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Umbrella Measurement(with a umbrella size list)


How to measure an umbrella size?

Whether you are buying an umbrella in a department store or ordering a customized umbrella from a manufacturer, you should know how to determine the umbrella measurement. Here are the two important factors in determining the umbrella measurement:

umbrella Size


Folding Umbrella SizeUmbrella Canopy Size  (A)The size of the canopy determines the area that an umbrella can cover. It can be measured by referring to the arc width or diameter. To get the arc size, open the umbrella then measure from one tip of one side and then over the top to the tip of the other side.  

(B)On the other hand, to get the diameter, open the umbrella then measure from one tip then move to the tip on the other side under the umbrella. Before buying or ordering umbrellas, research whether the brand that you will buy uses arc or diameter for umbrella measurement.

Umbrella Frame Size – The frame is composed of the shaft and the handle. To get the frame size, close the umbrella then measure from the top until the handle. The frame size determines the length of the overall umbrella measurement. 

If you have a foldable umbrella, you will have two sizes: first when it is folded(D) and second when it is stretched out(C).


If you are buying customized umbrellas, you have the prerogative to determine the umbrella measurement. The measurement would most likely be determined by the type of umbrella. Here is the common umbrella measurement for each type:

Patio Umbrella measurement

What is the average size of a patio umbrella?

Patio Umbrellas Size – The right size for patio umbrellas is determined by the size of your table. Generally, there should be at least two feet of extra shade on each side of your table. Usually, a patio umbrella can have a diameter of 36Inch and above.



What is the best size for a golf umbrella?

Golf umbrella measurement(1)

Golf Umbrellas size – The diameter of golf umbrellas usually range from 25 to 34 inches. These umbrellas are big because they need to cover big areas for gold players. They can also be used for picnics, theme parks, and other sporting activities.




stick umbrella measurement


Fashion Umbrellas size– Colorful and chic fashion umbrellas usually 21 to 23 inches. Women are often using it. So they should be small enough to be placed inside a handbag for foldable ones. In the case of stick fashion umbrellas, they should be light enough to be carried around as part of a fashion statement.                                                                                                                             


kids Umbrella measurement(1)

Kids Umbrellas size– Umbrellas for kids usually have around 11 to 19 inches. These umbrellas are specially made small so kids can easily carry them at school. Big umbrellas might be too heavy for kids to carry.




Rain umbrella measurement(1)


Rain Umbrellas size– This is the most common type and the one that we carry every day. Rain umbrellas can have a diameter ranging from 21 to 25 inches depending on the umbrella type. Common ones are usually below 30 inches.




Knowing the umbrella measurement helps you know if the umbrella will fit your bag or if it will be easy for you to bring it. You will also know based on the measurement if an umbrella would fit your needs and style.

 Umbrella Sizes Detail/ Umbrella Dimensions

What is the average size of an umbrella?

umbrella sizes

PS: Due to the different workmanship of each umbrella manufacturer, the diameter of the umbrella is slightly different.

How do I know what size umbrella I need?

What’s the difference between a child-size umbrella and a golf umbrella? How big should my beach umbrella be? These are common questions we get asked here at Hfumbrella, and for good reason—nobody wants to be caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella that’s up for the task! Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the right size umbrella:

Child-size umbrellas are meant for, well, children! These umbrellas typically have a canopy that’s around 22 inches in diameter and can open to a 38-inch span. The handles on child-size umbrellas tend to be shorter as well, so they’re easy for small hands to grip. If you’re looking for an umbrella for your little one, this is the size you need.

Standard umbrellas are what most people think of when they picture an “umbrella.” They have a 33-inch canopy and can open up to about 40 inches wide. The handles on standard umbrellas are long enough for most adults to grip comfortably in one hand. If you’re looking for an everyday umbrella to keep in your car or backpack, this is the size for you.

Golf umbrellas are larger than standard umbrellas, with canopies that range from 42 to 62 inches in diameter. Golf umbrellas can open up to about 60 inches wide, making them ideal for two people to share. And because they’re so big, they can provide significant wind resistance—perfect for those days when it’s not just raining, it’s pouring! If you live in an area with particularly inclement weather, or if you frequently find yourself sharing an umbrella with someone else, a golf umbrella is a way to go.

Beach umbrellas are even bigger than golf umbrellas—they typically have canopies that are at least 50 inches in diameter (though they can be as large as 84 inches!). Beach umbrellas need to be big enough to provide shade for multiple people at once, as well as all of their beach gear. And because they spend all day out in the sun and sand (not to mention salt water!), beach umbrellas need to be made of durable materials that won’t fade or tear easily. If you’re headed to the shore this summer, make sure you pack a beach umbrella!

Now that you know how to determine the correct size umbrella for your needs, head on over to Hfumbrella and shop our great selection of high-quality umbrellas! From child-size models perfect for your little ones to heavy-duty beach umbrellas built to withstand sun, sand, and salt water, we have everything you need to stay dry all summer.

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