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The Brand Enhancement Journey of Manchester Craft Lagers

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Executive Summary

This article with the HFumbrella case study explains how parasols directly contributed to MAC Lager brand differentiation, leading to profound improvement in brand value and its market power.


Manchester Craft Lager had some branding issues along with promotional issues Later on, it was decided that there should be an efficient way to promote the beer to the target consumer group. It is necessary to mention that HFumbrella has all the professional abilities and a number of successful cases working in the sphere of custom parasols which made it the perfect partner.

custom parasols manufacturer

Project Objectives

  • To develop an utterly distinctive brand promotion tool,
  • To raise awareness of the MCL beer in the market, the following recommendations were made;
  • To enhance customers’ product loyalty to the brand.


  • Requirement Analysis: Personal discussion with Manchester Craft Lager’s team to explain the brand identity and the marketing plan.
  • Design and Development: Sort the parasol models and come up with different and attractive patterns that incorporate some characteristics of the brand.
  • Material Selection: Select the fabric that can withstand the outdoor conditions meeting at the same time the practical requirements for the parasols and the brightness of the colors presented in the design.
  • Production Monitoring: It is vital for the production process to be standard and conform to the quality standards in order to meet the customers’ demands on time.

Implementation Process

As many factors were considered based on the characteristics of Manchester Craft Lager brand, the design team developed several parasol patterns. Finally, in the several discussions and changes, the design scheme was decided. The materials that have been chosen for the outdoor use are very durable in nature and high quality check was maintained over the product so that they can stand worst kind of climate. Finally, after the parasols were made, some actual tests in a limited scale of the market were carried out for the feedbacks and modifications.

custom parasols manufacturer

Results and Impact

The custom parasols received much attention at different occasions with Manchester Craft Lager to which they became a theme of advertisement. There were very positive comments on matters concerning design and quality of the parasols and related aspects that improve the brand image were achieved. In other words, parasols as elements of the placement of advertisements, social media sharing transformed the parasols into the means of active brand communication with customers and brand loyalty.

Data Analysis

From the market feedback received it was established that there has been substantial action in terms of making the consumers more aware of Manchester Craft Lager by the use of custom parasols, therefore working towards the creation of a word-of-mouth effect among the target consumers.

Data Insights

An increase of the attendees in the event by a margin of 30 percent.
A 45% increase in the overall number of brand mentions specifically of the company, on social media platforms. Responses to questionnaires that were conducted among the customers revealed that 90% of the customers found the designs and quality of parasols to be satisfactory.

custom parasols manufacturer


The custom parasol manufactured by HFumbrella benefited Manchester Craft Lager in a way of having an efficient promotion material. Thus, the measures of innovative product design and high-quality production led to the improvement of the brand’s market competitiveness and customer loyalty.

Future Recommendations

Manchester Craft Lager and any other brand is welcome to work with HFumbrella as the company as well as its clients receive incredible assistance with enhancing brand value from the employment of custom parasols and other items.

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