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Printing internal designs on umbrellas is a highly respected design trend whereby various designs are printed on the inside of the canopy. We use digital printing technology to ensure that the detailed design of the motifs is clearly displayed on the inside of the umbrella. This internal graphic printing can be a wide variety of designs that combine the brand concept with the umbrella.

This design of printing graphics on umbrellas is highly preferred by real estate brokers, tourist attractions, and real estate developers with multiple developments.

Printing graphics on umbrellas is a carefully planned process. Umbrella panels are cut to specific sizes prior to digital printing. Using digital printing to display graphics on umbrellas is the best way to ensure that the details of the graphics are clearly displayed. Once the pattern is printed on the umbrella, the umbrella panel is perfectly matched at the seams and hand stitched by machine onto the umbrella bone. This is a careful and patient process to ensure that the pattern is accurately rendered on the umbrella, whether it is a road, river, building or place name that is clearly visible on the canopy.


Shadow Show Through

A popular format for printing internal graphics on umbrellas involves using solid color blocks on the outer layer of the umbrella. Once the umbrella is opened, the interior pattern printing is revealed.

Whether you need to print complex or simple graphics, we have the ability to meet your needs. By using digital printing methods and sewing, we are able to produce high-quality umbrellas that bring patterns to life.

Hfumbrella is an expert in umbrella manufacturing and superb customization. Our umbrellas are of exceptional quality and come with a one-year warranty (as standard). This provides you with a guarantee of the quality of your umbrella. We manufacture a wide range of umbrellas, including golf umbrellas, walking umbrellas, and folding umbrellas.

Decorative options for customized umbrellas vary widely. Some examples include Pantone matching, digital printing, full printing, and double canopy printing. These umbrella customizations provide an excellent starting point for personalizing your branded umbrellas. Full-face printing and double canopy printing allow you to apply different designs to your umbrellas’ interior and exterior canopies. At the same time, Pantone matching ensures that the correct branding palette is applied to the umbrellas.

Graphic printing on umbrellas is a unique and popular customization option, especially popular with property developers and real estate and hospitality clients. Other ideas for personalized umbrellas include custom umbrella handles, colored umbrella shafts, colored accessories, and patterned tape on umbrellas.


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