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2*3m Patio Table Garden Umbrella

Model Number: HF21082602
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Price: USD17.50-20.0

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Never miss the fun outdoors. Get yourself a 2*3 Patio Table Garden Umbrella and experience the relaxing and pampering feel outdoors.

If your property has an outdoor or garden area, having an outdoor parasol helps you enjoy the outdoor experience even more. Our garden umbrella provides you a perfect place to achieve the indoor-outdoor vibe. Whether you want to spend your weekend with your loved ones or guests in the garden, this umbrella protects you against harmful UV rays and the sun’s radiation.

Element of Shade in Hot Weather
Make your outdoor activities practical and comfortable by adding an element of shade through our outdoor parasol. It will not only give you shade in hot weather but also a reliable protection against elements, whether that’s sunlight or rain.

Fade Resistant Shade Cover

The shade cover of this outdoor umbrella is made of 180G polyester fabric. It is fade-resistant and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can choose from an array of color options to complement your outdoor area. Plus, you can enjoy the color for a long time since it does not fade quickly.

Sturdy Pole Material

The stainless steel used for constructing the pole system offers a sleek modern vibe to the umbrella. It easily complements the open spaces and minimalist decor. It is naturally corrosion-resistant due to nickel and chromium content. It is also resilient to rust, making it an excellent choice for outdoor areas like gardens, yachts, or even coastal areas.

Reliable Tilting Function
With the crank tilting system, you can quickly angle the umbrella. This enables you to block UV rays and the sun’s radiation effectively. You can easily adjust this umbrella to complement the weather condition or your location.

Explore outdoors and never miss the fun and joy of being with your loved ones. Buy this umbrella now and get complete protection against outdoor elements.