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Industries That Use Umbrellas As Effective & Practical Branding Tool

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Generally, promotional umbrellas, as the term implies, are arguably the best and effective branding tool used by most industries and companies. Although promotional umbrellas help these companies in achieving the branding awareness they seek, it is more effective in some than others. We have researched and studied the impacts of promotional umbrellas on various companies and discovered how they effectively function in creating branding awareness when used as a giveaway item. The companies and industries that benefit the most from using giveaway umbrellas as a branding tool include the following:

  • Transport Industry
  • Computer Industry
  • Real estate And Property Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Health Care Industry
  • Finance and Insurance Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Sporting events

Transport Industry

The transport industry contributes significantly to the GDP (17%) of the United States of America. It is one of the largest types of business industries globally. The transportation industry, as the name implies, deals with the movement of humans, goods, and animals via various modes of transportation.

The various modes of transportation are air, land, and water. Businesses under this category, that is, the transportation industry, make use of various branding tools as a marketing strategy. Still, umbrellas turn out to be the most effective of these tools. These promotional umbrellas are mostly customized with a design that depicts the services they offer attractively.

Furthermore, these custom-printed umbrellas are printed with maps, roads, cars on the road, airplane, and subway printings depending on the mode of transportation the business controls. Since they are exposed to a variety of passengers who need conveyance to various locations, giveaway umbrellas will effectively help their business with branding.

Computer Industry

The computer industry has contributed significantly to the technological advancement of the present age, and they have almost taken over most of the industry. They are also known as the Information Technology (IT) Industry, which includes computer networking, computer hardware, and the development and maintenance of computer software.

The Computer Industry is believed to be a home of nerds without fashion. Many computer industries use umbrellas and apparel as branding tools, but most of these tools are less attractive. But you make an exception by incorporating trading fashions into your promotional umbrellas to give your brand the exposure it needs for profitability.

Real Estate

Promotional umbrellas are effective branding tools used by the real estate and property industries. They make use of promotional umbrellas to promote the services their brand offers by using them as giveaway items to clients. As a branding tool, it provides their real estate business the visual attention it needs and makes them a step ahead in a competitive market.

The best quality of a good branding tool is longevity and frequent usage. Therefore, promotional umbrellas are desirable and effective giveaways because they are frequently used and retained for an extended period. Yes! Every individual needs an umbrella for sunny and rainy days, and an average family will need at least four to five umbrellas for their home, car, office etc. So, it is evident that umbrellas will continue to be an effective branding tool for as long as they exist.


The hospitality industry is a wide category of fields you will find within the service industry that includes the following:

  • Lodging
  • Food and drink service
  • Theme parks
  • Planning
  • Travel and tourism

From these services, one can tell that hotels, tourism agencies, bars and restaurants make up the hospitality industry.

There is, however, not a single doubt that the hospitality industry is a very competitive field, and most businesses attempt various marketing strategies to maintain their spot without being left behind. Among the various marketing strategies, giveaway umbrellas turn out to be the most effective branding tool.

Meanwhile, giveaway umbrellas as a branding tool do not include the regular promotional umbrellas with only logo, branding message and attractive colors. Instead, these promotional umbrellas have some creative ideas that contribute significantly to the extent of branding awareness they create. These innovative features include printing internal maps that highlight your company’s location, plastering a full-sized image of your business, and many more.

There are various creative features, and if done properly, the customized umbrella will be the most effective branding tool and marketing strategy to place your business ahead, irrespective of how competitive the market may be.

Pharmaceutical Industry

When you hear the term “pharmaceutical industry,” the first word that comes to mind is drug or medication. Yes, pharmaceutical companies are licensed firms responsible for researching, discovering, developing, marketing and selling drugs. Health is wealth; hence they are a crucial industry worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Industry is a highly competitive field, and you will need to do more than just equip or stock your firm with a bunch of medications absent elsewhere. You also need to give your business the exposure to convert visitors to devoted customers and clients. You can achieve this by using the right branding tool, such as custom-printed umbrellas.

These promotional umbrellas should also be designed with features that will depict your business to anyone that sees them. You can attach meaning to your design by attaching pharmaceutical-related printings like the image of medication. Lastly, applying the right branding message goes a long way.

Health care Industry

The healthcare industry is famous for providing remedial, curative, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services to people with health problems. It is one of the fastest-growing industries whose main objective is to revive and maintain health. The healthcare industry is also a competitive field because everyone can decide which hospital to visit to revive and maintain their health.

Although providing the proper treatment and healing various illnesses are essential, without brand exposure, you will not have anyone to treat. Many people visit only the popular health care providers and centers, and they get to the top by branding. You should also consider using custom-printed umbrellas as giveaway items because they are practical and effective when it comes to branding.

Finance and insurance

The finance and insurance industry consists of companies that engage in financial transactions and create, liquidate, purchase and sell financial assets like bonds, insurance and securities. These finance and insurance companies include Bank of America, Fidelity, AIG, Goldman Sachs etc.

The finance and insurance industry is more of a dry industry with all focus on work and no fun. You can, however, make a difference by brightening up your company with a promotional umbrella. You will also need to be creative with the features of the promotional umbrellas you intend to use as giveaways. Attaching a metaphoric design that visually depicts clients’ protection will make your business stand out in the midst of competition.


When you hear the term education, the first thing that comes to mind is school because that is actually what it means. Customized umbrellas can be an excellent branding tool for schools, colleges and universities if properly implemented. This is primarily because school-branded umbrellas will be appreciated and utilized by a number of students walking across campus to outdoor school events like cricket matches and lawn tennis.

As said earlier, if these school-branded umbrellas are effectively implemented, they will be the most effective giveaway items for creating branding awareness. There are various creative ideas for promotional school umbrellas, but only a few turn out to be more effective for branding if you use them as:

  • Teacher or parent volunteer gifts
  • New student enrollment gifts
  • Souvenir for graduating class

It will also be an effective branding tool if you use them in a few school events, such as alumni events and fundraising events for booster clubs or sports teams.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to stock up your college store or warehouse with items like umbrellas. Universities provide you with numerous customers you may not discover until the first day of rain because you would sell out fast on such a day. Hence, giveaway school-branded umbrellas will provide your business with the exposure it needs in such an environment overpopulated with students.

Sporting Events

If you can recall the last time you went to a sporting event, such as community sports events, you will remember that advertisements of various brands were all over the place. In such an event, the team kits are always sponsored by various companies for branding purposes. You will also find out that there were multiple advertisements of brands in flyers and posters during the sporting event. But unlike promotional umbrellas, these flyers and posters are not practical branding tools.

Customized umbrellas as giveaway items are of great value in sporting events, and you will find out about this when it starts raining. People will appreciate your umbrella when the sun becomes scorching because these umbrellas will provide them with the shade they need. Do you see how effective a custom printed umbrella is as a branding tool when used as giveaway items in sporting events?

Furthermore, promotional umbrellas can also be an excellent giveaway item for sporting events as corporate as golf tournaments. These custom-printed umbrellas in sporting events not only impress the event attendees for being attractive but also make them happy by providing them with the shade they need on rainy and sunny outdoor events. It also makes the tournament players happy knowing that they will be able to take the umbrellas home and use them for any forthcoming sporting events.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is arguably among the highest technology industries. It is an aviation industry responsible for manufacturing aircraft via a process that involves several steps, such as designing, building, testing, selling, and maintaining. They also manufacture aircraft parts to maintain existing aircraft.

An aerospace industry can make use of promotional umbrellas as practical branding tools. Imagine the population of people in the airport and think about how exposed your brands will be in such an environment, incredible, right? Yes, it is. Aerospace industries make use of custom-printed umbrellas as giveaway items for branding purposes.

Agriculture industry

The agriculture industry is one of the earliest types of business that focuses on cultivating land, plants, and breeding animals for the production of foods and other things. Although the agricultural industry is old, they have been growing exponentially competitively. You will, however, need to promote your business to maintain a solid position in the competitive market.

Many businesses under the agriculture industry category make use of umbrellas as their branding tools. These promotional umbrellas contain more than just logo and branding messages. They are designed to depict their agricultural business, like printing green grass or attaching a photo of rich fruits to the inner and outer canopy. These custom-printed umbrellas effectively put their businesses out to their target audience.

In conclusion

The list of industries shows an explanatory illustration of how effective custom printed umbrellas are in the branding of your business. Hence, irrespective of your industry, custom printed umbrellas will provide you with the branding awareness you seek. Meanwhile, to benefit more from the branding benefits of using promotional umbrellas as giveaway items, you will need to consider a few factors.

These factors include your target audiences, industry, and brand. It may, however, be challenging to choose the best promotional umbrellas suitable for branding by merely considering these factors. You will, however, be free of such challenging tasks that may turn out bad if you work with the Huifeng umbrella manufacturer. We will work you through these factors and help you choose the perfect style and customization to achieve branding purposes.


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