Umbrella Quality Assurance:

We are committed to quality requirements of the best standard and always make sure quality is adhered to throughout our operation from sampling to final shipment.

Quality Control and Inspection Procedures: Normally we follow AQL 4.0 inspection method, but on special case we would follow any inspection method which our customers requested.

Umbrella factory Inspection

For Umbrella, we set up four steps of quality control:

Quality Policy:
Base on Management – Continuously Running
Focus on Customer — Keep improving

Quality Objective:
Our in-house QC personnel are well trained to perform stringent inspections on our fabrics and garment. For umbrella inspection, we have adopted eight steps  Quality Assurance System. Modules include:

Umbrella Inspection

  1. Piece goods inspection – 100%
  2. Spreading inspection – in line random
  3. Cut piece inspection – 100%
  4. Sewing inspection – in line 100%
  5. Trim & examine – 100%
  6. Press fold inspection – 100%
  7. Final audit on finishing & packing – 100%
  8. Broken needle management system (metal detector) – 100%       


Inspection Procedure:

Umbrella Inspection Procedure