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How to Order Custom Golf Umbrellas

custom printed golf umbrellas

Golf umbrellas were originally intended for use on the golf course to protect golfers and their bags from the elements. Designed to have maximum coverage while keeping its mobility. Golf umbrellas are currently used on and off the golf course though. Its excellent coverage means it can provide shade for more than a single person and its St construction means it is durable enough to withstand strong winds and is also guaranteed to ensure the test of time.

The large surface area of golf umbrellas has made them a ready canvas for the promotion of businesses and brands. This is why several businesses order customized golf umbrellas with their crests emblazoned on the canopy and then give them out as gifts and rewards. Each time these umbrellas get used, they serve as free promotions for whichever company has their name on it. As a company seeking to use custom golf umbrellas as a means of promotion, there are a few things that need to be considered before an order is placed. We run through a few of these things in the rest of this write-up.

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Choosing The Right Golf Umbrella

Size and Coverage

One of the first things to consider before you place an order for golf umbrellas is the size of the umbrellas. While large umbrellas provide a lot of coverage, they can be quite unwieldy and difficult to store. Golf umbrellas are larger than conventional umbrellas and can be found in a variety of sizes. 62″ golf umbrellas are the most common size of golf umbrellas. They can, however, be gotten in any size from 42″ to a massive 72″. The 62″ umbrellas are popular because they provide a nice middle-ground for coverage and mobility. Your choice of size for your golf umbrellas should, however, not be based on popularity but on purpose. More miniature umbrellas are sufficient for a single golfer, while the largest golf umbrellas can accommodate as many as five people standing together.

Wind Resistance

Golf courses are large open spaces, often without trees to break the speed of the wind. For this reason, you have to consider the resistance to the wind of whatever golf umbrella you select. Different regions also have varying wind speeds, and so you have to find out the intensity of winds in your region before making a choice. Golf umbrellas will usually have a rating to indicate what wind speeds the umbrella can endure. Some golf umbrellas are double layered so that wind can pass through them. These kinds of umbrellas are called vented umbrellas and are specially designed to improve wind resistance.


Golf umbrella handles can be of different sizes and be made from different kinds of materials. Materials like wood, plastic, and metal. The handle can also be rubber coated to improve grip and comfortability. The diameter of the handle is also an important factor to consider. A golf umbrella with a tiny diameter will be uncomfortable for the holder, the same with one with a too large diameter. Some companies also offer the option to customize the handle of umbrellas to make them distinguishable.

Material & Fabric

The material a golf umbrella is constructed from plays a huge part in its resistance to adverse conditions. A long-lasting golf umbrella will most likely be made out of durable materials and vice versa. Golf umbrellas are generally made out of fiberglass, steel, or wood. The different materials, of course, have different characteristics, which make them suitable for each individual. Fiberglass, for example, is an extremely strong yet lightweight material and is often considered to be the best material for constructing golf umbrellas.

Fiberglass is, however, more expensive than other materials and, in that regard, may not be a good choice for everyone. The material for the shaft is not the only one you have to consider, and you also need to consider the material the canopy is constructed from. It wouldn’t do to have a durable shaft and frame with a poor canopy. You cannot provide shade without the canopy, after all. The waterproof material is best for the canopy if the golf umbrella is used in wet conditions such as rain or snow. Polyester or pongee is the preferred material for making golf umbrella canopies due to its excellent waterproof capabilities.

Protection Against UV Rays

Umbrellas that will be used to protect the occupants from the sun need to have good resistance to ultraviolet rays. Most golf umbrellas will have a UV protection rating. One with a rating of at least 50 is best to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Canopies of different colors also have varying degrees of protection, which they offer against sunlight. After series of trials, we found out that black umbrella canopies provide the best protection against sunlight.

Deployment Mechanism

Golf umbrellas generally have two classes of deployment mechanisms, automatic and manual. For golf umbrellas with manual development, you have to open up the umbrella yourself, while those with automatic deployment mechanisms open up with the push of a button. Automatic deployment golf umbrellas are easier and faster to open up, leaving golfers more time to focus on their game.

Best Golf Umbrellas

Huifeng 30″ Classic Double Layer Golf Umbrella With Round Buckle

This classic golf umbrella has double layers, a black outer layer and a red inner one. The canopy is made from pongee to give it excellent waterproofing and maximum performance in wet conditions. The pongee canopy also has the advantage of superfast drying, making sure the umbrella is always ready for its next use. This umbrella is sufficiently strong to withstand strong speeds thanks to its two layers. The size puts it on the smaller end of golf umbrellas, and it is suitable for a single person.

Huifeng Custom Wooden Golf Umbrella

This umbrella features a hook handle made out of wood to give it a refined and sophisticated look. The rest of the frame is constructed from fiberglass, giving it a lightweight yet solid construction. This umbrella will look great on and off the golf course, and the polished wood grip is something to set it apart from other golf umbrellas.

Huifeng UV Protection Sports Golf Umbrella

This umbrella is specifically designed to protect its occupants from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This golf umbrella makes it so you do not have to worry about damaging your skin when you do any activities under the sun—featuring a reflective canopy that reflects light and heat away from the user. This umbrella will provide a cool shade for anyone underneath it.

Huifeng 68 Inch Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Windproof Golf Umbrella Printed With Logo

This extra-large golf umbrella is built to provide shade for multiple people at the same time. It features a super durable steel frame as well as a double canopy design to give maximum performance in windy situations. The large size prompted the designers to create a special ergonomic handle for this golf umbrella to enhance grip. It also has an automatic deployment mechanism to make opening it instantaneous. This golf umbrella is simply a jack of all trades that has mastered all its trades.

Huifeng 60″ Auto Open Square Golf Umbrella

This 60” golf umbrella features a unique square design to make it stand out. Its frame is constructed from fiberglass to make it easy to lug around. It also has a double canopy which, combined with the fiberglass frame, makes it a champ in the wind. It also has an automatic launch mechanism to help open it up in a jiffy with a rubberized handle to enhance grip.

Why You Should Get Customized Golf Umbrellas for Your Business

They can be used as gifts

Customized golf umbrellas make excellent gifts for employees on special occasions or to reward loyal customers. Since you can put your company logo on a customized golf umbrella, you can be sure that each time the umbrella is used, your company is remembered by the user.

They can be used to promote your business

Whether they are given as gifts or used by your staff, custom golf umbrellas provide a surface for you to advertise your business. You can customize them with your logo and any text to attract attention to your business. Anywhere these custom umbrellas go, they announce your business there.

How To Order Custom Golf Umbrellas

To order custom golf umbrellas for your business, the first step is to find a reliable manufacturer and supplier of customized golf umbrellas. Hf umbrella is one reputable umbrella manufacturer and supplier that we can recommend anytime for your custom umbrella orders. The next step will be to create and send your design to the umbrella manufacturer. Some companies will offer you a free sample after your order is confirmed so you can be sure the design meets your expectations on paper.

How To Design Your Custom Golf Umbrella

Select a size

It is crucial that you know the range of sizes available for whichever umbrella type you would like to have made. In this case, golf umbrella sizes range from 42″ to 72″.

Choose what type of umbrella you want

Custom umbrella manufacturers will most likely have more than one type of umbrella which they manufacture. In this case, a golf umbrella is the chosen umbrella type.

Select your choice of materials

Each part of your custom umbrella is made from unique materials, and you can choose from a list of available materials for each part. For example, you can choose to have the canopy made out of pongee while the frame is made from fiberglass and the grip from wood.

Select your design

Most umbrella manufacturers will offer a selection of pre-made designs which you can choose from. You also have the option of adding a logo or tagline to the design to make it stand out even more. If you want a design but don’t have one to send, companies such as hf umbrellas can provide a design to your specifications. When you send a design, you should ensure that the design has a high enough resolution. It is advised that your design has a minimum resolution of 200dpi. Of course, the higher the resolution, the better. Your designs should also be sent in either Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw formats. Your designs can be sent as a PDF if you do not have any of the above formats.

Placing Your Order For Your Custom Golf Umbrellas

Once you have completed your custom golf umbrella design, you can request a printed sample to ensure that the design you have visualized is what you get in the final production. The sample also helps you feel the materials you have chosen to ensure that they are what you really want. Your sample will be ready in at most five days.

Once you are sure that you are satisfied, you give the go-ahead, and the company gets to work producing your order. Your order will usually take between 10 and 25 days to be completed. The exact time of completion depends on the number of umbrellas you order and how complex your design is.

Common Questions To Consider Before Ordering Golf Umbrellas For Your Business

How is a golf umbrella different from a normal umbrella?

A golf umbrella is much bigger than a regular umbrella as it is meant to provide cover for one or more golfers and their bags. They are also designed ergonomically to help golfers hold them without affecting their swinging. Golf umbrellas are also much stronger than regular ones as they are built to withstand strong winds without being turned out.

What can a golf umbrella be used for?

Golf umbrellas are not used by golfers only. A golf umbrella can be used as a regular umbrella to provide a large shade. It can also be used on the beach or at hotels. Due to its large surface area, it is preferred by companies as a means of passive advertisement.

How much do I have to pay to receive a printed sample?

Most companies have the price of the samples included in their quote, so you do not have to worry about paying extra for samples.


When you hear the term “golf umbrella,” what comes to mind? Well, by merely looking at the name, you can tell it is a type of umbrella specifically designed for golfers. Meanwhile, it is now used for various courses aside from golf sporting events. Most businesses use golf umbrellas to promote their brand and at the same time protect the user on sunny and rainy days.

Although they are essential in the promotion of businesses, ordering from the right and reliable supplier will determine the quality of umbrellas you get. Meanwhile, you do not have to worry about ordering low-quality products by working with us.