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How can I buy umbrellas from the China umbrella factory?

How can I buy umbrellas from the China umbrella factory

When it comes to the buying of a particular product in bulk, buying from the main source, that is, the manufacturer is requisite. Although it is requisite, many businesses underestimate the positive impact it has on the profitability of a business. The primary benefit of ordering products directly from China is the factory price of the product you purchase.

Factory cost, which is the most significant benefit of ordering for a particular product, such as an umbrella, is substantially lower in rate. The cost of getting umbrellas from a China umbrella factory is lower than when you choose to purchase them from a firm whose products are gotten from China. Doing this will not only have a positive impact on your overall profits but also increase the competitiveness of your business. Therefore, if you have any business that involves the selling of products online, you will have the upper hand over others if you purchase your products directly from China at a factory price.

There, however, used to be a time when the purchasing of goods directly from a China manufacturing company was expensive. Then, the processes involved in the importation and sourcing of the product were very close to the cost of the products you are ordering. Hence, it was generally expensive for small businesses, and only big companies found it affordable. The big companies also found it affordable to organize expensive trips for the visitation of the Chinese manufacturing company; hence, they enjoyed the benefit of ordering products directly from China.

The development of technology has, however, eliminated such a situation where only big companies can benefit from the ordering of products directly from China. Nowadays, even smaller umbrella businesses or enterprises can get whatever products they want directly from a Chinese factory without going to China. How is this possible? These days, you can reach any Chinese umbrella factory or manufacturer online. Thanks to technological advancement.

Although ordering umbrellas directly from a Chinese factory is now affordable, fast and easy, you may be a victim of surprises that might cost you your money. This article will, however, provide you with a significant guide on how to buy umbrellas directly from China without nasty surprises.

The Primary Challenge Buyers Face When Buying From China

Buyers face several challenges when buying China-made products, but the rumor of made-in-China products is the primary challenge. Although the language barrier may be a challenge when working with a Chinese supplier, there is now a translator app that will help you in communicating perfectly with them. Meanwhile, the rumor about the low quality of China-made products is the main challenge businesses face today. It has discouraged many businesses from buying various products, such as umbrellas from China.

The label “made-in-China ” etched on various products has been a definition for low-quality products for a long time. In most cases, people relate the affordability of their products to the reason for their low-quality products. Meanwhile, it is far from the truth because they are the leaders of the manufacturing industry in the world. They do not only manufacture high-quality products but also make them affordable to even the smallest of businesses. Why else do you think most big companies still patronize Chinese factories irrespective of the rumors around? The answer is simple and straightforward—It is primarily because they will get high-quality products way cheaper than the price elsewhere.

What does this mean? It means it is safe to order umbrellas from Chinese factories. Although it is safe, you will have to be aware of some steps to avoid making huge losses. You will find out about these steps as you continue to read this article.

Essential Tips To Know About Purchasing Umbrellas From China

Once you have decided to order umbrellas from an umbrella manufacturing company in China, the first thing you need to consider is the quantity of products. The quantity of umbrellas you need plays a significant role in the price and mode of shipping to your country. There is a variation in the umbrella supplier’s quote depending on the quantity you need; that is, the cost you will get for fifty pieces, hundred or a thousand pieces will vary. The quantity of umbrellas your business needs also determines the mode of shipment. If the quality of umbrellas is small, they can be shipped via the use of planes. On the other hand, larger quantities of umbrellas will need a better mode of shipment that will accommodate every piece, and the use of planes is not an option.

Generally, it is advisable to purchase large quantities of umbrellas because of the benefit it offers—it saves money. There is a particular system in which any Chinese umbrella factory must follow before you can get what you ordered: The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the production of umbrellas. The umbrella manufacturing company in China will not accept your orders if you do not respect or follow the MOQ system.

If your business, however, decides to import umbrellas from an umbrella manufacturing company in China, you must be aware of the MOQ (minimum order quantity). The minimum order quantity is a limit that must not be exceeded. Your orders will not be accepted if this limit is exceeded.

How To Purchase Umbrella Safely From China

  • Working with a reliable umbrella supplier
  • Purchasing umbrellas from reliable online websites
  • Visit the umbrella manufacturing factory you have chosen to patronize
  • Use of a third party supplier audit
  • You should have the right documents for custom clearance
  • Finding the most reliable freight forwarder

Working With A Reliable Umbrella Supplier

This is the most significant factor that determines the outcome of your ordered umbrellas. The quality of the umbrellas you get depends solely on the umbrella manufacturing company you decide to work with in supplying you with umbrellas. Since the entire nature and quality of your order depends mainly on the umbrella manufacturer, sourcing for the most reliable and trustworthy supplier is requisite for your business.

It is always advisable to source various umbrella suppliers in China and directly communicate with them. To be on the safer side, you will have to do extensive research and ask around about the supplier before patronizing their services. The reviews you get concerning a particular umbrella supplier will tell you eighty percent of what you need to know about the supplier; hence, you must do your research.

How do you find a reliable umbrella supplier in the midst of numerous umbrella suppliers in China? It is actually challenging to find a reliable umbrella supplier; meanwhile, you can find one by considering a few factors. These factors will protect you from making costly mistakes, and these factors include the following:

  • Credentials
  • The company’s business history
  • Years of experience
  • Customer reviews

Once you find a reliable umbrella supplier after considering these factors, stick with the supplier without changing them frequently. The frequent changing of suppliers is bad for business, and you may end up wasting your time and money on low-quality products.

Although these factors are enough to source the most reliable umbrella supplier, there is another important way of finding a reliable supplier from various suppliers. How do you do this? Once you have found at least five different umbrella suppliers, you should request a sample of their products. You can then choose the best umbrella manufacturer after checking the quality of their products.

Purchasing Umbrellas From Reliable Online Websites

There are various e-commerce websites today with several products for sale, but only a few are reliable and free from scams. Many of these websites advertise products that appear to be good in quality but are an eyesore in reality. Hence, ordering from a reliable website is one of the ways you can purchase the best of umbrellas without losing your money to scam. One of the reliable e-commerce sites for ordering products from China is Alibaba. Meanwhile, it is very advisable to order from the umbrella manufacturer company’s website.

Visit The Umbrella Manufacturing Factory You Have Chosen To Patronize

The quality of the umbrella you are going to get from the umbrella manufacturer you are working with originates from the manufacturing process. It is, however, important to visit the umbrella factory during this process to ensure that the umbrellas are exactly how you want them to be. Meanwhile, to get the best quality, you will have to consider a few factor.

This is the first factor that comes to play in the specification of the umbrellas you need. You will have to do this in the simplest of ways rather than in complex form that tends to confuse the manufacturer. The product specifications include the features that determine the quality of the umbrella, such as the materials, parts, designs, type of handles, etc. These features play important roles in the quality of the umbrellas you will get; hence, it is advisable to communicate these specifications with the manufacturer in the simplest ways.

Visiting the actor during the manufacturing of the umbrellas you ordered will give you access to all the materials being used. There are some umbrella factories that do compromise on the materials they use; hence, producing low-quality products. Meanwhile, when you visit the umbrella factory during the manufacturing process, no compromise will be made, and you will get the exact quality of products you need.

Use Of A Third-Party Supplier Audit

Once you have shortlisted the most reliable umbrella manufacturers, you will need to do extra research to arrive at the most reliable of them. At the same time, you will be busy at work; hence, hiring a third-party supplier to inspect and audit your shortlisted umbrella suppliers.

A third-party audit usually makes things easy for you in monitoring the suppliers to make sure that you get the best quality of products. How do they do this? They pay attention to the most obscure details you are prone to miss and ensure that all the tests, quantity controls and standards of products are completely met. They will then provide you with the details and reviews of audits they made on the supplier for you to decide if you are satisfied with the supplier’s job.

If the umbrella supplier meets your expectations, you can continue working with them. On the contrary, you should work with another umbrella supplier if they do not meet your expectation. It is, however, clear that investing in a third-party audit company is essential in determining the most reliable umbrella supplier.

You should have the right documents for custom clearance

This is one of the most significant factors that determine if the importation of your umbrellas will be allowed. The importation of the umbrellas you purchased from China will not be possible if you lack any important documents for customs clearance. The documents you will be required to provide include a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading (BOL) and arrival notice.

The process of customs clearance is usually stressful, and many companies usually hire custom brokers to carry on with the processes. Furthermore, you will need to research before choosing a suitable custom broker to help in meeting the laws, rules and legalities of the customs department.

Finding the most reliable freight forwarder

If there is one thing most people fear the most during the importation of their products from China, it will be having their goods damaged. Hence, you will need to hire an expert freight forwarder if you want to have your umbrellas delivered to you in a state free from any form of damages. How do you find a reliable freight forwarder? You will have to do research, check their reviews, credentials and experience.

Watch out for companies with cheaper offers for their services. Many of them promise to deliver your products in a very short time at a low price but they are scammers. You will have to do your research about the company’s credentials, experience, work history and reviews for the safe and efficient delivery of your umbrellas.


Buying umbrellas from China comes with many challenges, especially when it comes to decision-making. You will have to do extensive research to avoid falling for scammers’ gimmicks and losing your money. Hence, you will only get your umbrellas delivered to you safely if you do the necessary research or hire a third party to help you with the processes.

There are, however, numerous umbrella manufacturing companies in China, but they differ in the quality of their products. It will obviously be challenging to find a reliable manufacturer from the numerous manufacturers. Meanwhile, there are some umbrella suppliers popular for the quality of their products, such as HFUmbrella. If you want the best quality and your umbrellas delivered to you safely, working with HFUmbrella will make your dreams a reality.