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Hfumbrella is committed to paying attention even to the smallest details, and our print and embroidery umbrella tie wraps are a perfect example of this philosophy.
Even though you may think they’re a small part of your umbrella, they are very important in holding it closed when it’s not in use. However, we go further by giving you options that can make your umbrella special.
The design of your umbrella will be consistent with the printed tie wraps from the canopy downwards. Taking a small piece of your original graphic, we print it skillfully on the tie wrap, blending it seamlessly with the overall design.
Our embroidered tie wraps also offer an exquisite finish for anyone looking to add some class to their umbrella.
You can choose to include a word, URL, or even logo, making it visible whenever the umbrella is closed. Furthermore, the width of each individual tie wrap on an umbrella can be adjusted to cater to certain logos or texts that you might want to put on them.

Also, yes, the color of the tie wrap can change depending on whether there is a need to match it with the outer canopy design, following either your brand guidelines or highlighting a color in your artwork.

Why should you choose Hfumbrella?

At Hfumbrella, we do much more than simply manufacture umbrellas. We create something that speaks about who you are as a brand. Some of our customization options include Pantone matching and digital printing, as well as all-over print.
We even offer options for personalized umbrella handles, colored shafts, colored perimeters, and rib tape on umbrellas. For people who want luxury items, there are engraved handle rings and umbrella carry cases available.
Bear in mind that we also have printed and embroidered tie wraps for umbrellas, which keep your brand presence alive even when the umbrella is closed and being carried around by someone else.
It’s ensuring that your brand never disappears from sight, thus staying in the minds of those who matter most to you all along!


Umbrella Woven Labels

At Hfumbrella, we understand the intricate details that go into crafting the perfect umbrella. One of these pivotal aspects is the inclusion of woven labels. These labels, small but significant, can be strategically positioned to amplify your brand subtly yet efficiently.

Woven labels can be applied to various parts of the umbrella, from the inner or outer canopy, the umbrella sleeve, or even the tie wrap — that nifty piece of fabric that keeps your umbrella secure when not in use.

They may also be sewn into the bottom edge of an umbrella panel. The labels offer flexibility in design and can provide various information, from a simple company logo or name to a URL or more detailed and complex designs that complement the umbrella’s overall aesthetic.

Adding a woven label infuses a sense of premium quality into the umbrella, making it not just a utility object but a statement piece.

At Hfumbrella, we use only the highest quality elements to create a durable, long-lasting umbrella — from the sturdy frame and premium polyester canopy to the exceptional print quality and detailed woven labels.

Umbrella customization includes various options, from Pantone matching, digital printing, and double canopy print to internal map printing — a unique choice especially popular with our property developer, real estate, and hotel clientele.

Moreover, we offer custom umbrella handles, colored umbrella shafts, and colored perimeter and rib tape for that extra dash of personalization.

For those seeking a more premium bespoke umbrella experience, we offer engraved handle rings and custom umbrella carry cases. These, combined with our carefully crafted woven labels, can effectively highlight your brand while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic.


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