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As umbrella printing specialists, Hfumbrella offers a range of printing methods to realize the creativity of brand designers. Here, the umbrella is no longer just an ordinary product but a vivid expression of the brand’s philosophy.

First, look at an umbrella that changes color when exposed to water. When the umbrella is dry, the entire surface shows a pure white pattern, but once it encounters rain, the magical color-changing effect will quietly unfold. Just like magic, the pattern of the umbrella surface will slowly turn into colorful colors, bringing surprises and changing the mood instantly. The rainy sky is no longer monotonous gray. The whole world becomes colorful because of this umbrella. At this time, people instead long for the rain to come.

Next is the reflective logo umbrella. When you stroll down a dimly lit street at night, with the lights of a distant car projecting over, the logo instantly becomes bright and blinding. This is an eye-catching warning to pedestrians and provides extra safety for the user. This umbrella skillfully combines fashion and practicality.


Magic Logo Reveals Umbrella

Looking at the umbrella that reveals the logo when exposed to water makes the logo gradually visible when soaked in rainwater by designing a hidden logo on the surface of the umbrella. This low-key but luxurious design makes the ordinary umbrellas instantly become special, triggering users’ curiosity and expectations.

The metallic logo-printed umbrella is another classic design. The metallic texture and vibrant shine give the entire umbrella a regal feel. This design suits consumers who emphasize classic taste, adding a luxurious experience to a rainy day.

Finally, the fluorescent color logo umbrella attracts young people with its fluorescent appearance. This incredible design has become a staple color for fashionable young brands, making umbrellas a tool for rain protection and a symbol of fashion and trend.


Logo Reveals Umbrella

Umbrella design and print options

Stephen Joseph Color-Changing Umbrella

Custom design and special effects

double layer solid maple umbrella

Printed internal pattern on umbrellas

handle decal

Custom umbrella handles and accessories

budgetlogowoodumbrella strap

Printed and embroidered umbrella tie wraps

engraved handle ring

Engraved handle ring

custom printing led umbrella

Custom printing LED umbrellas

bamboo umrbella button

Engraved logo snap buttons

3D print kids umbrella

3D print umbrellas

Umbrella design and print styles

Hfumbrella’s Green Revolution

Full canopy print umbrella

London Umbrella

Vibrant Logo print umbrella

budgetlogowoodumbrella print

Logo Printing umbrella


Photo Print Umbrella

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