this one embraces the use of an upward-opening mechanism from inside out. Hence causing a subversion of the traditional umbrella.

The idea of inventing the inverted umbrella came into the picture a long time ago through Sakamoto; the Japanese designer with his umbrella product, which was launched into the market in early 2013. However, it wasn’t until 2015 when the second reverse umbrella; the KAZbrella was also introduced in form of a crowdfund.

The concept was to create a subverting habit of human umbrellas for 3,500, a move that has so far received overwhelming customer support.

Currently, the market is filled with various types of reverse umbrellas for your selection.

One of such inverted umbrellas is the famous KAZbrella. Having being crowdfunded in 2015, this reverse umbrella joined the market shelves in 2016.

Actually, many individuals with a keen eye will admit that there isn’t much difference between the unbrella and the KAZbrella. If anything, they function pretty the same with the only difference lying in the extra layer of clothing seen on the KAZbrella product, which makes it more appealing.

Typically, the present day reverse umbrellas, have taken after the KAZbrella with a few modifications here and there, like the presence of tiny wind-guiding holes for a beautiful classy outcome.

reverse umbrella red

Operating A Reverse Umbrella

Like early-mentioned, the inverted umbrellas take the form of a flower when opening-up. They’re the complete opposite of the traditional umbrellas.

What are Some Of The Advantages Of The Reverse Umbrella?
They take less space; the opening and closing process of the inverted umbrellas doesn’t take up much space. Therefore, this has made them an ideal choice for most motorists.

They Store Rain Water; the waterproof fabric of the inverted umbrellas combined with the petal-like opening and closing ensures all the rainwater remains within the umbrella.

No Unnecessary Wetness Madness; so long you properly tie the head of the reverse umbrella, you can be sure to keep the surface of your car or surroundings dry. Also, you won’t have to worry about the drips of water falling on your documents.

Provides convenience; since the inverted umbrellas take little space, you can comfortably open and close them even in a crowded area without disturbing other people. In fact, it blends in well with the present day hectic lifestyle, giving you ample time to deal with other important matters. It’s the true definition of “subversion”.

What Are Some Of The Types Of  “Inverted Umbrella”?

There are several types of inverted Umbrellas;

1. The Manual Reverse Umbrella; the operations of this umbrella is similar to that of the traditional umbrella. It fully depends on your hands to fully open and close.

2. The Self-Opening or Automatic Umbrella; these types of inverted umbrellas are very simple to operate. You simply have to press the button on the handle for it to automatically fully open and close.

3. The Led Reverse Umbrella; this type of umbrella comes with energy efficient LED lights that come in handy at night or low-light places. The reflective sides of the inverted umbrellas with LED lights guarantee high visibility even through the storm. They make a perfect present choice for family and friends.

4. The Transparent Reverse Umbrella; they are clearly both in the inside and outside but with a high-quality waterproof fabric. The transparent inverted umbrellas also provide protection from UV lights and to top it all, they have a beautiful design.

5. The Reflective inverted Umbrella; like the LED reverse umbrellas, the reflective edge of these inverted umbrellas provide its users with the much-needed visibility both during the night and low light rainy seasons. Most of them also offer protection from UV lights.
What Are Some Of The Shortcomings Of The Reverse Umbrella
Just like every product comes with its range of benefits, there are also some shortcomings attached to it. The same case applies to the famously inverted umbrella.

Portability Issues: although the reverse umbrella might be good with rainwater storage among other merits, it mimics the traditional umbrella when it comes to storage. For instance, after closing it up, there is no way you can fold the umbrella pole to fit into an imported pocket or purse. This can be quite inconveniencing for individuals who have to carry it with them every day of the week. And although there are smaller umbrella options, their size is only that of a palm, which means the problem is yet to find any substantial solution.

Additionally, although the concept of adding an extra layer on the inverted umbrellas comes as a handy solution for wind-issues, it adds another problem; the weight. For instance, the standard weight of a double-layered reverse umbrella is 567g, while that of the single-layered umbrella is 340g. Who would want to carry such a burden all day long? Girls or women, for instance, are known to love carrying umbrellas all day long. Be it on a sunny or rainy day. At this time, the reverse umbrella will bring a lot of burdens, and the advantage of the five-fold umbrella becomes obvious.

Wrap up

The effort exerted into the innovation of the inverted umbrella is undeniably impressive. It sets to bring much convenience in our daily lives. Besides, its design is not only unique but also decorated with the beautiful novel style. It solves the inconveniences caused by rainy umbrellas in our lives.

On the basis of quality assurance, the company has significantly reduced the cost of the reverse umbrella by upgrading the machine. It is currently the cheapest and best quality inverted umbrella manufacturer in China. Huifeng Umbrella, as the professional umbrella manufacturer in China, has exported the reverse umbrella product to Russia, Europe, Asia, and other countries and regions.

How to market your business cheaply using custom print umbrellas

Market your business cheaply using custom print umbrellas

The main purpose of any business is to make a profit. However, it is virtually impossible to attract customers and generate revenue without promoting your business. Unfortunately, running a marketing campaign can be somewhat expensive if you choose the wrong strategy. This is where the use of promotional items such as custom print umbrellas comes into play.

Why choose Custom Printed Umbrellas?

The use of custom print umbrellas is an effective way of creating awareness and building your market base. Unlike other promotional items such as mugs, pens or branded clothing, custom print umbrellas have a large surface area that you can use to display your brand. Furthermore, umbrellas have a very long lifespan, meaning that your potential customers will not discard them in the near future.

Looking at the current weather patterns around the globe, umbrellas come in handy throughout the year. Your target audience can use the branded umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain as well as the sun. Essentially, your customers will act like “walking billboards”, promoting your brand throughout the year at no extra cost, no matter the weather.

Another benefit of using custom printed umbrellas is that they offer a wide range of design options in terms of color, size and style. The design that you choose has a major bearing on the appeal of your brand.

Corporate companies should go for umbrellas that come in a simple design and subtle colors. On the other hand, entrepreneurs in more relaxed or casual industries may opt for brightly colored umbrellas with fancy logos and images. You may also opt for a shade that corresponds to the colors of your brand.

Nevertheless, the choice entirely depends on your preferences.Lastly, custom print umbrellas are extremely cheap. You do not have to dig deeper into your pockets to fund your marketing campaign, considering the fact that umbrellas are inexpensive products that are readily available. The only hurdle you might need to overcome is finding a reliable umbrella manufacturer.


Get in touch with us for Custom Print Umbrellas

If you are searching for an experienced umbrella manufacturer for your custom branded umbrellas then look no further. We pride ourselves as the only umbrella factory in China with an array of screen-printing and digital printing machines.

The essence of this is that your marketing campaigns do not have to wait any longer. The availability of these hi-tech machines at our disposal significantly improves the rate of production, while slashing downtime by a huge margin. We guarantee that you will receive your order way before the stipulated deadline.

Moreover, we have the capacity to produce custom branded umbrellas in large scale, with no minimum order required. Whether you need 50 pieces or a thousand branded umbrellas for your marketing campaigns. Our competent personnel are ready to listen to your proposal and take you through all the processes involved.

Our company offers a wide range of design options as all our products come in different colours, styles and sizes. We use the latest printing techniques and strategies, including full canopy printing technology to produce high-quality umbrellas with your branded message. Our umbrellas are designed to last, giving you good value for money while ensuring that your brand gets the exposure that it deserves.

Additionally, our clients do not have to worry about learning or handling the complex processes that revolve around importations. You can place your order conveniently from the comfort of your home or office without having to visit our factory. We offer deliveries to all our clients all over the world.

No other custom print umbrella company can match our prices. Our price offerings are the best in the industry. Moreover, our after-sale services are exceptional, as we strive to build strong relations with our customers. With this in mind, we pledge to replace or remake faulty products or even offer you a full refund if any of our products do not meet your requirements.

For more information about our custom print umbrellas, please do not hesitate to contact our customer representatives. Our lead times are the best in the industry, averaging 3 days for normal orders and 15 days for bulk orders. Call us today( and experience our excellent services.

An In-depth Analysis of The China Umbrella Industry

China Umbrella Industry

Umbrella Guide

Ever encountered any difficulty while importing umbrellas from China?

Where to find umbrella manufacturers? How do I buy umbrellas from China

With the internet development, buying umbrellas China doesn’t have to be as much of a mystery as one would make it be.

In this post, I want to share: 

  • Why should you import umbrellas from China?                  
  • China umbrella industry situation                                                           
  • China umbrella market situation                                                     
  • The umbrella manufacturing process in China                                     
  • Current umbrella industry trends                                                       
  • Where is China umbrella production bases located?                         
  • Economic and social benefits of the umbrella Industry                       
  • How to search for the best umbrella manufacturers?

Let’s dive in now.

China Umbrella

Chapter 1: Why you should import umbrellas from China

China dominates the global production of the umbrella market. In 2013 China exported over 85% of its entire umbrella output. Of this amount 12.6% was exported to Japan, 11.5% was exported to the US, 9.8% was exported to Brazil, and 4.7% was exported to Italy while 4.6% was exported to Germany. These 5 countries together made up the largest global destinations of umbrellas.

In 2013 China was the single biggest supplier of umbrellas globally with an estimated 92% of the global share of umbrella exports. Belgium and Germany represent the fastest growing rate of worldwide umbrellas supplies from 2008-2013.  Belgium grew by 37% each year while Germany grew its exports by 23% yearly. Despite India and USA is the leading global manufacturers of umbrellas, they do not export much of their umbrellas due to heavy local consumption.

The use of umbrellas is inescapable the world over and as a result, the umbrella market is an enduring one. Due to a huge population, China has become one of the world’s largest sources of labor resources. This has resulted in several industries growing within mainland China including the umbrella industry.

At first, Germany was the primary producer of umbrellas before Japan took over in the 1970s, production then moved to Taiwan in the 1980s before China started dominating the market from 1990s till now. Currently, China produces and exports the biggest share of umbrellas sold and used around the world. China’s market capitalization of the global umbrella industry stands at 80% hence dominating the market entirely.


China umbrella industry

Chapter 2: China umbrella industry situation

Although there is fierce competition in the China umbrella industry, the creation and operation of large, medium and small umbrella enterprises are becoming more frequent. Also to differentiate themselves from each other these companies have incorporated extensive market research on their products.

This has resulted in the rise of a significant number of domestic umbrella brands which have become global leaders in the industry. This article will, therefore, analyze the overall umbrella industry comprehensively and accurately.

The report starts with an analysis of the thriving nature of the umbrella industry in China. It will also give a good picture of the competitive trends emerging in the local umbrella industry. Moreover, the report will also highlight the socioeconomic benefits of the umbrella industry to the local economy and its inhabitants.

The article, therefore, presents a rare opportunity for research institutes, umbrella manufacturers and buyers to accurately understand the latest advancements in the industry.


China umbrella market

Chapter 3: China umbrella market situation

Presently China’s umbrella market is at its highest level in terms of overall consumption and production. Regular Chinese buyers and producers have been forming consumer and manufacturer trends for fashionable and functional umbrellas all over the world.

Moreover, due to increased economic and social development, China’s economically developed regions such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing are showing clear signs of differentiation in regard to umbrella consumption. Cheap umbrellas are fast moving and they have a huge consumption volume.

On the other hand, high-end and luxurious umbrellas are quickly becoming fashion statements and entering the lives of ordinary customers. Also, deluxe umbrellas such us outdoor picnic umbrellas and golf umbrellas are been accepted by high-income families.


umbrella manufacturing process

Chapter 4: The umbrella manufacturing process in China

Although the modern umbrella industry has also entered the large-scale factory production, it still needs a significant amount of manual production. This is because of the specialty needed in making umbrellas. Manufacturing an umbrella involves assembling its vital components which include the shaft, a runner, stretchers, ribs, and a canopy.

Over the years the fabrication of canopies has experienced several modifications. In the past cotton and linen were used, today microfiber fabrics are used. 

Canopies are therefore made from several pieces of fabric stitched together. The ribs and stretchers act as the skeleton of the canopy and are responsible for the opening and closing of the umbrellas. Ribs and stretchers are generally made from steel with stretchers been linked to the shaft through a runner.

On the other hand, shafts are often manufactured using fiberglass, aluminum, wood or steel. Folding umbrellas have a transferrable shaft that can be adjusted to different lengths. Most of these processes require manual expertise. This means the umbrella industry is greatly dependent on labor resources due to its labor-intensive nature.

At their height, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and China had significant low-cost labor resources. Hence showing that the umbrella industry has always developed around markets that have cheap and available labor resources. This is due to lower production costs. In addition to having a massive pool of human resources, China undertook an industrial revolution from the 90s.

This helped it become one of the major countries that produce and export spare parts used in the processing and assembly of almost every product in use today. The reliability and scale of these industrial systems are huge making China an absolute hub for umbrella production.



Chapter 5: Current China umbrella industry trends

Traditionally umbrellas were particularly used as rainproof accessories. However, this has changed in the past years and umbrellas have evolved from this singular function to a variety of uses that include practical or decorative uses. Furthermore, some umbrellas are designed to be lighter and smaller while incorporating a wide array of color schemes. Umbrellas became fashion accessories now.

Umbrellas have also included a variety of other functions that include UV protection umbrellas, gift umbrellas, golf umbrellas, advertising umbrellas, garden umbrellas, beach umbrellas, and automatic opening and closing umbrellas. The ever-changing nature of market demands has also resulted in the development of the umbrella industry as a whole.

For instance, existing umbrella manufacturers are looking further than the production process alone. These companies have been converted from production based corporations into international traders with global brands and sales/distribution channels.

Some of these companies have also evolved into manufacturing high-end and luxurious umbrellas hence requiring research and development departments which are responsible for coming up with new umbrella designs.

The umbrella industry has also seen a growth of OEM production where customers come with their own product specifications and the manufacturer produces the umbrellas based on these requirements.

Lastly, the Chinese umbrella industry might experience a transformation. This is because some of the domestic umbrella manufactures have started setting up factories in Southeast Asia and other areas with lower labor costs. This might usher in a new round of regional transfer of umbrella production.

Furthermore, the growth of industrial groups in the umbrella industry has resulted in the interdependence between several businesses which are found within specific geographical areas. Since these enterprises are interdependent to each other it establishes a competitive advantage in the particular geographical area.

The high concentration of similar enterprises in a certain region reduces costs such as exchange costs and production costs. It also improves market competitiveness and enhances economies of scale.

 umbrella production bases

Chapter 6: Where is China umbrella production bases located?

The main umbrella manufacturing provinces in China are Jiangxi province, Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province, Guangdong province, and Fujian province. However, Zhejiang province and Fujian province take the majority share of the export volume of umbrellas from China. These two provinces are home to the four main umbrella production cluster bases.

They include China’s umbrella capital, Dongshi Town, Jinjiang, Fujian, China Umbrella City – Shishan Town, Nan’an, Fujian, and China Umbrella City – Zhejiang Shangyuxia Town, China Umbrella Township – Nanyang Street, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang.

These regions have been developed over the years to cover the majority of China’s local umbrella industry. Most of the major domestic umbrella manufacturers and businesses have come from the above-mentioned regions.

Chapter 7: Economic and Social Benefits of the Umbrella Industry

Like any industry, the umbrella industry in China has had positive social and economic impacts. For starters, the industry has bolstered the Chinese local economy significantly. This is through the creation of jobs and elevating large groups of people from poverty through employment.

Umbrella manufacturers have also helped industrialize some of China’s rural areas. This is by building social amenities needed by the firm such as roads, electricity and housing facilities.


How to source

Chapter 8: How to search for the best umbrella manufacturers

1. Peers, Colleagues, and Friends
We all know that friend or colleague that always has trendy accessories including umbrellas. If that’s the case you could ask them where they got them from. They will act as your referral point and direct you to the correct seller or supplier.

Asking for referrals is one of the best ways of searching for suppliers since it saves you the time and effort used in researching new suppliers. Also, you will have an accurate idea of what to expect from the supplier since you have already assessed the product based on your peer’s insights.

google umbrella

2. The internet
For those of us not lucky enough to have fashionable colleagues or friends, we have to resort to using the internet especially Google search. To start, search for “Chinese umbrella manufactures” from Google. Next, browse through the search results, you will likely get a ton of Chinese umbrella company’s websites. Your mission in this phase will be filtering out the results.

Not all umbrella manufacturers on the internet are reliable. Hence you have to research extensively and evaluate their reliability and expertise through the internet. Look out for any red flags by paying close attention to the content on their websites. Some of the considerations to look for include the number of years they have been in operation, customer testimonials and reviews, company photos, contact information, company infrastructure and the number of employees.

hf umbrella

Good and reputable umbrella manufacturers must have at least 5 years of umbrella production experience and have a minimum of 30 employees in their team. A prime example of a dependable umbrella firm is Huifeng Umbrella.

This company has been in the business of producing umbrellas for more than 30 years. Therefore, ensuring considerable expertise in this space. What’s more Huifeng has a total number of 80 employees who are all trained to produce high quality and attractive umbrellas.

Lastly, due to Huifeng’s long period in the industry, it has established numerous long-term partners and clients who can act as referrals. There are also other huge umbrella manufacturers with over 200 full-time workers.

However, it is difficult to find these companies on Google since these companies already have an established reputation in the umbrella market and numerous stable clients. As a result of these factors, these firms rarely market themselves on Google and as a result, it is very difficult to find them online.

Alibaba is also another good place to source for umbrella manufacturers. Alibaba is an online platform meant to connect manufacturers and wholesalers to retailers. As a result, many umbrella manufacturers use Alibaba to find clients and they are often cheaper due to the aggressive competition on the platform. Still, it is difficult to estimate the quality of their services.

If you have the time and energy you could source your umbrellas from a variety of umbrella suppliers and compare the quality. However, the risks involved in this are high. It may end up costing you a lot of money and time. The best ways to avoid this is by looking at the suppliers rating, other buyer’s testimonials/reviews and asking for samples.

4. Trade Fairs
If you are not comfortable with sourcing for umbrellas on the internet you could choose to visit trade fairs and find umbrella manufacturers directly. Some of the most popular trade fairs are the Yiwu international fair, Hong Kong fair and Canton fair. Fairs are particularly a good way of looking for suppliers since it adds a personal touch to the whole experience.

This is because you get to talk to some of the representatives of these umbrella companies and test their products. The only drawback of using trade fairs is the businesses on the show are big companies. They cater to the needs of big importers such as supermarkets.

These big importers spend millions of dollars in purchases annually. If you are just a small or medium-sized company/importer with only tens of thousands of dollars in purchases yearly the fairs may not be the best place to find suppliers.



We hope the above analysis and description of the China umbrella industry help you make clear corporate directions, make the right business decisions and utilize emerging market opportunities. The article has also underlined the latest developments in the industry hence enabling you to prospectively identify unmet market needs and trends.

This could act as a good vantage point for sustainable business development and also help you to effectively avoid the investment risks involved with the industry.

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Different Types of Umbrellas

Umbrella Guide


An umbrella is an essential household item as it can protect you from exposure to sunlight and heat in hot weather as well as rain.

A perfectly chosen umbrella can go a long way in keeping you safe and healthy. But did you know that there are numerous umbrella types to choose from?

Therefore, before settling on any brand, it is prudent to have an outline of what you expect to gain from an umbrella. For instance, is your main need is to keep off the rain, or are you looking for an umbrella that can fit into your handbag neatly?

In a nutshell, different types of umbrellas come in varying designs, materials and serve different needs. You need therefore to understand what each design has to offer.

There are two main categories: Straight umbrellas and Folding Umbrellas. 

Straight umbrellas 

Straight umbrellas are a type of non-collapsible parasol, which is similar to the traditional style of umbrellas that you can find in classic films. There are various prints to choose from as you search for the perfect walking stick or doorman umbrella that matches your standards. A straight umbrella includes four basic parts such as the canopy, handle, runner and tube. Each part serves its own functions and gives the umbrella a distinct appeal that sets it apart from other popular types available in the market.

Foldable umbrellas

In a folding umbrella, there is 2-fold,3-fold, 4-fold, 5-fold style, 3 folded umbrella is the most common, and 5 folded is the shortest. They are easily foldable and can fit into a handbag or glove compartment. Their small size and foldable nature also allow you to easily carry them in


Types of umbrellas

There are many types of umbrellas on the market today depending on your needs and climate. Here is a list of common types of umbrellas so you can hopefully find the best umbrella for your climate and rain gear needs:

Classic umbrellas

Classic umbrellas are the most common type of umbrellas. Most materials are metallic, wooden, or polyester shafts and microfiber canopies. The classic umbrella is usually made in two versions, manual and automatic which allow the user to open and close it using one hand. In most cases, the classic umbrella will feature a long shaft with a curved handle. They are often affordable and easy to find in the streets.

Bubble umbrellas

They are easily recognizable through their spherical-shaped canopies, which tend to cover the entire face of the user. Bubble umbrellas are indeed tasteful, with the clear canopies enhancing the user’s sight on the path. That is despite the weather situation. Moreover, the creative canopy arch outline provides greater protection to your body, especially when it’s raining. The purpose is keeping your path visible

 Wind Resistant umbrellas

The storm umbrellas are always reinforced using extra strong materials, and they are often given a double layer of cover. The reinforcement and double layer covering keeps these types of umbrellas from getting blown upwards as they can withstand strong winds. They are also huge enough to cover a large number of people, hence it is ideal for a big family.

Automatic umbrellas

Automatic umbrellas have a system that allows you to open them through a simple push of a button, located on the shaft. Their efficiency enhances multi-tasking, as you can easily open/close your umbrella while handling other items. For instance, you can easily adjust your umbrella while carrying your handbag, effortlessly. Sounds great, right?

Golf Umbrellas

Commonly known with the diameter up to 30 ” above-called golf umbrella, golf umbrella handle is usually a straight body shape rather than curved shape, because of the convenience of golf player inserted in the golf bag. They offer a perfect shelter for outdoor activities e.g. golfing.

Artistic umbrellas

Modern day fashion demands call for umbrella designers to create unique umbrella models. In essence, these are umbrellas that are both functional and fashionable. Fashion designers often tackle this problem by creating high-value pieces through the addition of intricate features and rare materials in order to build high-end umbrellas.

Artistic umbrellas are often found in high-end fashion stores and streets. Do you need something distinct that can help you make a fashion statement? Then there are the types of umbrellas to go for.

Paper Umbrellas

Chinese-made ancient umbrellas were first developed approximately 2000 years ago. They were initially used in the Asian nations before being adapted to other parts world. They are mainly used to offer protection against sunshine and strong winds. In addition, they have religious significance in some Asian nations and used as a religious symbol.

Beach umbrellas

These are heavy and large types of umbrellas whose sole purpose is to offer protection against the sun, especially in open areas such as beaches. Parasols are often large and stationary umbrella types, but they can also come in smaller foldable versions of up to 9 feet.

Child umbrellas

Child umbrellas come in a variety of designs and colors. Their canopies may bear interesting designs featuring fairies, dragons, sports, and animal fictional characters. These umbrellas often have small arc size canopies. They are also designed to be light in nature, as they have a shorter shaft than most umbrellas. If you are planning to get your child a gift for an occasion such as a birthday party, then this is the most ideal gift.


Regardless of the weather, an umbrella can always become a handy tool. It enables you to plan and handle your activities confidently without worrying about any changes in your environment. So what are you waiting for?  Contact to custom your favorite umbrellas now.