Umbrella Shaft Knowledge

Umbrella Shaft Knowledge

Useful knowledge of Umbrella shaft

Umbrella Shaft

1: Materials of Umbrella Shaft
Aluminum Shaft、Wooden Shaft、Steel Shaft、Fiberglass Shaft 、Acrylic Shaft、Carbon fiber shaft
2: Outer diameter of umbrella shaft
Super-slender 6.0mm, Ordinary middle shaft 8.0mm, Reinforcement shaft in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm.
3: Aluminum shaft can only be anodized, can not be plated, because the anode can add color pigment, so the color can be arbitrarily adjustable, either red, it can be blue, it can be other colors.

Promotional Large Umbrella
4: Wooden stick because the wood is not wearable, so the tail will be installed steel tail , copper tail or black plastic tail. Black plastic tail is usually called urea tail, so more wearable, but installed urea tail to polish, so with the main body Seamless, it is difficult to separate out, it is easy to be mistaken for the surface of the painted black paint. Most of the wood used to do high-grade umbrella.
5: Iron shafts, aluminum shafts are usually divided into two kinds, one is its own tail tip. Usually this is with umbrella, one is cut tail, cut the end of the package in the finished after the end of a variety of guests like the umbrella tail. Ordinary straight umbrella with iron in the shaft more. Appearance can be zinc, electricity, electric nickel treatment. Aluminum shafts do more in the high-grade umbrella.

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6. Glass shafts with snakeskin pattern and bright black, fog black and other three, the wall has thick, thin two, the tail will add a plastic tail; also made cut tail, do the finished After the end of the installation of glue tail. Iron umbrella cap and so on. Most of the glass shafts are used on the golf umbrella.
Acrylic sticks are usually used to make LED umbrellas in the pole. Carbon fiber shafts in the high-end umbrella, characterized by umbrella ultra-light, high quality.
In the right under the nest, the next bow to be in a straight line, if it is generally under the nest, then the next on the next, , Under the nest must be 90 degrees, that is, the next bow against the operator, the bow is 90 degrees in the right; automatically open the shaft is only under the bow, but not on the bow.

Travel Compact Golf Windproof Umbrella
7: The thickness of the shaft are : 28T, 30T, 35T, 40T, 45T, 50T, 60T, 70T, 80T, T represents the number of materials, thickness.
T is higher and stronger, the higher the cost, the majority used in high-grade umbrella.

8: Iron in the shaft, aluminum shafts, acrylic transparent shafts, wooden shafts, these four are used in straight umbrella, short umbrella mainly with iron, aluminum, two kinds of shaft material.

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