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Car umbrella: Buying Guide

The primary purpose of an umbrella is to provide maximum protection to its users from direct sunlight and heavy downpours. The beneficiary of this primary purpose of an umbrella is always thought of as being humans. Meanwhile, umbrellas can also be attached to cars. You may be thinking, “oh! It is a fashion,” but car umbrellas offer various benefits that are beyond serving a fashionable purpose.

The benefits of car umbrellas range from the protection of the car’s bodywork to the saving of energy. Hence, choosing the most suitable type of car umbrella, that is, a high-quality umbrella is requisite to enjoy the benefits it offers. This article will provide you with the necessary information you need to know about car umbrellas. The requisite pieces of information in this article will protect you from choosing low-quality car umbrellas. Hence, reading it carefully without skipping any line will greatly benefit your business, which may be an auto manufacturing brand.

What Is A Car Umbrella?

Car umbrellas are tent-like structures with a portable design and are situated on the roof of the car. They offer various benefits, amongst which the protection of the car’s bodywork, especially the paintwork, is the commonest benefit. The damaging effect of the ultraviolet rays from the sun is capable of altering the quality of the car’s paintwork.

A car umbrella is more like a large umbrella placed on top of a car with a suitable space in between the umbrella and the roof of the car. The space between the umbrella and the car’s roof is an air space that mitigates the intensity of the harsh ultraviolet rays that reach the top of the vehicle. Hence, reducing the discomfort people in the vehicle will experience on sunny days.

Benefits Of Car Umbrellas

  • Car protection against adverse weather conditions
  • Car umbrellas are energy saving
  • Regulation of temperature on sunny days (especially during summers)
  • Shielding of the car from dirt

Car Protection Against Adverse Weather Conditions

The exterior part, that is, the bodywork of a car, can be negatively affected by the ultraviolet rays from the sun and solar radiation. The exterior parts of cars are not only affected by sunlight and solar radiation but also by rain, snow, and dust. The effect of these weather conditions will be noticeable in the aesthetic property of the car’s bodywork. The paintwork of the car, which significantly contributes to the beauty of the car, will fade. What will happen once this occurs? The car will no longer look as attractive as it used to be.

You can forestall the beauty-impeding effect of the weather on the exterior part of cars by using a car umbrella. The car umbrella will protect the car from the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun, heavy downpours, and dust.

Car Umbrellas Are Energy Saving

Summers are known for the scorching, and harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun people experience during the day. This season, that is, summer marks the period when air conditioning systems are mostly used; hence, there is an increment in the amount of energy consumed. Although homeowners mostly experience this, car owners also experience similar issues on sunny days. In order to avoid the excessive use of energy on sunny days, you will need a car umbrella. How does the car umbrella help? It will reduce the intensity of sunlight your car will be exposed to and make it cool instead of hot; hence, the use of the air conditioning system will be at a lower rate.

Regulation Of Temperature On Sunny Days (especially during summers)

The exposure of cars to the hot summer sun for a long time usually causes the interior of the car to become hot and uncomfortable to stay inside. A car umbrella will forestall such discomfort irrespective of how long the vehicle is being exposed to the sun during summer. The car umbrella is a good regulator of Temperature.

Shielding of the car from dirt

The exposure of your car to the atmosphere, that is, open space in a park will also expose the car to dirt, such as leaves, dust and bird droppings. You may think it is irrelevant, but it can cause the exterior color of your car, that is, the paint, to fade before you know it. This dirt will make your car look dirty, and no one likes to appear dirty since cleanliness is next to godliness. Furthermore, with a cover or tent above the roof of your car, you will be certain that your car will not be exposed to any dirty elements.

Factors To Consider Before Getting Car Umbrellas

When people found out about the benefits of car umbrellas, the urge to get them increased drastically. The benefits of car umbrellas listed above are exactly what many people have been searching for, and they are ready to purchase them. Yes! Car umbrellas are necessary and important, but you will have to consider a few factors to enjoy the maximum benefit they offer. There are various brands of umbrellas in the market today, and any wrong choice could cost you greatly. You will have to consider the following factors to avoid making any expensive mistakes:

  • Purpose of the car umbrella
  • The suitable size that fits your car
  • How to put the car umbrella up
  • The portability and sturdiness of the car umbrella
  • Wind-resistant property

Purpose Of The Car Umbrella

What is the purpose of the car umbrella if not to shield the car from factors capable of altering its beauty? This is true, but there are two types of car umbrellas. The first type of car umbrella is attached to the roof of the car to protect the exterior part of the car, especially the paintwork from alterations caused by ultraviolet rays and weather conditions.

The second type of car umbrella is similar and has the same qualities as a patio umbrella used for outdoor events. These car umbrellas are attached to the back or hitch of the car during picnics and other outdoor events. You can fold the umbrella once you are done with the outdoor event.
Furthermore, the type of car umbrella you get depends on what you want to use it for, either to protect the car or provide shade during an outdoor event.

The suitable size that fits your car

Generally, car umbrellas are designed with a universal size to fit most cars, including SUVs. The general or universal size of car umbrellas does not include cars that are very large or very small. You will, however, need to check the dimension of the car umbrella to get the perfect size for a very large or small vehicle.

How to put the car umbrella up

There are two types of car umbrellas depending on how they are being attached to the car’s roof: the manual and the automatic car umbrellas. The manual types, as the name implies, are manually installed, and you will have to pull on them to open them. On the other hand, automatic car umbrellas make use of remote control for opening and closing them.

The portability and sturdiness of the car umbrella

One of the most significant factors to consider is the weight of the car umbrella, especially if you will be purchasing a manual type of car umbrella. This is primarily because you will have to carry and attach the umbrella to the roof of the car. You will find it hard to put it up if the umbrella is heavy. Hence, going for a portable and lightweight car umbrella is essential.

Wind-resistant property

The Wind-resistant property of the car umbrella is one of the most important factors to consider while searching for the best umbrella. Although the sturdy feature of this umbrella contributes to the wind-resisting property, they also come with a feature, that is, a suction cup-like feature that attaches the umbrella to the car’s roof. Meanwhile, they sometimes come with ropes to anchor them to the mirrors and prevent them from flowing away on windy days.

Top List Of The Best Car Umbrellas

Semi-Automatic Car Tent

Semi-Automatic Car Tents or umbrellas are available in two different designs or colors; blue and silver. In terms of length, they are 165 inches long and are 11 pounds in weight. These two features, that is, the length and weight of the umbrella, make them easy to install. Semi-automatic car umbrellas feature PU silver-coated materials, which helps in the regulation of temperature on sunny days. It reduces the hot temperature (about 40 degrees Celsius) during the summer season to protect you from discomfort caused on sunny days. In addition to the UV-blocking property of the umbrella, it is also water-resistant and can also protect your car from ice, frost and snow.

A semi-automatic car umbrella is easy to fold and unfold before and after use, respectively. It comes with a TPU rubber suction cup and Windproof ropes (adjustable) to protect the umbrella from blowing away on windy days. Meanwhile, it is not advisable to use it when driving. Furthermore, it comes with anti-theft rope and steel wires for security.

ISHOWStore Remote Control Car Umbrella

You can operate this car umbrella manually and automatically, depending on which you prefer on specific conditions. Once you install this umbrella on your car’s roof, it will shield and protect your vehicle from acid rain, bird waste, snow and frost. It features a “Y” shaped frame that makes it resistant to heavy and gusty winds. If you decide to operate the car umbrella automatically, you will have to charge the remote’s battery after folding the umbrella. Furthermore, it features an anti-theft steel wire to protect the umbrella from neighborhood thieves.

LopazShade Empowered Living – Automatic Tent

You can find this car umbrella, that is, LopazShade Empowered Living – Automatic Tent, in two different colors; blue and camouflage. It is designed with a UV-blocking material to reduce the sun’s temperature by up to thirty degrees Celsius; hence, your car will be cool even after parking it for several hours on sunny days. The materials used for the construction of this car umbrella also protect the vehicle against bird droppings, snow, wind and rain.

Furthermore, it is easier and quicker to install and will take at least thirty seconds for its complete installation. It also features a wireless remote control (automatic car umbrella) for the opening and closing of the car umbrella.

Hilyo Car Umbrella Sun Shade Cover

This brand of car umbrella is primarily designed to fit specific vehicles; luxury vehicles, sedans, hatchbacks and small cars. It features a silver-coated PU material that provides ninety-nine percent UV-blocking property. Hence, the umbrella reduces the temperature of the interior irrespective of the duration of exposure and intensity of the sun.

Hilyo car umbrella is, however, cost-friendly when compared to other brands of car umbrellas. Although it is cost-friendly, it comes in part, and the skeleton is not included. You all, however, be required to purchase it separately, leading to an increase in the cost of getting a complete car umbrella.

Car Sun Shade Canopy

This car umbrella features an Oxford canvas canopy made of silver-coated PU material to provide ninety-nine percent UV-blocking on sunny days. This umbrella will cause a reduction in the temperature in your car by as much as forty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Car sunshade canopy is not designed with a dimension to fit every vehicle, but adjustable to accommodate different cars except cars with seven seating positions.

Furthermore, it features TPU soft suction cup and anti-theft ropes and steel wires. It is also light in weight and can be installed within thirty seconds effortlessly.


Car umbrellas are essential, considering the almost indispensable benefits they offer. Meanwhile, you may not be a beneficiary of these benefits if you work with low-quality umbrella manufacturers. What does this mean? It means the umbrella supplier you work with determines the quality of the car umbrellas you will get.

There are several umbrella manufacturers in today’s market; meanwhile only a few offer the best quality, such as HFUmbrella. We are popular for the high-quality umbrellas we manufacture globally. If your auto manufacturing brand or other business is searching for an umbrella manufacturer to provide you with high-quality car umbrellas, work with us.