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ABS umbrella handle VS plastic umbrella handle – which is better?

ABS umbrella handle

The common materials for umbrella handles are ABS plastic and PP plastic. So, which is better, ABS plastic or PP plastic? What is the difference between them? Let’s find out.

plastic umbrella handle

1. Density

PP is the smallest density of all synthetic resins, only 0.90 ~ 0.91g/cm3, is about 60% of the density of PVC. This means that with the same weight of raw materials can produce a greater number of the same volume of products.

umbrella handle

2. Mechanical Properties

PP’s tensile strength and stiffness are better, but the impact strength is poor, especially at low temperatures with poor impact resistance. In addition, if the product is molded with orientation or stress, the impact strength will be significantly reduced. Despite the poor impact strength, by filling or reinforcing and other modifications, its mechanical properties in many areas can compete with higher-cost engineering plastics.

3. Surface Hardness

The surface hardness of PP belongs to the lower grade in general-purpose plastics, only slightly better than PE. when the crystallinity is higher, the hardness will increase accordingly, but still not as good as PVC, PS, ABS and so on.

4. Thermal Properties

Compared with ABS, PP has better heat resistance.

PP plastic handle

ABS plastic and PP plastic umbrella handle, which is better?

1. ABS plastic and PP plastic are olefin products. ABS plastic’s comprehensive performance is better than PP plastic’s, which can be seen from its price: the price of ABS plastic per tonne is several thousand dollars higher than PP plastic’s.

2. ABS plastic is acrylic styrene butadiene alloy products, and PP plastic is polystyrene; that is to say, ABS plastic itself has some of the characteristics of PP plastic but also has other characteristics. In terms of toughness, temperature resistance, the appearance of gloss, and so on, ABS plastic is better than PP plastic. In general, the performance of ABS plastic is better than PP plastic; PP plastic can do the product. Generally, ABS plastic can also be made, but the product can be made with ABS plastic. However, PP plastic may not be able to achieve the same effect.

To sum up, ABS plastic and PP plastic differ in density, mechanical properties, surface hardness, and thermal properties, so ABS plastic is better than PP plastic.

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