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 Huifeng Umbrella Co., Ltd is one of the professional umbrella suppliers, umbrella exporters and umbrella manufacturers in Guangzhou, China with thousands of customers worldwide, offering high-quality umbrellas to help you maximize profit for your business.

We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of umbrellas that can be custom branded from tip to handle.  Custom umbrellas no minimum, Door to door service can be offered. Most of our products are exported to UK, USA, Canada, Australia Korea, Japan, Europe.

As a professional umbrella supplier, “High quality and good service” is always our obligation, please email us with your need here. You can find much more competitive prices of high-quality umbrella products.

Personalised Umbrellas Custom Made To Your Specifications

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The Complete Guide to Importing Umbrellas from China! (Highly recommend)

We created a complete design and manufacturing system to guide the process of manufacturing custom umbrellas from start to finish.  Whether you are a designer or not, we will work with you to create umbrellas that fit your specific needs. … Read More

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    Is it possible to sell umbrellas in Africa? Umbrella Wholesaler Africa

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    Environmental umbrella dryer in Seoul instead of disposable plastics

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    A complete guide to importing umbrellas from China

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    Huifeng Donated Umbrellas to Pupils in Guangzhou

    2018-08-16 12:29:19

    Guangzhou, heavy rainstorms occurred for 21 hours in a row. Locally heavy rains caused flooding and guilt in many places, which seriously affected traffic travel. The Guangzhou City Department of Transportation rolled out flooding information. As of 17:00 Read more



    2018-08-16 12:29:19

    Do you really want to make the boring rainy days more fun, beautiful, and brighter? If yes, then you can purchase and use LED umbrellas. Just like the conventional umbrellas, these high-quality and colorful umbrellas will surely protect Read more

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    Wedding umbrellas

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    Clear Umbrellas

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    Beach umbrellas

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    Stylish Fashion Umbrellas

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    Golf umbrellas

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    (2018 ) The Ultimate Umbrella Buying Guide-It will save you 30% cost !

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    DIY Umbrellas Activity

    2018-08-16 12:29:19

    To provide a platform for parent-child communication, Guangzhou Yuexiu Donggao Community partnered with Guangzhou Huifeng Umbrella to organize a very meaningful Umbrellas DIY activity. Decorated with colorful balloons, the activity venue constructed a very interesting world for the Read more

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    Promotional umbrella make people pay

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    Printed umbrellas are attractive to catch people attention

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    The bright colored printed umbrellas are very attractive and catch people’s attention easily. They are a unique and creative product that can be used as a promotional product for promoting an organization and for advertising the product. You can distribute these printed umbrellas as a promotional gift to your clients in order to enjoy a good relationship with them. These elegantly printed umbrellas can be used for a long time and the customers would be pleased on receiving it. Whenever he would use the umbrella, he would be reminded of your products. The printed umbrella is a good product as it would get you repetitive business for many years. This particular promotional item can be used for years. A good quality attractive printed umbrella may be passed on from generation to generation.  The brand name printed on the promotional umbrella would refresh the pers on’s memory whenever he uses the umbrella.  Thus these printed umbrellas can advertise the company for years to come. There are a variety of promotional products available in the market yet.  Organisations prefer to use printed umbrellas as a  promotional tool as compared to other cheaper gifts. The reason for this is that the umbrella is a multi-utility product that can be used for the different occasion. The common use of the printed umbrella is to protect one from the rain. In European countries, where it rains most of the time, this promotional gift can be very useful and the customers would be very pleased on receiving it。 The printed umbrellas can be used as a promotional gift by any kind of organization whether small or big. They can be used to inform the targeted audience about a new company or also for informing them about the new products launched by an existing company. There are different types of umbrellas available that can be used for this purpose. When selecting the promotional umbrella for your organization, never compromise on the quality of the umbrellas. A cheap quality umbrella might break easily and may not serve as a repetitive reminder of your organization. In fact, a low-quality umbrella have a bad impact on your consumers and rob you of them, For selecting the best range of printed umbrella visit online They have a range of umbrellas that are available in different colors, designs, and style. This range includes the classical wood stick umbrella, the foldable umbrellas that are easy to carry, the automatic umbrellas and many other attractive umbrellas that can be used as a promotional item. Read more

  • umbrellas USA

    Umbrellas In USA

    2018-08-16 12:29:19

    Umbrellas in USA are primarily used as a shield to keep the body dry during rain. In most parts of the world, the purpose of the umbrella has remained true and they are used primarily during the rainy Read more








We received umbrellas yesterday ^_^The folding umbrellas are vey beautiful and the case is very original, congratulations you did a  great job!The staright umbrellas were popular in Italy and will be sold out next week, I would like to place an re-order this Wed. 
S. R. Southard
S. R. SouthardUmbrella Shop Owner
Best All-Around Compact Travel Umbrella I Could Find! I got my travel Umbrella bulk June 13th, I live in Florida and we are in the middle of rainy season, so it's great opportunity's to sell it!
Edoardo Benedetto
Edoardo Benedetto
I am totally happy with the umbrella product that I purchased. The quality is great, the communication surrounding delivery was on point! Will be ordering again no doubt in the future.
Noel Joshua
Noel Joshua
I am very impressed with the level of service that you and your company have provided to me so far. I purchasing customized umbrellas from you was the best gifting decision, I ever made.
Thanks very much for being a really good company with great customer service. I have had real nightmares in the past with Chinese umbrella factory and I haven‘t once had a problem with you guys!
Alison Collins
Alison CollinsSourcing manager, Sydney
I will obviously recommend  Huifeng Umbrella factory to anyone needing the services you provide based on my experiences working with you!  I never thought custom my umbrellas so smoothly.
Alves, Ana Cristina
Alves, Ana CristinaEvent Manager ,USA
Thank you ,great job! I will definitely recommend you to everyone I talk to about promotional umbrella products..... Very impressed.
BAVIELLO, DANIELEPurchasing Manager , Canada
Thank you so much! It was a pleasure doing business with you as well! We absolutely LOVE these!
May 16, 2016 7:22 am
  On the just-concluded Canton Fair, the brilliant and fascinating digital printing umbrellas displayed by Guangzhou Huifeng Umbrellas ( enough customer eyes. Huifeng’s booth was crowded with many potential clients, and captured orders from clients at home and abroad. What makes an ordinary umbrella so fascinating? Let’s find out the...