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Magical Skyline Colour Change Travel Umbrella – British Museum

Client: The British Museum
Product: Skyline Colour Change Umbrella
Location: London, UK

The British Museum is one of the longstanding collectors of art, history, and many lifetimes past. Located in the Bloomsbury area of London, the British Museum is home to various forms of human history, art, and culture. This public institution is an ideal spot for learning about humanity and its evolution over the years.

The Museum is split up into categories representing the numerous areas of life, including the evolution of places like the Americas, Africa, and Egypt. It also has other collections for Animals, War, Death and Memory, Desire, Love and Identity, and so much more.

Because of the beauty and awe-effect the museum has on visitors, many people wanted to leave the museum with a keepsake. This was one of the reasons why the British Museum Shop was brought to life.
Here, you can find replica artworks, statues, or forms of objects from the Museum. Decorative pieces you could go home with to take a little of the Museum with you. Although the British Museum Shop is only virtual, it decided to dedicate one of its shopping categories to the famous city of London, where the Museum is located.

The Inspired by London category features many gifts and luxury items that help you remember walking on the streets of London and all the exciting places London has to offer. These gifts give you the full London experience.

When their museum shop approached us to create an umbrella deserving of being displayed for sale in the British Museum Shop, we were thrilled at the idea. Contributing to people having an enjoyable time at the museum was not one we wanted to quickly pass up.

Not too long after, the Museum’s in-house team sent us a fabulously designed image for the London-inspired umbrella. Voila! It was a Skyline design that highlighted the Museum’s building and other iconic buildings you can’t help but notice in London. This umbrella is exclusive to the British Museum only; you can’t find it anywhere else!

To produce, we worked the umbrella design onto the outer canopy of the umbrella with extreme precision using the screen printing technique. This ensured its durability and resistance to quick fading.

The umbrella fabric is a deep black shade with a white print of the skyline all around the panels. Another unique quality of the Skyline Colour Change Umbrella is that it performs an almost magical display of a color change when it’s wet.

The color used to print the skyline is made from a unique hydrochromic ink that reacts to water, bringing out a hidden array of colors whenever you use the umbrella in the rain or wetness.

The umbrella is a travel-sized umbrella, compact and lightweight, making it the perfect accessory for a typical London stroll on a rainy day. Everybody knows almost every day is a rainy day in London!

Our manufacturing efforts provided this client with a finished product that wowed them and attracted customers and visitors to buy them off the virtual racks.
We’re proud to say that our efforts paid off, as the Skyline Colour Change Umbrella is constantly being sold out on the website of the British Museum Shop.