Umbrella Quality Assurance:

We are committed to quality requirements of the best standard and always make sure quality is adhered to throughout our operation from sampling to final shipment.

Quality Control and Inspection Procedures: Normally we follow AQL 4.0 inspection method, but on a special case we would follow any inspection method which our customers requested.

Umbrella Quality

For Umbrella, we set up four steps of quality control:

Quality Policy:
Base on Management – Continuously Running
Focus on Customer — Keep improving

Quality Objective:
Our in-house QC personnel is well trained to perform stringent inspections of our fabrics and garment. For umbrella inspection, we have adopted eight steps Quality Assurance System. Modules include:

Umbrella Inspection

  1. Piece goods inspection – 100%
  2. Spreading inspection – in line random
  3. Cut piece inspection – 100%
  4. Sewing inspection – in line 100%
  5. Trim & examine – 100%
  6. Press fold inspection – 100%
  7. Final audit on finishing & packing – 100%
  8. Broken needle management system (metal detector) – 100%


Inspection Procedure:

Umbrella Inspection Procedure