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Buying Directly From An Umbrella Manufacturer: money-saving benefits 


Buying Directly From An Umbrella Manufacturer: money-saving benefits 

The principle every successful business follows obediently to make a greater profit is the same: Buy low and sell high. There is not a single doubt that the cheaper you can get your products. The greater will be the potential for profit-making. The buying of umbrellas directly from the umbrella manufacturer eliminates what hinders affordable rates—the middleman.

This article will enlighten you on how buying directly from umbrella manufacturers will save you a chunk of money. But before we dive into this, a brief highlight of what we will be discussing will be categorized into sections. 

  • What are the purchase methods available for your umbrella business (to save money at your convenience)? 
  • What Are the benefits of directly purchasing umbrellas from an umbrella manufacturer? 

         Generally, lower costs

         Direct feedback from your business 

         Better shipping options and quality oversight

          It offers a high convenience factor 

  • Which purchasing method is the best money-saving option for your business? 
  • Reliable umbrella manufacturer to directly purchase premium products at affordable rates 

What Are The Purchase Methods Available For Your Umbrella Business? 

There are primarily two different methods of purchasing umbrellas for your business, and they include direct and supplier purchases. The primary difference between direct and supplier purchases is that there is a go-between or middlemen in the supply chain of the latter. Meanwhile, the development of modernized technologies and specific innovations in recent years have shortened the supply chain by eliminating most of the middlemen. 

The internet is a greater contributor to the shortening of the supply chain of umbrellas. It has helped in the moving of products from one point to another in a fast and efficient manner. These “shortening of the supply chain” advancements have become the main source of some vital business questions: What is the best method of purchasing umbrellas for my business, direct or from a supplier? Is the “added value” features promised by umbrella suppliers really worth the cost? 

These purchase methods differ from each other in the benefits one may offer your umbrella business over the other. For instance, small-scale businesses prefer a distributor or supplier purchase type because it allows them to purchase in small quantities. Furthermore, let’s take a look at these purchase methods by analyzing their distinctive advantages and differences, so you will be able to know the best money-saving purchase method for your business. 

What Are The Benefits Of Directly Purchasing From An Umbrella Manufacturer (to save money at your convenience)? 

Purchasing directly from an umbrella manufacturer means you are eliminating the middlemen—retailers, wholesalers, and other supplier purchase channels—from the supply chain. Hence, the supplier purchase method is a subset of the direct purchase method. These middlemen often purchase umbrellas from umbrella manufacturers at low prices and resell them after adding an extra margin to attain profits. I am sure you can already see one of the benefits of the direct purchase method.

In general, the advantages of directly purchasing umbrellas from an umbrella manufacturer, such as HFUmbrella, includes the following:

  • Generally, lower costs
  • Direct feedback from your business 
  • Better shipping options and quality oversight
  • It offers a high convenience factor 

Generally Lower Costs

The cost of products is the most significant factor that determines the type of purchase method you choose. An umbrella manufacturer, as the name implies, is a firm or factory that produces umbrellas from scratch. They are known as the producer of umbrellas because they make use of raw materials, such as frames, poles, fiberglass, and fabrics to achieve their primary purpose. 

Umbrella manufacturers, such as HFUmbrella, sell their products at the cheapest rate compared to other supply chains. They, however, sell these products in large batches to umbrella businesses, which are primarily suppliers. Generally, umbrella suppliers often buy directly from the manufacturers in bulk at an affordable price and increase the price before reselling for maximum profit. Why not purchase directly from the source rather than middlemen?

The primary goal of an umbrella business is to maximize the profits they make. They can achieve this goal, that is, maximum profits only by directly purchasing umbrellas from umbrella manufacturers rather than go-betweens. In a nutshell, your business can make more by spending less by using a direct purchase method. 

Direct Feedback From Your Business 

This is another factor that makes the direct purchase of products from the manufacturer worth the money. Directly purchasing umbrellas from an umbrella manufacturer comes with feedback that’s directed towards your business. 

Manufacturers usually issue some sort of literature on their products, imploring their clients to contact the manufacturer should there be any problems with their products. This literature never tells you to contact a third party, that is, a distributor or supplier that does not have the authorization or the capacity to deal with the issue themselves. 

The direct dealings between the umbrella manufacturer and your business are essential to prevent communication confusion. It also ensures that your business receives the feedback directly. Meanwhile, if you use the other purchase option—distributor or supplier purchase type—you will not get a solution to any problem with the products you purchased. This is primarily because of a “contact us for any problem” literature on the products specifically referred to the umbrella manufacturer, but you bought them from a third party. Hence, you will lose a chunk of money rather than saving them because these suppliers will be incapable of fixing any problem that comes with the purchased products. 

Better Shipping Options And Quality Oversight

This is the last step or process of product distribution or movement. The significance of eliminating the middlemen from the supply chain is displayed in this process. It will provide you with the exact happenings in the transit and check the quality of the product and shipping address errors for correction.

Since your business is directly dealing with the umbrella manufacturer without a third party, you will have to report any product with defects and damages before being shipped. Hence, the direct purchase method gives your business total oversight over the packaging and shipping of your products, saving you money and time. 

It Offers A High Convenience Factor

In recent years, most umbrella businesses often purchased their products from middlemen—umbrellas suppliers—because of the cost and stress of traveling overseas to source a reliable umbrella manufacturer. But those days are gone because of the invention of the internet. You can now purchase various products directly from an umbrella manufacturer like HFUmbrella through their website at your convenience. All you need is just a few mouse clicks or taps on your screen. 

The websites of umbrella manufacturers like HFUmbrella have a “product icon” to show you the type of umbrellas they offer (they offer all types of umbrellas). If you find the umbrella type, you can contact them by clicking the “contact” or “I need a quotation now” icon to clearly understand the order production process, cost, and delivery time for your purchases. 

Furthermore, using the umbrella manufacturer’s website is becoming the most popular way to deal with manufacturers directly. This is primarily because it saves you the cost of traveling overseas and also reduces the stress of visiting or sourcing a manufacturer at intervals. 

Which Purchasing Method Is The Best Money-Saving Option For Your Business? 

There was a time when using the distributor purchase process was the only way to save money from your purchases, especially when you plan on buying the product in small quantities. Meanwhile, this was because of the additional cost and stress of going on a business trip to source or visit the umbrella factory overseas. Gladly, these excuses and limitations have been eliminated by the internet. 

The internet has made it easy to visit an umbrella manufacturer via their website to get the best quality of products. You will, however, get these products at an umbrella supplier or distributor’s rate by just clicking your mouse or tapping your screen at your convenience. 

Therefore, purchasing umbrellas for your business directly from the manufacturer—through their website—is the best money-saving purchase option for your business, irrespective of the quantities you seek. 

Reliable Umbrella Manufacturer To Directly Purchase Premium Products At Affordable Rates 

As said earlier, the goal of every business is to maximize its profit margins by buying low and selling high. But this goal will not be achieved if the products are low in quality irrespective of the rate they were bought. Hence, it is important to deal with a reliable umbrella manufacturer like Huifeng Umbrella Co., Ltd because the quality of the umbrellas your business gets depends on the manufacturer. 

Although there are various umbrella manufacturers in the market to directly work with, HFUmbrella is arguably the best in the market. They offer customization options absent in many of their umbrella manufacturing peers. Many manufacturers don’t build their umbrellas from scratch, and they are suppliers in the guise of manufacturers. Meanwhile, Huifeng umbrellas are popular for building personalized umbrellas from scratch to embody and depict your brand identities from the tip of the umbrella to the handle.

In addition to this, you can also increase your business’s profit margin by working with HFUmbrella. Our products are sold at the lowest price you will ever get for premium qualities in the market. Hence, you will not only get premium quality products but also save a chunk of money by working with us.