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Buying Guide of Portable Beach Umbrella

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Generally, the thought of going to the beach with your partner, friends, or family makes an individual restless. Restless Ass is more like an anxious feeling for the experience you are yet or are about to get, which is fun and relaxing. Meanwhile, there are some factors (especially climate change) that can alter your primary purpose of being at the beach.

One of the factors that will cause you discomfort at the beach is the sun's harsh ultraviolet rays. It is always fun, relaxing, and comfortable at a beach with a cool ambiance until the weather becomes hot. The skin is sensitive to a change in temperature, scorching temperatures that tend to be discomforting. As a result, most people usually go to the beach with sunglasses to protect their eyes. This is primarily because of the way they relax at the beach—lying back flat with their eyes facing the sky.

Studies and research have shown that the sun's ultraviolet rays cause a cancerous effect on the skin. What then is the essence of using sunglasses that only shield the eyes and not the body? The only possible way to protect your entire body, including your eyes, from harmful sun rays, is by using a beach umbrella.

Beach umbrellas are constructed to provide shades that will protect you from sunburn due to exposure to sun rays. These umbrellas are designed with features that contribute to the maximum protection they provide. The canopy, the main part of the umbrella that shades you, is made of UV-blocking fabrics. These fabrics serve as a barrier against ultraviolet rays on sunny days.

At the same time, the canopy part of a beach umbrella is resistant to water. As a result, it can be used to protect you from getting drenched on rainy days. A beach umbrella is constructed with durable materials of high quality to serve its primary purpose at the beach.

A beach umbrella must be large enough to provide you with the maximum protection you need. Meanwhile, the large size of a beach umbrella comes with a limitation, especially to people carrying other items to the beach. Most people prefer to carry all the items they would need at the beach in a single bag. How is that possible with a large beach umbrella?

Most items are requisite and can not be left behind, and neither is the beach umbrella of less importance. The carrying of your beach umbrella alongside other beach items does not require multiple bags. This is, however, possible only if you purchase a portable beach umbrella. Portable beach umbrellas are constructed with materials that make them foldable into a smaller size in a carry-on case. As a result, there will be enough space to accommodate them alongside other beach items in a single bag.

Finding suitable portable umbrellas may be challenging, especially when it comes to quality and durability. This challenge stems from the different umbrella manufacturers in today's world of umbrellas. Meanwhile, you can minimize these challenges by working with one of the most reliable manufacturers from China, HFUmbrella.

Best Portable Beach Umbrellas

  • Nautica 7-Foot Beach Umbrella
  • AMMSUN 6.5 ft Twice Foldable Beach Umbrella
  • KITADIN 7.5FT Beach Umbrella
  • SANSUNTEK Beach Umbrella
  • SUNPLAY Beach Umbrella
  • Ogrmar 7 FT Beach Umbrella

Nautica 7-Foot Beach Umbrella

If you are in search of a portable beach umbrella without compromised features, you should consider a Nautica 7-Foot beach umbrella. Although most beach umbrellas act as an overload to other beach items, Nautica does not.

Its lightweight property, however, does not affect its quality and features. It is constructed with a polyester canopy fabric with an ultraviolet coating to shade you on sunny days. It also features a type of anchor or base known as a power twist base to keep it in the ground on windy days firmly. Its ventilated cover also enhances the stability of this beach umbrella.

The base of this beach umbrella supports a tilting mechanism in two angles. What this means is that the base can tilt in two angles to protect you from the moving sun in the sky without changing the position of the whole umbrella. In addition to this, it consists of a steel frame coated with a chemical that makes it resistant to rust. Hence, it can not experience any water causing damage, should it be exposed to rain, which contributes to its durability.

AMMSUN 6.5 ft Twice Foldable Beach Umbrella

Packing for a beach excursion or picnic with your partner or family mostly appears to be excessive in load. It would be a bit easier if you can let go of some beach items. Meanwhile, it will be a different case if all the items are requisite and can not be left behind. In such a situation, most beach umbrellas usually make the loads bulky, but AMMSUN beach umbrellas.

The large size of an AMMSUN beach umbrella can be folded into a smaller size to fit into a suitcase (portable). Although an AMMSUN beach umbrella is famous for its portability, its features also contribute to its popularity. The umbrella's canopy is designed with a polyester fabric with silver coating to provide 50+ UPS sun protection.

It features a tilt mechanism to provide maximum protection from sun rays. This tilting mechanism enables you to adjust the umbrella at an angle of 30° to every direction. This will, however, shade you from ultraviolet rays irrespective of where the sun is located in the sky.

It is also constructed with an ABS plastic screw anchor to withstand strong and gusty winds. One of the most embarrassing moments at the beach is when you will have to chase your flying umbrella. You will not have to bother about such an embarrassing event with this umbrella whenever you are at the beach.

Furthermore, it comes with a carry-on bag and it can be folded into to fit the bag you take to the beach. It is also resistant to water and fades irrespective of its exposure to rain and sun.

KITADIN 7.5FT Beach Umbrella

KITADIN beach umbrella is one of the most sought-after beach umbrellas due to its portability. It is light in weight—weighing 4.4 pounds which can be folded into parts (mainly two parts) in a carry-on bag for easy transport. The carry-on bag containing this folded beach umbrella can be placed in a briefcase, or you can carry it separately with its shoulder straps.

The canopy of this umbrella is designed with a 160D polyester fabric that provides 50+ UPF sun protection. It will shield you from ninety-eight percent of the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. The 160D polyester fabric is also coated with a water-resistant property that significantly contributes to its durability.

It consists of a sturdy integrated sand anchor that prevents it from falling off or flying when exposed to wind. It also features a unique air-vent to support the stability of the beach umbrella on windy days. Furthermore, it also features a push-button tilt mechanism that allows you to position the canopy to various angles to protect yourself from the sunlight without moving the beach umbrella.

SANSUNTEK Beach Umbrella

A SANSUNTEK beach umbrella is one of the easiest beach umbrellas to assemble or set up within minutes. It comes in sky blue color with striped patterns that contribute to its aesthetic properties. It consists of various features that make it fit to protect you on sunny, rainy, and windy days.

The polyester-made canopy is coated with silver to protect you from sunburn by providing you with a cooling or lounging shade. It also comes with an adjustable tilt to allow you position the canopy in a way that will provide you shade irrespective of the angle of the sun. Hence, with this adjustable tilt, you will not have to move your umbrella when the sun rays are coming from another direction.

It is constructed with materials that are resistant to water; hence, it will protect you on rainy days. When the wind at the beach increases, many beach umbrellas will be displaced from their position, but a SANSUNTEK beach umbrella will maintain its position. This is primarily because of the sand anchor it comes with and the air vent; they are both responsible for the stability of the umbrella.

Furthermore, this beach umbrella is light in weight which is responsible for its portability. It can also be disassembled and split into two parts to fit into a carry-on bag.

SUNPLAY Beach Umbrella

No one goes on a beach picnic or excursion to experience discomfort on sunny or rainy days. Hence, the reason why people purchase beach umbrellas instead of sunglasses. If you are in search of a beach umbrella that will not make your loads bulky to carry, a sunplay beach umbrella will make a good option.

It comes with unique features that will provide you with the maximum protection you need from sun and rain. It is designed with a durable polyester fabric with 50+ UPF sun protection. There are times when the shade will be altered by a movement of the sun in the sky. In such a situation, you will need to move a poorly constructed umbrella to a suitable position to get shaded again.

Meanwhile, with a sunplay beach umbrella, you will not be required to move the umbrella. Instead, you will use the adjustable tilt it comes with to position its umbrella at any angle to attain maximum protection from sun rays. The fiberglass ribs protect the umbrella from turning inside out by strong winds. It also comes with an air vent on top of it to maintain its stability during windy days.

It is constructed with a frame that is coated with a rust-free powder that contributes to its durability. It is also light in weight for easy transport. It comes with a carry-on bag to enhance its easy transport without making your loads bulkier than they should be.

Ogrmar 7 FT Beach Umbrella

Ogrmar beach umbrella is one of the most sought-after beach umbrellas due to its light-in-weight property. contributes to its portable property. It can be carried with other beach items in a bag without making your load bulkier than it should be. Its lightweight, however, does not hinder it from performing its primary purpose on sunny, rainy, and windy days.

It is made of a 150D oxford polyester fabric which provides you with 50+ UPF protection from the sun. Although this fabric offers protection from sun rays, it features a tilt mechanism to enhance the shade you get from different angles without moving the beach umbrella. The fabric is also waterproof; hence, it can protect you on rainy days without fading designs.

It is designed with a glass fiber frame coated with a rust-free powder which makes the umbrella long-lasting. It is also constructed with durable fiberglass ribs that contribute to the stability of the umbrella. The air vents also enhance the stability of this beach umbrella it comes with and makes it more resistant to wind.

It also consists of a rust-free telescope pole with a sand anchor attached to its base. The main purpose of the sand anchor is to keep the umbrella standing firm without falling off in response to strong and gusty winds. Furthermore, it comes with a portable bag for storing and carrying this umbrella with ease.


There used to be a time when beach umbrellas were responsible for the bulkiness among other beach items. Hence, most people leave them behind to avoid the uneasiness in transporting them. Meanwhile, it is different now; there are various umbrellas with lightweight and portable properties. They can be disassembled and divided into parts to fit into your bag without occupying much space.

They also come with a carry-on bag with shoulder straps to enhance easy transport. They are easy to assemble and disassemble in a few minutes without the need for a professional guide. The features and properties of portable beach umbrellas make them one of the most sought-after types of beach umbrellas today.

If you are still in search of a reliable manufacturer of portable beach umbrellas, the search is over. HFUmbrella is one of the most reliable manufacturers of all kinds of umbrellas. If you want the best quality in designs and features, work with HFUmbrella to make your dream come true.