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Hfumbrella believes in versatility. That’s why we introduced the most versatile umbrella, “The Custom Printing LED Umbrella! ”

These umbrellas combined practicality with a touch of innovation and fun to make even the boring walks in the rain enjoyable.

What makes these umbrellas stand out in the crowd is the addition of LED lights. Depending on the model, these umbrellas come with 1-40 integrated lights for convenience. The lights are either integrated into the frame or the handle to not only enhance its looks but also improve visibility. They illuminate the path as you walk home on a dark, rainy night.

Also, these LED bulbs can switch between different colors depending on the users’ preference or mood.

Another interesting thing about this umbrella is that it comes with custom printing. You can print logos or customized messages on the fabric to attract more attention.

Because of the custom printing options, these umbrellas are a great choice for promotional purposes. People can add their businesses’ messages or put on the logo for smart marketing.


Sustainable Umbrellas

Our LED umbrellas are not just a tool to attract people. They are sustainable umbrellas that prove our commitment to our clients.

Our  LED umbrellas use rechargeable batteries as their power source, which not only reduces the dependence on disposable ones but also extends the lifespan of this product.

This green approach turns out to be an eco-friendly option for our clients who are consciously seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our LED umbrellas also possess energy-saving LED lights that are designed to last longer and consume less energy, thereby saving it while not compromising its functionality or beauty.

The illuminations are strategically placed along the ribs of the umbrella or on the handle so that there is enough light during low-light conditions.

The uniqueness of our LED umbrellas lies in their integration of sustainable premium materials. All the constituents, including the canopy made from recycled PET fabric and the framework and handle made from bio-based or recycled materials, demonstrate thinking about environmental issues.

Also, our umbrella frames are designed with durability in mind to prevent frequent replacements that would enhance waste management.

Moreover, our custom printing service provides an opportunity for corporations to showcase their commitment to sustainability. With our effective printing technology, whether it’s a corporate logo or an eco-consciousness message, we guarantee exceptional quality printings forever.

These sustainable LED umbrellas don’t just make you look stylish or stay dry; they help you make a responsible choice for a sustainable future.



Umbrella design and print options

Stephen Joseph Color-Changing Umbrella

Custom design and special effects


double layer solid maple umbrella

Printed internal pattern on umbrellas


handle decal

Custom umbrella handles and accessories


budgetlogowoodumbrella strap

Printed and embroidered umbrella tie wraps


engraved handle ring

Engraved handle ring


custom printing led umbrella

Custom printing LED umbrellas


bamboo umrbella button

Engraved logo snap buttons


3D print kids umbrella

3D print umbrellas


Umbrella design and print styles

Hfumbrella’s Green Revolution

Full canopy print umbrella


London Umbrella

Vibrant Logo print umbrella


budgetlogowoodumbrella print

Logo Printing umbrella



Photo Print Umbrella


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