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Car Windshield Umbrella, Portable, and Foldable Umbrella Block Heat UV

Product Details
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HUIFENG
Certification: Umbrella Manufacturer AUDITED BY SGS
Model Number: HF20062201

Payment & Shipping Terms:
Price: USD5.0-6.5
Packaging Details: Carton box

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Car Windshield Umbrella, Portable, and Foldable Umbrella Block Heat UV

Thermal insulation and sun protection: Using safe and high-quality aluminum foil material, blocking a lot of heat, reflecting sunlight, this umbrella can effectively reduce the temperature inside your car prevents damage and deterioration of the interior.

Easy to store and fold: Car windshield umbrella time saving and convenient, ready to use, non-destructive installation, small storage volume after folding, can be placed in the Save space in the side doors and central storage box. Convenient for daily use, ideal sunshade accessory for cars in summer!

Friendly material: The car windshield cover is heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant, preventing damage from direct sunlight. Under the sunlight and high-temperature conditions, the car windshield cover will not emit odors and harmful gases. Special umbrella bead design does not damage the car interior and paint, non-destructive to installation, and use.

Multipurpose: Perfect for inside the car and on rainy days, it is also an umbrella for outdoor, rainy, and sunny days in summer.

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