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Pepsi Brand Blue Promotional Umbrella With Unique Logo

Client: Pepsi
Product: Pepsi Blue 7ft Wooden Patio Umbrella
Location: USA

Ever felt so thirsty on a hot, HOT afternoon and had a cool can of Pepsi quench your thirst? We too!

The bubbly, fresh, and cooling sensation the drink brings to the lips is not one we forget easily.

Pepsi is a household name in the food and beverages industry. It’s been around for so long (over a century) and has evolved so much that we can’t but admire how far the company has come.

Evolving from the brand name Brad’s Drink to Pep Kola and finally Pepsi Cola, there’s so much history Pepsi has to share. The result of this evolution is the unique-tasting drink everyone enjoys today.

To further spread the love and awesomeness, Pepsi has expanded its product line to many other drinks and colas. Pepsi Cola serves as the base for all their new and unique formulas, but many come with a fruity twist. Now, we have the perfect summertime drink for all our parties and hangouts.

Not only that, Pepsi is so popular all around the world and has production factories and warehouses in almost every continent of the world. This has brought the company to a place of serving millions of customers and dealing with more clients than they can count.

We were delighted when Pepsi contacted us to make a promotional umbrella for their customers and also use it as a branding item.

Were we up to the task? Of course!

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Thankfully, Pepsi had a pretty good idea about what they wanted this unique umbrella to look like. Although, we can still work seamlessly with clients that do not know how they want their umbrella to be.

We can work with past samples of our work or even help you build your umbrella design from scratch.
To begin, the Pepsi advert and promotions team chose a distinctive canopy design for the patio umbrella. Patio umbrellas can come in varying shapes and sizes, but for this one, they requested a Hexagon-shaped straight-edged design with pointy tips at the edge of each panel.

There were six triangular panels in all, joined together neatly to form the canopy cover. We also included a small second canopy on the ferrule of the umbrella above the wider panels for a unique touch.

The Pepsi brand has a unique logo that is identifiable anywhere. Since we were producing a promotional object, we had to make sure the logo colors stood out uniquely against an equally catchy background.

We chose the exquisite shade of blue called “New Blue” for the overall canopy of the umbrella, signifying Pepsi’s most prominent brand color. Next, we printed the Pepsi logo with the digital printing technique for clear and bright colors that you can see from afar.

This way, the brand stands out clearly on the umbrella in front of a client’s store or stall to draw in thirsty customers from far and wide. To further boost the distinctiveness of this patio umbrella, we chose a sturdy 7ft wooden shaft to support the width of the canopy and stand tall in the crowd.

We also made a metal stand option available for clients that preferred a unique stand to match the umbrella decor. We found it exciting to make the Pepsi patio umbrella because of all the strategic planning and choices we had to make to produce the durable, eye-catching promotional product.