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The Complete Guide to Designing Your Umbrella Using Umbrella Templates

As a new umbrella manufacturing business, it may be quite overwhelming as you kick off and start to produce your umbrellas. There are numerous technicalities involved in running new businesses. So many things need your attention, and new business owners are quick to burn out. Because of this, we have thought of creative ways to assist up-and-coming umbrella businesses. One of these ways is by creating umbrella templates that you can simply use to design the layout of your umbrellas. In this guide, you will find out how to use these templates and every other thing you need to know as you design your umbrella for production.

Umbrella Templates

HF Umbrella has some pre-made umbrella templates that it uses to guide potential umbrella businesses as they start their own company. Seeing as every umbrella has its peculiarities, each umbrella template is designed to create a distinctly different umbrella. Here are a few of the available umbrella templates:

  1. The Single Layer Umbrella Template: The Single Layer Umbrella template is suitable for a complete umbrella design. There are two types of umbrella templates for this. They are the Manual Open and the Auto Open. The significant difference between these two types is their open and close mechanism. One opens manually while the other is automatically operated.
  2. The Double Layer Umbrella Template: Similar to the single-layer template is this double-layer version. However, asides from the distinct layers, this umbrella template has a heavier shape. Its template style is different from the regular umbrella.
  3. Vented Umbrella Template: Slightly different from the regular umbrella, this umbrella template has a unique design with a vented shape.Its design is unique and also calls for a different umbrella template style.

How to Use Umbrella Templates

Umbrella templates make your work easier because you no longer have to create a new style from scratch. You can simply use any of the above umbrella templates and customize it to your taste. Each umbrella template has a triangular panel, just like in a real umbrella. To use an umbrella template, first select the intended image, pattern, logo, or text you wish to print on your umbrella. When you have this, position it on your preferred umbrella template how you would like it to appear when it has been manufactured. Save this file in a PDF. or EPS format and send it to us via email. If you would prefer to modify our umbrella templates or use a different design entirely, inform us before doing so.

The Custom Umbrella Design Process

Designing your custom-made umbrella becomes easier when you have umbrella templates. Here is how to do so:

  1. Select your preferred size: Just like the umbrella templates have shown, umbrellas come in different sizes. To use any of the umbrella templates, you need to select the dimensions of the umbrella you would like to produce. Choosing the preferred size is the first step on your umbrella design journey. A good way to know what size to choose is by considering the need the umbrella will be meeting. Is it for outdoor sporting events like golf? Or for kids on a rainy day? All these contribute to the choice of size.
  2. Choose the umbrella type: Umbrellas have different looks and styles. An umbrella suited for strong wind may not be the best design for a wedding parasol. So, as you design, it is necessary to pre-select the type of umbrella that you would use. It is also selected based on the need you are trying to fill. There are umbrellas for the sun and the rain, others are designed for the wind, and some are big and strong enough for lounging on the beach.
  3. Choose the material: An umbrella is made up of different parts. Each of these parts is made with different types of material. The handle and shaft can be made with metal, wood, plastic, and other innovative materials. The canopy, too, is made of various fabrics depending on the use of the umbrella; pongee, silk, nylon, and lots more. Whatever your choice, ensure that it is durable and quality. The durability of the material ensures the lasting quality and that the printing never fades off. Rest assured that any fabric you choose, we would use the best quality available. We pride ourselves on our mark of quality.
  4. Choose the image design: If you would be printing anything on your umbrella, this is the right time to get that ready. If it is a logo or an image, prepare it in a way that printing it on your umbrella would not look shabby. Go for quality images that would produce a quality-looking print. Generally, it is advisable to save the image you would like to print on your umbrella in a Vector file or PDF format for sharp output. The size of the image should also be at least 200DPI with 100cm x 100cm. The larger it is, the better.

Things to Note as You Design Your Umbrella

Designing your umbrella is not as complicated as you may think, but to avoid post-production errors or mishaps, here are a few tips for you to bear in mind.

  • Printing Challenges: After an umbrella has been printed, when you try to sew the edges to avoid fraying, some parts of the print may get sewn into the seams. This does not necessarily affect the rest of the design, depending on the type of image design. It is essential to consider that as you make your umbrella layout on the template.
  • Individual Panels, Individual Printing: There are different types of printing for umbrellas: silkscreen printing, digital printing, and dye sublimation. As you print, be sure to find out which type of printing is best for the kind of image you want to print. Also, be aware that for silkscreen printing, each panel of the umbrella is printed individually. Your layout on the umbrella template should cater for this as you make plans to design.
  • Costs of Printing: The printing cost goes higher depending on the number of panels you have to print. If you print on only two panels of the umbrella, then you may not spend much. But if you have 8 different panels to print with different designs on each panel, then your printing costs will soar. If it is not necessary, you can print on just a few panels and still get a nice-looking umbrella. Digital printing also reduces the cost since you can print the entire fabric at once.
  • Quality Pictures Produce Quality Designs: If you don’t want the quality of your umbrella prints to come out looking shabby, then you need to print quality pictures on the umbrellas. How can you ensure the quality of your pictures? Save them with the stipulated file format that we discussed earlier so that their quality can be preserved as they are passed to the manufacturer. If the picture is unclear, it would likely appear that way too when it is printed out.

Ask for Expert Reviews

After the entire process of designing your umbrella is done, what’s next is to send the design to us to give an expert review of the design. This would determine if the design is feasible for production or not. Sometimes, clients like to go out of the norm to create their own type of umbrella. But as leaders in the umbrella manufacturing industry, we know whether a design would be suitable for production or even for use after production. We would like to let you know whether you should go-ahead to produce your umbrella design or not. This is why it is necessary to ask for reviews. We would also give you ideas of what to do to improve your design, and if it passes the durability test, you’ll get a quote for your order.

Order Procedure

The steps to request an order are not difficult. It’s a straightforward process that goes as follows:

  1. Send us your designs: This step has been discussed above. Simply forward your design to us, and we will get on it.
  2. Receive your printed sample: After accessing your design, we will create a visual sample and a free sample copy and send it to you within 3-5 days.
  3. Confirm Your Order: Once you receive your printed sample, confirm if you are pleased with it or if it needs modifications. We will proceed only based on your instructions. Of course, we would need formal confirmation of this, as well as an upfront payment.
  4. Give us 10-25 days: Producing an order takes up to 10 – 25 days, based on the complexities involved with the umbrella.
  5. Expect delivery: Once your orders are ready, we will inform you of our expected delivery date so that you can plan to receive your order.


In this guide, we have taken you through the umbrella design process using our pre-made umbrella templates. You will find that manufacturing your umbrellas with us is easy and straightforward. Contact us at as soon as you want to manufacture custom umbrellas!