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Vintage Umbrellas

Vintage umbrellas, as the name implies, are umbrellas designed with vintage fabrics. Meanwhile, vintage materials are often mistaken for antique fabrics, but they are different. Vintage fabrics are fabrics from the early 1930s, while antique fabrics are from the 1800s. With that said, vintage fabrics are old materials that are not available in excess but are limited in supplies.

The old design of vintage fabrics and their limited supply makes them a “luxury” in the world of fashion. They are not only unique in designs and styles but also in textures and colors that blend with modern-day fashion. Although vintage fabrics are mostly used for clothes production, they are also used in the construction of umbrellas. Meanwhile, only a few vintage umbrellas are eligible to be among the best vintage umbrellas. You will find these umbrellas as you continue to read this article.

Top 10 Vintage Umbrellas

TOPTIE Vintage Umbrella

TOPTIE Vintage Umbrella is a one lace umbrella designed with premium quality materials to withdraw strong winds and also protect you on rainy and sunny days. The aesthetic properties of this vintage umbrella portray the two alternating generational fashion—traditional and modern design. Hence, it will give you the appearance of a model in a fashion magazine when you are in public.

This umbrella is made of durable materials that contribute significantly to its high performance and functionality. These materials include a handmade cotton Battenburg lace, wooden shaft, metal ribs, sturdy frame system and ergonomic wooden handle for comfortable gripping.

It is great in shading you from the direct ultraviolet rays from the sun because of the UV-blocking properties of the canopy’s fabric. Meanwhile, it is not made of waterproof fabric; hence, it can not be used in the rain but is mainly used for fashion events, garden decoration, theatrical performances and wedding events

Honeystore Vintage Lace UV Sun Parasol Folding 3D Flower Embroidery Umbrella

Finding a vintage umbrella with an elegant and beautiful embroidery design is challenging because only a few are made with such designs. The Honeystore vintage umbrella is a double-layer embroidery lace parasol umbrella designed to protect you from sun and rain in a stylish way.

Although a Honeystore vintage umbrella is designed to fulfill the primary purpose of an umbrella, it can also be used for photo props, concerts, wedding party decorations and gifts. It can be used for the following purposes because of its functionality, aesthetics, reliability and durability.

It is built with durable materials, such as waterproof and UV-blocking fabrics, to protect you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and rain. Furthermore, this lace and sequin embroidery-designed umbrella features a handle with a crystal design, which complement its aesthetic features.

BABEYOND Lace Umbrella Parasol Vintage Wedding Bridal Umbrella

BABEYOND Lace umbrella is made from handmade flora lace with embroidered designs to make the umbrella unique fashionably. This umbrella is designed with premium quality materials which make the umbrella last for an extended period, irrespective of how often you use it.

The materials used for the construction of this vintage umbrella include a premium quality lace fabric, wooden handle and metallic frame system, which are resistant to corrosion. It comes in different classic colors, such as black, off-white and white, and you can choose from any of the above colors to compliment your stylish appearance in public.

Furthermore, the BABEYOND Lace umbrella is large enough to provide you with the shade you need on rainy and sunny days. It has a diameter of 30 inches when opened, and the canopy is made of waterproof and UV-blocking fabric.

VIVI SKY(TM) Pagoda Umbrella

This is a classical vintage umbrella with a shape that is different from most regular umbrellas. It is a peaked pagoda-shaped umbrella with designs and styles that portray romanticism and elegance. The old-fashion (vintage) but the unique design of this umbrella features makes it a great wedding umbrella.

The VIVI SKY(TM) is a classical stick umbrella made with premium and durable materials for various weather conditions. The canopy of this umbrella is made of a premium water-resistant 210T pongee fabric to protect you and your gorgeous dress on rainy days. The 210T pongee fabric used for the construction of this umbrella also features UV-blocking properties to shade you from direct sunlight.

Furthermore, it is made of a sturdy and flexible frame system and ribs, respectively, and is strong enough to withstand strong winds. It also has lightweight and durable features for easy carrying and lasts for an extended period.

Abaowedding Lace Parasol Umbrella

An Abaowedding Lace Parasol Umbrella is a lovingly and creatively crafted umbrella with an elegant and classic design that compliments any outfit stylishly. It is a small-sized umbrella mostly used as a wedding umbrella small enough to accommodate a single individual. However, the small size of this umbrella does not alter its functionality, durability and performance.

It features a straight wooden shaft and rust-free metal ribs to hold the canopy wide enough to shade you on sunny days. The vintage design in the canopy of this umbrella is eye-catching, and it will fashionably make you stand out from the public.

AEAOA Handmade Ivory Lace Parasol Umbrella

This is a vintage umbrella with unique design that is on the borderline of ancient and modern fashion. The design you will find on this umbrella is 100% ivory handmade, and it is primarily designed for wedding party decoration.

It is 26 inches long when closed and 30 inches (in diameter) when opened. A tape, Belgian, Battenburg lace is the type of laces used for the building of this umbrella. It also features a wooden shaft and metallic ribs (resistant to corrosion). An AEAOA Handmade Ivory Lace Umbrella is not only durable but also sturdy enough to withstand strong winds without flipping inside out. .

Kung Fu Smith Vintage Victorian Pagoda Parasol Umbrella

The term “pagoda” in the vintage umbrella’s name describes the shape of the umbrella—it is a distinct pagoda peak-shaped umbrella with portable features. The black and white pattern design on this umbrella’s canopy could add extra stylishness to your outfit if the property is utilized fashionably.

It also features durable and premium quality materials that significantly contribute to the long-lasting effect of this umbrella. The premium quality fabric used for the King Fu Smith Vintage Umbrella is a 300T pongee fabric. This fabric is superior in waterproof and UV protection properties. Hence, it can offer you the coverage you need to stay dry and protect you from harmful sunlight. However, the protection it offers is significantly enhanced by the Teflon technology of this umbrella.

Furthermore, the umbrella is comfortably held in place without falling off the hand when wet because it features a J-shape leather handle. It is also easy to hang after usage due to its J-shape.

Peacock Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

A Peacock Double Layer Inverted Umbrella is popular for the various pattern designs and styles it offers. The various styles include blue sky blue, pink or yellow flower, Polka Dots, animal prints and galaxy lights. These different styles are perfect for complimenting your outfit fashionably on rainy and sunny days.

Unlike most umbrellas, it is customized to have an Inverted design, as seen in its name. This design is a reverse folding style, which holds the rain on the inside of the umbrella, preventing droplets of rain from touching you when you close the umbrella. However, the umbrella is not only Inverted but also windproof, and it features an automatic opening and closing system.

Furthermore, it features a C-Shaped handle to hold the umbrella comfortably without limiting the access you should have with the other hand. Hence, the C-Shaped handle will make your busy life convenient by helping you to multitask.

Vera Bradley Mini Travel Umbrella

The Vera Bradley Mini Travel Umbrella is a stylish umbrella with a plaza medallion color elegant and bright enough to attract multiple eyes. The design it comes with can stylishly complement any outfit and place you in the limelight of fashion. Unlike most attractive umbrellas that do not last, this umbrella is customized with durable features.

The premium quality materials used for the construction of this umbrella contribute significantly to its practicality, durability, functionality and performance. It features a polyester fabric, popular for its waterproof and UV-blocking properties. Hence, with this umbrella, you will not only remain dry on rainy days, but it will also protect you from direct and harmful exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Furthermore, it features an automatic opening and closing function in the form of a button, and it comes with a plastic handle for easy and comfortable gripping.

Outgeek Parasol Umbrella

Outgeek Parasol Umbrella features a vintage design with a unique and attractive structure that contributes to your stylish appearance. The structure of this umbrella consists of a beautiful curve at the top, which appears to be pointed, and the inside appears to be uniquely flat.

The unique and beautiful feature of this umbrella makes it photogenic, and it is mostly used for fashion. Although an Outgeek Parasol Umbrella is beautiful and suitable as a fashion umbrella, it does not compromise its quality. Instead, it is built with durable materials to make it last for an extended period without flipping or flapping.

It is designed with a pongee fabric, which possesses waterproof and UV-blocking properties to keep you dry when it rains and comfortable on sunny days. The length and open diameter of this umbrella are 33.8 inches and 24.6 inches. Lastly, a curved ergonomic handle is included in this umbrella to make it comfortable to hold.

How To Create Vintage Umbrellas

The primary method of creating vintage umbrellas involves the use of vintage fabrics. Meanwhile, there are only a few vintage fabrics currently, and only a few manufacturers have the right tools to create such a fabric. You don’t want to focus more on the aesthetic of the fabric and compromise on the quality.

If you do so, you will have low-quality products with a low standard level of practicality, functionality and durability. Hence, it is essential to work with the most reliable umbrella manufacturer to get the best vintage umbrellas with premium quality aesthetics and durability features.

Finding the most reliable umbrella manufacturers to work with is often a challenging task because they all promise the same things. But only a few meet their end of the deal in producing the exact type of umbrella you seek, and one of the most reliable is Huifeng Umbrellas.

We build umbrellas from scratch, depending on the materials you want your umbrellas to be made of. Hence, you will get the exact design and style of vintage umbrellas you seek. We are known for offering premium quality products to portray the high-quality and reliability of the services your business offers at the cheapest rate you will get for a premium quality product in the market. Therefore, working with us on your dream vintage umbrellas would be brought to reality if you contact us now!

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