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Enhancing Customer Domains With Starbucks and HF Umbrella


Executive Summary

An umbrella manufacturer that operates under the brand HF was able to woo international coffee house chain, Starbucks to order a special line of such umbrellas. This effort is focused on bringing the Starbucks customer-centric approach towards the company’s processes on the weather management thus enhancing the general outlook of the brand and the consumer base loyalty. .

starbucks umbrella


  • To creating umbrellas that will correspond to the Starbucks image.
  • For patterns that would make the weather worse for the client.
  • To enhance the extent of customers’ loyalty based on unique and high-quality products.


  • Brand Integration: Collaborate with Starbucks to facilitate the essence of their brand to ensure that the umbrella reflects their brand nature perfectly.
  • Creative Design: Develop a line of umbrellas that are in compliance with the Starbucks’ policies and that would have some degree of creativity.
  • Premium Materials: Selection of material should be of good quality to permit durable and proper performance of the cafeteria while on the same note, it should be consistent with Starbucks’ brand.
  • Intensive Quality Control: Also ensure you’ve got proper quality control measures to ensure that the final product is perfect.

starbucks umbrella


The HFumbrella design and production department developed these special styles of this umbrella, which corresponds to the Starbucks Company’s image. Silhouettes were judged based on their efficiency, stability, and beauty of the models kit. The functionality of the system was tested through a trial run to prove its efficiency in operations, after which the quality of the system was tested.

Results and Outcome

Starbucks began offering extra, personalized umbrellas to employees and selected customers; this bewildered and enthralled some colleagues because these designs were not foreseen and its reason appeared to be efficient in a rainy climate. These specific umbrellas received quite a positive feedback on the social networks and symbolized the company’s focus on customer-oriented work. Some of starbucks customers who benefited from this comment were fully in support, with many of them cheering for the creativity added on the customer service preview of starbucks.

Data Insights

A 15% rise in CSAT or the ‘shopper experience’ was noted after the introduction of customised umbrellas. After the effort, Starbucks’ visibility or engagement on social media platforms was up by 20% and so was the volume of positive sentiment. Post launch polls proved that the frequency deposit business rose 5%; a number of consumers claimed that they got impressed by the details of the brand.

starbucks umbrella

In summary

Starbucks and HF umbrella were able to develop an excellent programme of custom made umbrella that sold well as a symbol of the company’s desire to ensure that it delivers the best to its consumers. Such umbrellas helped in cementing the company-client bonds since they functioned both as a remedy and a publicity prop.

Prospects for the Future: The company under the umbrella of HFumbrella is intending to continue supporting Starbucks to attain high levels of customer satisfaction by continuing implementing contemporary products. The successful implementation of this program lays down the precedent for other collaborations between the HF umbrella brand and several other very illustrious firms that employ customized products as tools which enhance clients’ satisfaction.

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