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Buying Guide: Umbrellas Australia

Rose Beach Umbrella with Tassels

We all need an umbrella which may be of different types because they serve various purposes. Umbrellas have been in existence before civilization; although they may be in different forms, they serve their primary purpose. Generally, the primary purpose of an umbrella is to protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays that originate from the blazing spherical body in the sky—the sun.

The ultraviolet rays that originate from the sun are one of the causes of cancerous cells in the skin. This was, however, not as a result of speculations but from various research and studies. Aside from the effect of sun rays on human health, they also cause exhausting and frustrating discomforts, especially when you choose to relax outside (mostly at the beach). Staying outdoors for any reason also exposes you to another discomforting factor that could ruin your stay outside—the rain.

These factors, that is, rain and sun during the summer and rainy season, could be a source of concern in Australia, especially to foreigners. Summer in Australia is known for its scorching effects on the skin, which is a source of discomfort. Generally, the average temperature in summer usually exceeds thirty-five degrees Celsius, which is too hot for unshaded skin.

beach umbrellas

Although the rainfall in Australia is not as recurring or serious as the hot weather during summer, you still need an umbrella because no one can predict the unknown. The primary purpose of an umbrella has, however, been modified to serve a variety of purposes which also include fashion. Hence, instead of the traditional umbrella designs for only sunny and rainy days, your company can now design their brand of umbrellas. These types of umbrellas are commonly called promotional umbrellas with your company’s quotes or theme inscriptions on the canopy area.

The traditional umbrella requires that you hold on to a handle to receive the protection you need from sun and rain. Hence, it is impossible to utilize at the beach during picnics or excursions. Traditional umbrella designs have also been modified into beach umbrellas. Beach umbrellas are constructed with features that keep them in the ground even if the day is extremely windy. Hence, they offer protection from not only rain and sun rays but also gusty winds.

There are various beach umbrellas and promotional umbrellas in Australia. They are all constructed by various umbrella suppliers to be of high quality in all features rather than focusing on only short-lasting designs or styles. This article will not only show you the best types of these umbrellas but also enlighten you on the tips for purchasing high-quality umbrellas amidst many poorly constructed umbrellas in Australia.

Top 10 best beach umbrellas in Australia

Companion Beach Umbrella

If you are a fan of multicolored design or fashion, a companion beach umbrella is an excellent option. Most under-par beach umbrellas are attractive but never durable due to their poor construction. Meanwhile, with a companion beach umbrella, you do not have to bother about durability because this product is designed with durable features. They are resistant to water, fade, and rust; hence, you can use them for a long. In addition to this, they also come with a carry-on case for easy transportation.

Beachkit – 7 Foot Daytripper Beach Umbrella

This beach umbrella is popular for the high-quality features they offer at an affordable price. The canopy is large enough to protect you from the harmful sun rays while relaxing. It is made from polyester material, and it is further coated with silver to offer 50+ UPF sun protection in summers. A tilting mechanism feature is attached to this umbrella to provide you with maximum protection from the sun at any angle.

OZtrail Cabana-Brella

Going for a beach excursion with your family or friends would be fun with the right and accommodating type of beach umbrella. OZtrail Cabana-Brella is an accommodative type of beach umbrella on sunny days. It can protect about five people from the ultraviolet rays from the sun without leaving anyone out.

It is highly durable and comes with a carry-on bag to make it easy to transport irrespective of its size.

OZtrail Sunshine Beach Umbrella

This is a mid-range beach umbrella option for at least two people and not more. It also offers features to make its users comfortable in summer at the beach. One of these features is the 50+ UPF sun protection it provides due to the polyester with a silver coating of its canopy material. The plastic tilt feature on its steel pole makes the canopy shade you from the sun at any angle. Furthermore, the canopy is vented to improve the stability of this beach umbrella on windy days.

Shelta Avoca Vintage Beach Umbrella

Vintage designs are becoming or maintaining a stable position in the world of fashion. Hence, many people purchase them to be up to date with fashion and pop culture. This type of beach umbrella is designed with styles that match the carry-on bag it comes with to enhance its attractive appearance.

It also features high-quality materials, such as fiberglass ribs, polyester fabric, and an aluminum pole that contributes to its durability. Furthermore, it features a tilting mechanism for maximum sun protection.

Shelta Avalon Vinyl Beach Garden Umbrella

This is a beach umbrella designed to have an octagonal shape large enough to protect you from harmful sun rays. The canopy is made from vinyl material that provides 50+ UPF sun protection in different colors depending on your need. The aluminum pole it is equipped with can be adjusted to any suitable height primarily to provide you comfort while relaxing.

It is light in weight for easy transport. Its matching carry-on bag further enhances the easy transportation of this umbrella.

Beachkit Maxibrella Sunraker Beach Umbrella

It is easier to plan for a beach excursion individually, but if it includes your family or friends, you will need to consider various factors. One of the factors consists of the size of the umbrella suitable to provide shade for all of them. Beachkit Maxibrella Sunraker is a great option large enough to shade a family or friends of four.

The canopy is made from a polyester material that is 50+ UV rating, and it is also vented to support the self-anchoring auger in providing stability on windy days.

Sunnylife Beach Umbrella

Generally, Australia is very hot during summer, and this could hinder many people from visiting the beach. This is primarily because they will have to expose their skin to sunlight, which will be discomforting. However, with Sunnylife, you will be able to enjoy your day at the beach during summer. It features a tilting mechanism to shade you from the sun at any position or angle without moving the umbrella.

Hollie And Harrie Fringe Beach Umbrella

Visiting the beach always includes various items apart from the beach umbrella itself. These items are mostly heavy, and additional weight would cause you more stress. In most cases, important items could be removed to reduce the weight. Hollie And Harrie fringe beach umbrella is, however, light enough to carry to and fro without any stress. Its lightweight, however, does not affect its quality and neither does it reduce its sun, rain & wind protection, and durability features.

Top 10 best promotional umbrellas in Australia

Acropolis Inverted Umbrella

Acropolis Inverted Umbrella is a printed umbrella that opens and closes inside out to keep you dry after use on rainy days. The innovative and fashionable styles and designs of this umbrella make it a great gift to offer at outdoor events. It comes with a few features that make it easy to use for both rain and sun protection.

Berlin Umbrella

This type of promotional umbrella is manufactured with a unichrome steel shaft (three sections) and six unichrome ribs with metal tips. It also features a straight plastic handle together with a wrist strap for easy carrying. Furthermore, it is constructed with a water-repelling canopy material for durability.

Boulevarde Umbrella

Boulevarde umbrella is a stylish umbrella popular for its automatic opening feature. It is highly durable, and this is because of its high-quality materials that include a waterproof PVC canopy, electroplated shaft (the ribs and frame). Furthermore, it comes with a plastic hook handle that does not slip away from the hand.

Swiss Peak Traveler Umbrella

Swiss peak traveler umbrella, as its name implies, is primarily manufactured with features that make it suitable for travelers. The main feature that makes it easy to carry anywhere is its carry pouch. It features eight panels, chromed aluminum shaft, a hand strap and an automatic opening and closing button.

Livingstone Umbrella

Livingstone umbrellas come in a variety of colors, such as purple, jade, black, and red, providing you with several design options. It is constructed with a shaft that includes steel with eight fiberglass ribs and a canopy made from polyester material resistant to water. Hence, Livingstone umbrellas are durable.

Monsoon Umbrella

If you are looking for a full-size golf umbrella that offers adequate weather protection, Monsoon is a great option. It is resistant to water due to its canopy’s 190T nylon fabric; hence, it can be used for outdoor games on rainy days. The canopy is also vented for stability in a windy atmosphere, and it also comes with an automatic opening feature.

Vale Umbrella

Vale umbrella is a stylish folding umbrella manufactured with a repelling water canopy that contributes to its durability. It is constructed with a three-section shaft of unichrome steel and fiberglass with metallic tips. Vale umbrellas come with a hook handle covered in leather material, and it also features an automatic opening and closing feature for immediate usage.

Fairway Umbrella

Fairway umbrellas are one of the most sought-after designs of beach umbrellas you can use in promoting your business or brands. It usually comes in six different colors that blend with nature during outdoor game events. It is highly resistant to water and gusty winds due to its T190 pongee canopy material and vented twin-panel, respectively.

Stirling umbrella

Finding the best golf umbrella with the best features for the promotion of your brand is a challenging task. Although there are many golf umbrellas that are not durable, Stirling umbrellas are different. They are manufactured with wind-resistant frames and fiberglass shafts (full) with a superior wind vent canopy. The canopy is made from a 190T pongee material capable of shading you from the sunlight on sunny days.

The Dunes Windproof Golf Umbrella

The name of this umbrella says it all, and it is a golf umbrella with a high-quality automatic opening mechanism. Its canopy is designed from a 190T pongee fabric and vented panel (twin) responsible for its water-resistant and Windproof properties, respectively.

The Best Umbrella Suppliers In Australia

Australia is a country that houses many umbrella suppliers with similar objectives but different product quality. They also differ in the type of products they supply. Some suppliers specialize in just a type of umbrella while others manufacture various types, including promotional umbrellas. The best and reliable suppliers of a wide range of umbrellas to meet everyone’s needs in Australia include the following:

  • HFUmbrella
  • Clifton umbrellas
  • Shade Australia
  • Street Umbrellas Australia
  • OZtrail
  • Shelta Australia

Buying Tips For Purchasing Umbrellas In Australia

Choosing the best outdoor umbrella for whichever purpose you want it to serve is a challenging task, especially with the many brands of umbrellas we see today. To forestall falling victim to purchasing poorly constructed umbrellas for your business, you must consider a few factors. Although there are many factors to consider, knowing the purpose of the umbrella you need is the most essential.

Deciding on the purpose of the umbrella you need will provide you answers to how it should look like—the features. These features include size & shape, umbrella styles & design, durable materials (canopy, ribs and frame included) and other accessories like LED light.

Once you have decided on the purpose of the type of umbrellas you need, which could be a beach, patio, promotion, golf, or regular umbrellas, then you can source for the most reliable manufacturer. Sourcing for the most reliable umbrella manufacturer is another difficult but factor to consider because it defines the quality of the product you will get.

There are various umbrella suppliers in Australia, such as Clifton umbrellas, Shade Australia, and OZtrail, that offer high quality products. Meanwhile, most of them primarily offer ready-made products without giving you an option of customizing what you desire (promotional umbrellas). Some of them may give you an option to customize your umbrellas, but they are always specific to a type of umbrella.

Meanwhile, HFUmbrella Ltd is different from most umbrella manufacturers you will find in today’s market. We provide a wide range of umbrellas without any limitation to the types or designs ( including promotional umbrellas) of a particular product. If you are still in search of the right kind of suitable umbrella for a purpose you are yet to discover, visiting our website will provide you with solutions.