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Case Study on Brand Tesla

custom tesla golf umbrella white


Seems that it is a very inspiring period in Hf Umbrella as this brand is a witness to the spirals of our innovations and cooperation, which has grown and strengthened the ability to create custom umbrellas that reflect the essence of Tesla.

Understanding the Brand

We started with our knowledge about the company, Tesla – an electric automobile and energy technology firm. Our design of the umbrella was done with the aim of relating to the Tesla brand values of innovation, performance as well as style.

Tesla Golf Umbrella

Design and Innovation

After that, we had meetings to come up with the design that would embrace Tesla’s spirit in the contemporary vehicle. Thus, the energetic, full-coverage print matches the spirit of their progressive concept.

Advanced Production Techniques

With the help of the state of the art digital printing, it was possible to provide each umbrella as a demonstration of the dedication to the quality and elegance, which could not be surpassed by the weather.

Tesla Golf Umbrella

Quality Assurance

This love and dedication to quality ensured that multiple rounds of quality control were done and each umbrella was made to come to the high standards that Tesla has been associated with.

Logistics and Global Reach

Being fully conscious of the aspect of time, we had a proper logistics plan that would help the umbrellas get to the Tesla lovers all over the world in the right condition.

Tesla Golf Umbrella

The Outcome

What you get is more than the customized umbrella; it signifies the collaboration with Tesla and others’ passion to redefine the boundaries.

Looking back to this project, it is more than an accomplishment of a work; it is also a recognition of the good partnership as well as a hope for many more beginnings.

Thank you, Tesla, for the chance to grow together & let creativity conquer the future and let’s create the great future together!