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These umbrellas are a perfect blend of style and sturdiness, thanks to 3D printing technology that takes them to another level of refinement. Do not look for any other better wet day accessory than ours!

Our printed 3D umbrellas are made with a commitment to quality that is steadfast. We employ high-grade material in our umbrella construction, which ensures that the products never let up, even when exposed to the most challenging environment.

One of the significant technical aspects of 3D-printed umbrellas is their geometric structure. The frame’s ribs and stretchers can be printed as one single continuous piece, which makes it more reliable.

This does away with several joints, so the umbrellas’ resistance towards wind-induced damages or fractures increases.

3D print umbrella expert

Hfumbrella makes an umbrella with a strong, durable framework that has been 3D-printed down to its finer details, allowing for optimum balance between weight, resilience, and user comfort.

These are ideal corporate gifts as they can be branded uniquely as well.

We also allow you some freedom in designing your own umbrella by providing you with numerous color schemes or patterns for you to choose from, apart from offering you an opportunity to integrate your business logo or tagline.

Building brand presence and making a lasting impression on customers’ and clients’ minds is very important. Therefore, producing personalized Hfumbrella through 3D printing becomes one such way of doing it.

Once you handle any of our 3D-printed umbrellas, you will instantly see the skillful workmanship and intricate touch that makes them different from other rain accessories. The shape of the skeleton, with its connected ribs and pull, forms a smooth and modern style that says both fashion and strength.

These umbrellas are manufactured from quality materials to ensure they can stand up to harsh climatic conditions, thus keeping you dry and warm no matter what ‘Mother Nature throws at you.

At Hfumbrella, we are committed to fusing modern technology with practical design so that our items do not just meet but exceed your expectations.


Custom Creative Umbrellas

Creative custom umbrellas for the corporate world should combine functionality and aesthetics. This provides an innovative platform that uses a mere utility to make a walking billboard, creating brand awareness subconsciously.

Among the latest developments in this sector has been the integration of 3D printing. 3D-printed umbrellas provide endless possibilities when it comes to design and personalization. 

A game changer is perhaps the possibility to craft intricate patterns or high-resolution images straight on the fabric of an umbrella.

Such outstanding, eye-catching umbrellas challenge what can be done with them as they go beyond just being functional items but art pieces as well.

Apart from 3D printing, though, Hfumbrella also offers other custom creative umbrella options. For simple logo or text designs, there is a traditional screen printing technique, while complex designs can be done using full-color digital printing. 

Each umbrella is crafted to perfection, showcasing quality workmanship that reflects your business’ level of professionalism.

Functionality was not compromised in these umbrellas, despite their aesthetic appeal. They are built to withstand adverse weather conditions with wind-resistant frames, UV-protective fabrics, and strong handles.


portable umbrella

Umbrella design and print options

Stephen Joseph Color-Changing Umbrella

Custom design and special effects


double layer solid maple umbrella

Printed internal pattern on umbrellas


handle decal

Custom umbrella handles and accessories


budgetlogowoodumbrella strap

Printed and embroidered umbrella tie wraps


engraved handle ring

Engraved handle ring


custom printing led umbrella

Custom printing LED umbrellas


bamboo umrbella button

Engraved logo snap buttons


3D print kids umbrella

3D print umbrellas


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