New Developed Transparent Pet Dog Umbrella

Pet Dog Umbrella

Have you ever feel any inconvenience when walking outside with your little cute pet friend on the rainy or snowy days? No worries, the pet dog umbrella is going to assist you to solve this headache problem.

pet dog umbrella size

Pet dog umbrella is a new item specially designed for small dogs which is less than 12 lbs 19″ length Puppy, such as Yorkie, Teddy, Pomeranian, and Poodle, but not suitable for large dogs. First It is unique, fashionable, creative and easy to handle. Another pet dog umbrella is made with a solid metal frame and transparent PVE-100C material.

It is mainly composed of a canopy, a handle, a shaft, a notch, a bone, and a runner. The bone is composed of a long bone, a short bone, and ribs. The lower ends of the long bone and the short bone are hinged on the runner. The lower end of the ribs are hinged in the middle of the long bone and the short bone, and the upper end is on the notch.

The notch is fixed to the upper part of the shaft, and the runner is placed in the middle section of the shaft. The lower end of the shaft is fixed on the umbrella handle, and the canopy is covered on the bone.

Since the bone arrangement is opposite to the conventional umbrella device, the inner end of the canopy is connected to the slidable notch. Therefore, when the umbrella is opened, the canopy is reversed downward. So that people can conveniently block the sunlight by dog umbrella.

Pet Dog umbrella has a special built-in leash that can be attached to the pet’s neck, furthermore, it also provides the dog owner with a handle that is attached to the top of the umbrella. It has a button on the handle that automatically opens the umbrella.

In the rain,  you can open the pet dog umbrella automatically by pressing the button in one second. No matter which direction the pet runs, the umbrella always straightens up and blocks the pet’s body. Even more on the sunny days, you can use it to shade the pet; in winter, you can use it to protect your pet from snow.

Believe us! Pet umbrella will be the best gift for your pet to keep it dry, clean, comfortable and happy. You will enjoy your great leisure time by walking with it on the rainy or snowy weather.

Custom Print Best Double Canopy Umbrella

Best double canopy umbrella has two canopies: outside and inside.
With the high tech digital printing, the unique designs can be printed both outside and inside.
Designers can custom an exclusive range of beautiful best double canopy umbrellas.
These are the standout umbrellas to impress your friends and family or a reliable and sturdy umbrella to withstand wind and rain.
Today I will recommend you one best double canopy umbrella superbly designed and licensed by the BBC.
Best Double canopy umbrella (2)
The outside and inside are different patterns with its own clock-gear design.
The brolly size is 46inch of a canopy, it’s enough large to keep your dry.
It opens automatically with a push of the button, easy to open within one second.
Fiberglass ribs will not only keep you dry but will do so in style!
Welcome to custom print your own design double canopy umbrellas, pls email us.

2018 New Item Carbon fibre Ultra-light Umbrella

Ultra-light Umbrella

ultra-light umbrella-string

Mini umbrellas have become quite popular these days and quite often used as an advertising tool or as a party favor.

Today, we bring one of the lightest most compact Umbrellas without sacrificing quality. Made to collapse under heavy wind gusts to prevent permanent damage.

The Ultra-light Umbrella is made from special carbon fiber materials. 99% UV protection by special fabric and It is easy to pack in a backpack or a purse. It only takes a few seconds to fold for storage. Well worth the money.

It’s light, compact, and sturdy for how much it weights. It provided me with much-needed shade in the desert section of the PCT. While it does take a little bit more time to set up than traditional umbrellas I don’t find it very complicated as some described, it’s very straightforward.

It’s a much smaller umbrella for the summer days when we are using a much smaller backpack. It provides us a great around-town and on-the-trail umbrella.

Ultra-light Umbrella -Repellent

Someone tell us they need a shelter to protect them on rainy days and hot summers. 

Their expected shelter would be smaller and smaller, even can be put into their handbag. 

They hope the shelter will be stronger to resist nature strength for not a day, not a week, not a month…For the last several years, lifetime if they can. 

Would you like to have a try? 

  • Weight( 119G),Length(22cm).About the weight & length of PLUS.
  • Portable & Travel Umbrella: 3 Folding Construction make it ultra compact & lightweight. It fits conveniently in your backpack, purse, or suitcase. Light & small enough to carry around.
  • 99% UV Protection: This umbrella can protect 99% from UV rays in the test.Version A/C/E: Umbrellas for both rain and sun, with 99% UV Protection. 
  • Idea Gift: Perfect gift for Men, Women, kids, and parents, friends, colleagues, lovers.

Windproof Lightweight Double Vented Sports Golf Umbrella

The Automatic sports Golf Umbrella is for every outdoor enthusiast who needs shelter from the wind, rain, and sunshine.  Also wants a lightweight strong umbrella that both protects you and is made to be strong and lightweight.

The problem you face right now is that cheap umbrellas are heavy, invert easily, rust and break. What makes this even worse is the fact that without a high-quality lightweight umbrella. You will be exposed to harsh weather and won’t be able to enjoy your golf game or outdoor activities.

sports golf umbrella (6)

Many people who need to be protected outside from the weather elements. They can’t get past the idea that all umbrellas are unbreakable so why not buy the cheapest one. All this can make trying to protect yourself from the weather a nightmare! But luckily for you, there’s now a solution!

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who needs shelter from wind, rain, and sunshine who is looking for a high-quality sports golf umbrella, one that both protects you and is made to be strong and lightweight, our ” Automatic sports Golf Umbrella ” is the answer you’ve been looking for!

KEEPS YOU PROTECTED FROM WEATHER ELEMENTS – Auto open double vented lightweight windproof and waterproof umbrella provides you the ability to stay protected from bad weather while also providing the ultimate in UV protection for sunny days.

AVOID CRAMPS IN YOUR HAND – – Soft ergonomic crafted handle provides you the ability to hold the umbrella comfortably; Built with the highest quality fiberglass to provide the finest reinforced ribs and shaft to ensure your frame won’t rust.

NO MORE STRUGGLING WITH OPENING YOUR UMBRELLA – One button automatic opening feature allows you to single-handedly open your umbrella quickly when inclement weather threatens in a fraction of the time it used to take fumbling with both hands




  • QUALITY MATERIALS: 100% Polyester Pongee Waterproof Fabric and Aluminium.
  • 8 ribs made from strong fiber for extra support.Using heat sublimation technique to prevent discoloring,long-lasting effects.
  • Measure Size: Coverage Diameter 37.4″(W) x 24.4″(H) (8 Ribs),Closed Length: 11.42 inch One-Side Printing
  • AUTOMATIC OPEN / CLOSE FUNCTIONALITY: Auto open close system,can operate it with one hand in one second.
  • You do not have to struggle with the opening your umbrella – with one hand,the umbrella springs open in a second.
  • No more waiting for your umbrella to open or close while you get soaked by the rain!
  • ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If it doesn’t meet your expectations, we provide replacement or refund.
  • We are confident of the quality of our umbrella. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us,we reply any email within 24hours.
  • We supply the best service for you! Daily Use Travel Use Gift Choice For Christmas/New Year/ Birthday/Valentine’s day or any Holidays and Festivals.

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