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Home » Logo Printing umbrella At Hfumrbrella, we provide various choices for logo printing on umbrellas that make your brand stand out, come rain or shine. Our developed printing technique allows for high-resolution prints and a wide range of colors, ensuring impactful brand visibility.

We use different printing methods depending on your specific branding requirements. So, it is the best fit for larger logos, and text screen printing is the most common method.

It ensures color accuracy as well as durability even in varying weather conditions, thereby ensuring your logo lasts longer.
Complex designs can be better realized using heat-transfer printing. This is sometimes referred to as thermal printing, which permits detailed and multi-colored prints, hence making the logo more conspicuous on the umbrella fabric.

If you want a restrained, sophisticated effect, consider embossing. It gives an impression that your logo is 3-D; hence, it adds luxury and style to it.

We are proud of our digital print capabilities with ten state-of-the-art digital printers. This technology makes it possible to produce full-color, photo-quality images perfect for complex logos or promotional shots.

Each of these printing techniques has its own set of advantages and is best suited for certain kinds of designs. Our specialists take into account your needs and help you choose the most suitable one so that your brand will get the reputation you desire.

At Hfumrbrella, we believe in superior quality products coupled with excellent customer service. Select us when looking for a company to trust with your logo printing requirements; let’s make some noise!


Individual Imprints

Customization options are available to our customers, which is why we understand the significance of a visual identity for your brand at Hfumbrella. We pay attention to every detail when it comes to creating brand impressions that last long.
A range of styles, colors, and materials enables us to produce umbrellas that reflect the aesthetics of your brand.

This technology involves 10 advanced screen printing machines with high-quality prints. Screen printing is adaptable for high-resolution logo reproduction because it allows one to use a wide range of color palettes and design intricacies.
This method also guarantees the durability of the imprints even under extreme weather, such as rain and sunlight, apart from fading and wearing out.

Additionally, there is full panel printing, which offers a larger surface area where your brand can be more visible. We are able to handle complex color gradients and intricate logo designs in order to be an accurate depiction of one’s brand.
Our experts also consider the texture and type of fabric used in making the umbrella so that the printing ink can stick well on it as well as make its colors brighter.

At Hfumbrella, our technical expertise merges with your artistic imagination, resulting in products that stand out among others. Entrust us with your brand in order to witness art coming alive through technology in every single imprint we make.


logo patio umbrellas

Umbrella design and print options

Stephen Joseph Color-Changing Umbrella

Custom design and special effects

double layer solid maple umbrella

Printed internal pattern on umbrellas

handle decal

Custom umbrella handles and accessories

budgetlogowoodumbrella strap

Printed and embroidered umbrella tie wraps

engraved handle ring

Engraved handle ring

custom printing led umbrella

Custom printing LED umbrellas

bamboo umrbella button

Engraved logo snap buttons

3D print kids umbrella

3D print umbrellas

Umbrella design and print styles

Hfumbrella’s Green Revolution

Full canopy print umbrella


London Umbrella

Vibrant Logo print umbrella


budgetlogowoodumbrella print

Logo Printing umbrella



Photo Print Umbrella


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