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How Our Umbrella Factory Works?

Custom umbrellas give a lot of promotional ground to your brand

Umbrella factory – There are more than 2000 umbrella factories in China with one million employees. Only 200 of which embody the output value of over 5 million yuan. A large number of small and medium-sized umbrella factories are surviving by their “low-grade, low-quality, low-cost” products.

From the very beginning, Huifeng Umbrella Factory has been committed to producing high-quality products. We employed umbrella-makers from Japanese companies with high salaries, produce umbrellas based on British umbrella-making technology, and choose the fabrics imported from Taiwan.

From the control of production process to product packaging, our umbrella factory has specified detailed testing standards and requirements. We have proudly become a reliable supplier of consumer trust products. High-quality raw materials, modern production and testing equipment, exquisite technology and formula all contribute to ensuring the high quality of our products. All these are where Huifeng Umbrella Factory differs from others.

Huifeng umbrella factory has formed a scientific standardized production and management mode in the aspects of decision-making, overall planning, on-site production man and logistics support. Our strict internal control, rational supplier structure, stable customer resources, control of raw materials and finished products inventory, and dynamic management Emphasis all contribute to improving and ensuring the stability and efficiency of the company’s operations.

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Huifeng umbrella factory created a complete design and manufacturing system to guide the process of manufacturing custom umbrellas from start to finish. Whether you are a designer or not, we will work with you to create umbrellas that fit your specific needs.

Umbrellas are complex to craft, involving a lot of attention to detail at every step. Our team pioneered techniques from printing to fabrication so your umbrellas will be beautiful and durable.


We insist on the R&D idea of “Fashion, stand wear and tear, make varied”.
We always keep developing materials and patterns, improving quality day by day.

Huifeng Umbrella Factory has 8 invention patents, 35 utility model patents, 2 design patents, and 7 overseas invention patents. Our umbrella factory has produced to the production of thousands of modern automatic umbrellas, multifunctional environment umbrellas, and sun umbrellas.

By establishing close contact and cooperation with the universities and independent designers, our company keeps absorbing new concepts and technologies so as to develop more excellent products for our customers. To gain new aesthetic concepts and better know-how of creative designs and accumulate more design resources for our designers, we worked with the universities in organizing a variety of creative design activities.

Over the past few years, our company has established continuous cooperation and shared research achievements with the universities like Central Academy of Fine Arts, so as to integrate our research resources and increase the technological content of our products.

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Our R&D Department

Our R&D is undertaken by the Technology Research Department, which consists of the Sample Exhibition Center (SEC), the CAD-Technology Center (CADTC) and the Sample-Working Center (SWC). The SEC displays thousands of samples covering most of our product range. The CADTC is responsible for plate/pattern making, style designing, calculating predicted consumption, graphics processing, and photo production. The SWC mainly functions as a sample design and production centre.

OEM Service

We can put your logo on all the products from our OEM / ODM section. Our terms are very flexible: we offer to print of your own logo on the product for Minimum Order of 100pcs. If your order exceeds certain order q’ty (depends on different products)- the printing tooling cost service will be free of charge. If you require custom packaging, we can offer that for orders of 1000pcs and above. Usually, the whole process takes 10 days or less.

ODM Service

More and more companies decide to differentiate their products in the market with a unique design. We can provide assistance in developing your own, exceptional products, based on our solutions.

OEM/ODM Manufacturer and supplier of high-quality rain umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, Parasols, golf umbrellas, kids umbrellas, beach umbrellas, pop up tents,



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