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At Hfumbrella, we have an exclusive Engraved Handle logo as an option to give your umbrella a personal appeal. The inclusion of this particularity makes your brand more luxurious than others.

Our engraved handle rings provide a sophisticated alternative to traditional woven labels or screen printing methods and give a classy look to the umbrella.

We can produce simple wordings and logos on our umbrellas for you without any compromise of quality. Your company name, slogan, or anything you deem appropriate for your brand’s identity is right here.

You also have the freedom to choose whether it should be in direct contact with the user or wrapped throughout the entire ring of the handle. One-color engraving is also possible.

As umbrella manufacturers and customizers, we guarantee superior quality and have a standard 2-year warranty.
Pantone matching, digital printing, all-over print, double canopy print, and many others are available for your personalized umbrellas. We also manufacture unique personalized products such as map prints and colored shafts.

For those who want subtle but effective branding techniques, our high-end bespoke alternatives like engraved handle rings or personalized umbrella carry cases will ensure your brand presence remains visible even when the umbrella is not in use.

Our woven and printed labels are constant reminders of what your brand logo or slogan is, thus increasing awareness with a touch of class.


Logo on the Handles

The reason for having an engraved logo on the handle is not just to show off your brand. It adds some elegance and makes the user feel good while holding the umbrella. Our precision laser engraving technology gives a long-lasting quality finish that can resist wear and tear.

During engraving, we pay attention to detail. We work closely with our clients before we commence so as to ensure that the logo or design is of the best quality possible. As a result, the output will be clear and sharp and represent your brand clearly.

In addition, having a good material for the handle is very important for a perfect engraving. 

This will depend on certain factors, such as requirements in terms of logo design, taste, and preference, including wood, metal, or plastic materials. This ensures that, over time, your logo remains crispy.

Therefore, it must be remembered that an engraved logo does more than merely serve as an identification mark for one’s umbrella. It also improves the overall look and appearance of an umbrella, thereby making it stand out amongst any other crowded umbrellas.



Umbrella design and print options

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Custom design and special effects


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Printed internal pattern on umbrellas


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Custom umbrella handles and accessories


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Printed and embroidered umbrella tie wraps


engraved handle ring

Engraved handle ring


custom printing led umbrella

Custom printing LED umbrellas


bamboo umrbella button

Engraved logo snap buttons


3D print kids umbrella

3D print umbrellas


Umbrella design and print styles

Hfumbrella’s Green Revolution

Full canopy print umbrella


London Umbrella

Vibrant Logo print umbrella


budgetlogowoodumbrella print

Logo Printing umbrella



Photo Print Umbrella


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