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Client: Kate Spade Umbrella

Product: Scallop Travel Umbrella
Location: New York, USA

Quality and uniqueness are the bedrock of every product that comes from the stables of Kate Spade, and so we were absolutely delighted to be chosen to produce one of the cutest umbrellas you can find on the streets of New York.

Kate Spades is a well-known brand in fashion and beauty accessories. If you’re looking for all things feminine, chic, classy, and sweet, they’re your go-to.
Since its inception in 1993, the Kate Spade brand has let its products and accessories shine through from among the rest. The brand has never rested on its oars to keep up with sales of quality items.

The brand launched with only six products; one of the most beautiful collections of essential bags to hit the market. It wasn’t long after that Kate Spade and her uniquely styled products went global, offering ladies around the world more than just bags.

From pretty dresses to cute shoes, lovely jewelry, gorgeous home decor, and eye-catching tech accessories, a visit to Kate Spade’s online store will leave you overwhelmed and spoilt for choice.

One unique thing about Kate Spade products is the way they instantly make you feel joyful and happy. The products are designed with such bright colors, they’re instantly appealing, and you can’t help but select something off the shelves.

In a world where black and boring umbrellas exist, the Scallop Travel Umbrella adds a pop of color among the crowd, and like every Kate Spade item, makes you stand out.
Designing this umbrella was something we found fun. We love that the brand found our standards of quality great enough to produce umbrellas for them. We made sure not to ruin this trust by working tirelessly for a unique end product.

This umbrella production was all about fine-tuning the details and paying attention to every thread, every panel, every ink that went into the manufacturing.

The design image on the umbrella is a bright shade of orange scallops running through the entire upper part of the canopy. The main color of the umbrella is a sweet shade of pink, giving you that exquisite distinctiveness you need to stand out in the crowd.

On a rainy day, the umbrella brings pleasant memories, taking away all the gloominess of the day. On a bright shiny day, the Kate Spade Scallop Travel Umbrella dazzles beneath the yellow sun, making it a sight to behold. Working with the umbrella colors was enough to gladden our hearts.

We built the umbrella in a petite, compact travel size so that it is easy to carry around even when you have other bags or accessories in your hand. It’s easy to open with the auto-open function for emergencies or when you’re in a hurry.

With a canopy diameter of only 38.5”, you’re all dry in the rain, and it’s not too wide so that you don’t bump into other brollies in the rain. The delicate nylon fabric for the canopy is tough enough to last you for a long, long time and feminine enough to add to your chic look.

It has a matching storage pouch where you can slide the dry umbrella for safekeeping. The umbrella is also the perfect size to fit into your travel suitcase or handbag.
The result of the Kate Spade Scallop Travel Umbrella is a fitting covering for the modern woman