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Our Engraved Logo Snap Buttons are symbolic of our meticulousness and passion for individualized umbrellas. The custom snap buttons can also offer that personal touch by having your brand integrated into the very recesses of your umbrella.

Every button is intricately laser engraved with your logo or brand name to produce sharp images that last long considering their everyday use. The process of engraving allows for a lot of detailing, meaning it can be used even for the most complex branding marks.

Engraved Logo Snap Buttons are a discrete way to let others know about your brand on all types of umbrellas.
They are sited at key points where the umbrella engages people, thereby ensuring that every time the umbrella is opened, closed, or carried, it will be used as a way of marketing and promoting your company’s image.

This will make customers relate themselves more closely to their association with your brand.

The snap buttons are made from high-quality materials that do not rust or corrode; they, therefore, remain functional and visually attractive for many years.

Moreover, they come in different colors that can match or contrast with the design on your umbrella, thus adding another level of customization

Other than promoting branding, Engraved Logo Snap Buttons also have practical uses. They keep the umbrella compact when closed so it is small enough to carry around.

Also, they are designed to be easily used with a responsive action and smooth feel that maintains the overall high-quality impression of your umbrella.

Logo Placement and Visibility

Placing the logo on an umbrella can act as a mobile billboard. Therefore, the strategic positioning of logos will maximize the corporate identity’s reach and impact.

A good example is having a logo on the outer canopy of an umbrella so that it is visible when it is being used.
This way, it is exposed to many people. The second option would be the inner canopy, where the user sees the logo whenever he or she opens up the umbrella, thus reinforcing brand recognition.

The handle of an umbrella can also serve as subtle branding for a company. Whereas not as visible as the canopy, a logo on the handle might represent a touch of distinctiveness that conveys premium quality.

The visibility of the logo depends on its size and color. A larger one will surely draw more attention, though you must balance size with aesthetics in order to prevent overshadowing the design of your whole umbrella.

Therefore, when considering colors, contrast is crucial because your logo color should be conspicuous from the color of your umbrella itself to achieve maximum visibility.

Remember, print quality for logos has got to be perfect. At Hfumbrella, we make use of sophisticated printing technology to ensure that we have sharp and long-lasting logo prints capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

Assessing these technical issues regarding visibility and placement of logos within umbrellas can help businesses use their branded umbrellas effectively for long-term but subdued brand advertising messages.


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