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Wedding umbrellas

Piecing together a memorable wedding is not an easy task. Weather greatly influences how your wedding turns out. You will be among the lucky few to enjoy an ideal-bright and moderately sunny wedding day. At times, the weather may be too extreme; either too hot or rainy. Well, if you want to have a wedding in the near future, you should include wedding umbrellas, address these concerns as well as add some beauty. HF Umbrella supply wedding umbrellas to USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and all across the world. Our wedding umbrellas are specifically designed for one purpose – to protect your big day against the unpredictable weather.

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Bridal parasols are designed to shield you from extreme weather and let you enjoy your day: the least you should do. Wedding umbrellas, simply put are umbrellas designed purposely to be used in a wedding. Bridal parasols should add to the elegance of your wedding if well chosen or customized. They should ideally be in sync with the theme of the wedding. If your wedding is Asian themed, for example, you can decide to use rice-paper umbrellas. You can also decide to go for silk-brocade wedding parasol that is associated with the attractiveness of Japanese kimono.

Discover our beautiful range of wedding umbrellas

Most wedding umbrellas are white in color. Some are very basic in design, while others have much more stylish designs. In fact, some designs of bridal umbrellas are almost as stylish and fabulous as designs of actual modern wedding dresses. They may feature designs that contain lace, chiffon, floral patterns, etc. If you are shopping for a bridal umbrella, then you will definitely not have a problem finding a particular umbrella design that suits the style of both you and the wedding environment.

Fancy umbrellas and wedding parasols add a distinct appeal to your photo shots. You may use this exquisite accessory for a dramatic and sepia engagement or wedding photo. If you are opting to have an al fresco themed reception, you can distribute wedding parasols to your guests. You can always loop one at the back of your guests’ seats for a thank-you memento or souvenir.

Specialists in umbrellas for weddings

Some wedding umbrellas also have drawings and other types of artwork on them. This is something that you may want to consider. It may be even more effective to choose one of these if you want the umbrella to have a basic design, yet still, have a bit of spice to it. These designs may feature doves, bells, hearts, flowers, and so on. There are some non-white colored bridal umbrellas as well, but they are not nearly as common. However, a red colored umbrella would definitely be a good choice if you are wearing a traditional Chinese or Japanese wedding dress as it will match it fairly well.

On a rainy season, a clear umbrella will do the job perfectly. Memories of the big day can linger in your minds for your lifetime, but they can best be captured by the camera for storage. The photos and videos captured will serve you well later. Clear umbrellas allow the photos to be taken just like when there is no umbrella. On a sunny day, a white umbrella will do well. You can be sure to enjoy a cool shade under the umbrella as the heat is reflected away by the white coloring.

Generally, wedding parasols add the elegance of your wedding by accentuating the theme. When you’re out to shop for your umbrella, it should clearly fit into your wedding theme. The weather at the particular time will influence the kind of umbrella you will acquire too. As you already know, wedding parasols are designed either for the rainy or sunny weather. None of them will do well in the weather they are not meant for if they are to be interchanged.

Wedding umbrellas serve as a tremendous bridal accessory and are very well matched with any type of wedding dress. Most people invest in bridal umbrellas, so they can have the best protection from the changing weather during their wedding day. They also use this lovely accessory that enhances their wedding photos and outfit, or when looking for a cheap and functional souvenir for their guests.

There are styles that work for all brides and you will be sure to find a particular design that appeals to you if you take the time to shop around. Alternatively, you can request for a custom-made line of umbrellas for your wedding event straight from the factory. In fact, it’s highly recommended to go for either partially or fully customized wedding umbrellas so they can match with your wedding theme as much as possible.

Wedding Umbrellas

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Wedding Umbrellas: Wise Tips to Remember

Among the list of things needed to make your wedding day successful incudes umbrellas. As you say your ‘I dos,’ you will want no one to come between you and your cherished partner, not even bad weather. After you have spent so much time detailing your hair, your make up and dress surprises like rain or scorching sun are just unwelcome. You will, thus, need to have an umbrella you can rely on for a happy wedding day.

What to look for in a wedding umbrella

Umbrellas are not just a cumbersome accessory for shielding against the rain or sun; they can be designed to accentuate the whole ceremony from the bridal dress, to flowers and lighting. This prop will also come in handy in wedding photo sessions. Rightly designed umbrellas will make your photos even more riveting. When it’s time to get hitched, you will have to think about umbrellas not only for you and your partner but also for the guests that will grace the occasion.

Explore different colors

On your big day, color is one of the most important things that you need to get right. When choosing a wedding umbrella, consider the overall color scheme of the wedding. Choose a wedding umbrella color that complements or contrasts the existing theme. When dark clouds threaten to dim the glamour of your wedding, bright colors can help to lift everyone’s spirit.

Think about you and your partner’s favorite colors and try to see if they can be paired up in one umbrella theme. Start by going through your wardrobes, examining the colors that have defined you all your days. It would also be wise to work with an umbrella maker that is experienced at creating gender-neutral umbrella designs to cater to both you and your partner’s tastes.

However, you will not be violating any codes by having different umbrella designs for the bride and the groom. If the bride’s umbrella is made of bright colors, the groom could have their steel grey or black umbrella’s laced with matching bright trims.

Think about the season

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in the summer, your umbrella choice should be capable of shielding against the sun and the scorching heat. In that case you might want to go for designs with UV protection. For a wedding in the spring, waterproof umbrella designs should be your first pick. Also, different seasons can influence your color choice, for instance, you can throw in some floral designs to complement the bloom in spring, or orange hues to blend with autumn.


Clear wedding umbrellas are a popular favorite for many as they inspire an affectionate event no matter how the weather turns out to be, unlike solid color umbrellas which hide people’s faces. Still, on intimacy, you might want to consider a big domed wedding umbrella that you can share with your bride or groom.

Let your true personality show

Take the chance to order custom wedding umbrellas that embody your authentic style. You can work on this with your partner, choosing colors, materials, design styles, and even a message. Your wedding umbrella can help you say thank you to all that have supported you every step of the way, or it can express how grateful you are for your partner’s love.

Types of wedding umbrellas

Wedding umbrellas for your bridesmaids

Nothing enhances the beauty and the feminine allure of your bridesmaids than wedding parasols. These umbrellas are usually lightweight and embroidered with a feminine charm. Wedding parasols are the right choice if the weather is sunny. However, they might not be effective in rainy weather.

Wedding parasol can be held for longer without feeling fatigued. In some cases, brides walk down the aisle with the umbrellas. Small sized wedding parasols are more fashionable. You can go all the way and have children sized sunshades for the flower girls too.

Apart from wedding parasols, you could also choose to go to the ‘lacy’ way when thinking about umbrellas for your bridesmaids. Lace umbrellas have a charming and romantic appeal. You can select from a variety of colors, including white, pink, or beige. These umbrellas often entail a canopy with intricate lace patterns and a rugged trim. Even though the umbrellas might not offer protection from the elements, they sure can turn heads. They are an excellent way to complement the looks of your bridesmaids! Since your bridesmaids will be wearing the same color pattern, you can have each one use unique umbrellas for distinction.

Wedding umbrellas for your guests

Most event planners and stylists will recommend transparent wedding umbrellas for the guests. These umbrellas allow total visibility of the guests and will contribute to a picturesque wedding scene. Wedding photographers will be able to capture everyone with ease. Even though transparent umbrellas do not shield users from direct sunlight, they sure do offer protection from the rain and deliver in their mandate as decorative accessories. Clear umbrellas can also help to protect against strong winds.

When getting transparent umbrellas for your wedding guests, you can customize the gauzy canopies with each guest’s initials. That is a personal touch that won’t go unappreciated. Crystal wedding umbrellas are readily available at various price ranges. These umbrellas have a typical dome shape and are large enough for couples to share the love underneath.

Adding color to your transparent wedding umbrellas will also help them to stand out. The canopy remains transparent while the trim is infused with a range of color. This trick always creates a beautiful pattern that helps with the photos. The trim colors should be in line with the rest of your wedding theme.

Wedding umbrellas for the bride

White is the color of choice. White umbrellas are a symbol of purity and innocence and therefore are a popular choice for many brides. These wedding umbrellas blend in well with a white wedding dress. The design could be anything from complex to simple, just anything that accentuates the wedding gown.

In an outdoor setting, white wedding umbrellas will grab the attention of many. Most bridal umbrellas often have lacy trims, frilly layers, and a sleek frame. These umbrellas feel lovely and delicate and are exceptionally elegant. Then again, as you can expect, most are auto open for speedy protection against sudden downpours.

Bridal shower umbrellas

Umbrellas are among the bright bridal shower ideas that many of your friends and family will come up with in readiness for your wedding. Possible styles and designs, in this case, include umbrellas with floral canopies, decorative metal tips, and frames or a wooden finish. The umbrellas can be small, fitting into purses and bags or sizeable with customized embellishments. In many societal secrets passed down generations, the right bridal shower umbrellas bring good luck to a wedding.

Wedding party umbrella

After the marriages ceremony, the bride and the groom, their parents, bridesmaids, and guests often retreat to a party and entertainment. If this reception happens to be outdoors, there will be the risk of rain, wind, or sun attempting to dampen everyone’s spirits. With the right umbrella for your wedding party, none of these things will bother you. The right wedding party umbrellas are small and portable. They feature creatively designed canopy with colors that match the bridal dress. It would also be best if the wedding party umbrellas are auto-open.

Hen’s night umbrellas

That bachelorette party night needs perfection and prettiness. The right umbrella for your bachelorette party is compact and portable. Mini umbrellas are the best in this case. You will need flexibility with color option as well. Red in Asian weddings is a symbol of good luck; pink is for soft feminine vibes and white is for purity. You can also choose multi-colored umbrellas for extra vibrancy.

Umbrellas for wedding décor

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, umbrellas have transcended their primary function as rain or sun shields. Today many wedding planners and stylists will incorporate umbrellas into the wedding decorations. The umbrellas, in this case, are stationary in an indoor or outdoor venue, and they feature decorative color designs. Some LED lighting is placed behind the umbrellas to achieve a soft, warm glow perfect for evening weddings.

Custom wedding umbrellas

If there is more time remaining before your big day, you could order for fresh custom made umbrellas for your wedding. Customization, in this case, involves picking out the materials, the design, colors, messages, and pictures. For instance, you can imprint your names and date of the wedding on the umbrella canopy. Because of technological innovations, you can also get LED umbrellas for your wedding.

Custom umbrellas serve their purpose long after the day is done and dusted. The beauty, color, and messages on the umbrellas make them valuable souvenirs of your love, and can, therefore, be protected and passed down alongside your wedding dress.

Bottom Line

There are countless wedding umbrella options, each suitable for a particular point of the celebration, and serving specific purposes. For stylishness and protection from bad weather, find an umbrella design that compliments your personality. Consider colors that blend in well with the rest of the wedding theme.

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