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Kids’ Umbrella’s – Features to Consider and Best Options in 2020

Let’s face it; kids can be rough on their stuff. From toys to clothing, kids seem to run everything they own
through the wringer and back again. So, when looking for a kids’ umbrella, you want something that will last
for more than just the first week of school. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! Below is everything
you need to know to choose, find, and purchase the best kids umbrellas on the market today.

Let’s start off with a basic question: what are the most important features to consider when buying a kids’
umbrella? Well, ‘blocking rain’ would be the obvious answer, but for children, especially, there’s actually a
lot more to consider. No matter what kids’ umbrella you choose, you should consider its safety features, it’s
eco-friendly attributes, and it’s general attractiveness.

The basics of kids’ umbrellas – safety, style, and eco-friendliness

Let’s begin with safety. When buying a kids’ umbrella, it’s best to avoid dark or drab colours that blend into
the sidewalk or road. Instead, go for something bright that stands out in the crowd. This isn’t just for
aesthetic purposes; it also ensures your child will be seen by oncoming traffic when walking along the street.
Think of the bright neon vests you see construction workers wearing; there’s a reason for that! Pick
something that drivers will easily see, even in a heavy downpour. It also helps you find the umbrella when it
inevitably gets lost, left at school, or misplaced.

Another safety feature to keep in mind is the button on the umbrella’s handle, which releases the canopy.
Beware of switches that can catch and pinch little fingers, or one that requires adult-sized strength to open.
Look for umbrellas especially made for kids, with safety buttons they can’t get their fingers caught in, and
can easily open and close. In addition, you should also consider the tip of your chosen kids umbrella. Most
umbrellas have a pointed tip extending for several inches along the top of the umbrella.

However, this feature was made specifically with walking umbrellas in mind, not kids umbrellas. While these tips ensure
the umbrella doesn’t get ripped or damaged when used as a walking stick, there are obvious dangers about
giving a child anything large and pointy. Accidents happen on the playground all the time, and a swordfight
or ‘lightsaber’ battle will certainly ensue at one point or another. No matter how mature you think your little
guy is, it’s best to avoid that danger altogether and look for a kids umbrella with a blunted tip or plastic cover
over top.

UK kids clear dome umbrellas
UK kids clear dome umbrellas

One last safety tip to consider is the metal skeleton that holds up the canvas. The tips of these metal bars
often peek out the bottom of the umbrella and can be surprisingly sharp. Make sure you find a kids umbrella
with coverings for these tips to protect your child’s eyes and face from surprise pokings. These coverings can
come in the form of plastic covers or even kids umbrellas that remove this potentially dangerous feature
entirely in exchange for rounded edges.

It’s 2020, and everyone is trying their best to be eco-friendly through composting, recycling, or energy-efficient
light bulbs. But did you know kids umbrellas can also do their part? Check the materials the
umbrella is made of, trying to avoid things like plastics which will break easily and take a long time to
decompose when they do. It’s also possible to find kids umbrellas made from recycled or bio-degradable
materials – HF Umbrellas, in particular, often uses recycled or environmentally friendly parts in their
umbrellas. Looking into kids umbrellas with replaceable parts can also be a huge benefit later on. Why
replace a broken umbrella and condemn it to the landfill when a quick repair can make it as good as new?
Look for sellers who guarantee their product and offer repairs – it will both save your money and check the
‘eco-friendly’ box on your list.

Personalized children's clear dome umbrellas
Personalized children’s clear dome umbrellas

And, finally, think about what’s attractive to both you and your kid. We all know how stubborn kids can be –
you don’t want to find the perfect kids umbrella, only to have it rejected because it’s the wrong color or
shape. No matter how well you know your kid, make sure to get their opinion before making any purchases.
Kids change their minds often, and their favorite TV character today may not be their favorite tomorrow.
Make sure they have a say in choosing their umbrella! The best way to do this is to compile a shortlist of
kids umbrellas that you approve of and let them pick from that. That way, both you and your child feel will
find an umbrella your happy with.

Size and Dimensions
Next, let’s consider the size of a kids umbrella. While most stores will just offer ‘kid-size umbrellas, that
actually doesn’t mean much. Kids don’t come in only one size, and neither should kids umbrellas! You don’t
want an umbrella so big it’s awkward for your child to carry around, but you don’t want something too small
to do its job, either.

The main things to consider are the length of the handle, the size of the canopy, and the size of the umbrella
when it’s fully folded.

Canopy wise, most kids umbrellas will be around 16 to 21 inches in radius or roughly 40 to 53 centimeters.
Remember, if that sounds small it’s because it’s only the radius; the diameter or total width will be roughly
double that. Anything larger than 21 inches and young kids will begin to have trouble carrying the umbrella
around, getting through doorways, or being blown away from a big gust of wind. If you have siblings or
twins, don’t try to get them to share one larger umbrella. Instead, look for two smaller kid-size umbrellas to
avoid both arguments and accidents.

Next, the handle. The length of the handle should correspond directly to the height of the kid. You want the
child to be able to comfortably carry the umbrella against their shoulder while being able to see out from
under the canopy. If the umbrella’s handle is too short, it becomes more of a colorful hat and can obscure the
kid’s vision. Too long, and it becomes both awkward and heavier than it needs to be. Some quick
measurements with a sewing tape can save you a lot of trouble down the line. And if your kid is still growing
like a weed, look into adjustable handles that can grow with them.

Finally, pay attention to how big your kids umbrella is when folded up and carried. Storage is often
overlooked when purchasing umbrellas, but it’s particularly important when buying for little kids. Small
hands and small backpacks mean you want a smaller umbrella that is lightweight and manageable. Try to
avoid the large, classic Mary Poppins umbrellas that turn into jousting javelins when held by kids on the
playground. Ask yourself a few practical questions before you make ay final purchases, mentally walking
through your child’s daily life to see where they might run into trouble.

For example, will the umbrella fit in your child’s backpack so they can bring it to school? What about their school locker or cubby hole? If they
bring their umbrella on the bus, is it going to be a poking hazard due to its size? The general idea here is the
smaller the umbrella folds down, the better. It will also be easier to convince kids to take carry it to school or
stick it in their backpacks – too big, and it’s likely to be ‘forgotten’ at home.

kid size umbrella
kid size umbrella

Types of Kids Umbrellas and Common Materials

While we can all picture the classic, old fashioned umbrella in our heads, there are actually several different
designs that all serve specific purposes. For example, a bubble umbrella is a rounder version of the classic
umbrella shape, often with a clear plastic top. Kids can look right up at the rain, and the lower sides give
extra protection from wind and rain.

Collapsible or foldable umbrellas are your best chance at your kid actually having their umbrella on them
during a rainstorm. These fold not only at the canopy but the handle as well, making the amazingly small.
With kids umbrellas, foldable versions are great for slipping into backpacks and forgetting about it or
leaving one at school for a rainy day. Be careful though! Since the handle also folds in, small fingers can get
caught – make sure your kid understands how to properly open and close this umbrella to avoid accidental

If you’re worried about your child bringing a small lake into the house when they forget to shake out their
new umbrella outside, you might want to look into an inverted or flipped umbrella. These unique umbrellas
turn inside-out when folded up, preventing water from escaping and saving you from moping up after every

Another neat idea is kids umbrellas with a ‘viewing’ hole in them. These are great for kids who tend to pull
their umbrellas low over their heads. The clear plastic window allows them to see where they’re going, and
avoid any surprise collisions with other students or street signs.

Stay away from the classic straight umbrella when looking for kids umbrellas – they have pointy tips and are
rather large, even when folded. They’re usable in a pinch but offer no child-friendly adaptations. For younger
kids especially, you want to find something designed with them in mind.

Next up is the materials which go into your perfect kids umbrellas. When looking at materials, there isn’t
really a ‘best’ or ‘worse material out there – it all depends on the purpose the umbrella serves, how much care
is paid to it, and the climate where you live. For kids umbrellas, in particular, it’s a balancing act between
what’s light, what’s durable, and what’s easiest on the pocketbook.

For lightweight shafts, plastic or aluminum is your best and cheapest bet – but also the most fragile. If your
kid is the type to come home from school looking like they escaped a warzone, you might want to sacrifice
some weight for durability. Steel is good, but the metal can get very cold to the touch if you live up north or
your kids are the type to ‘forget’ their gloves at home. Wood is a bit heavier, but they are near-indestructible,
and any damage they do take can be easily erased with a piece of fine sandpaper. Choosing materials for the
handle are much the same as the shaft, deciding what’s the best combo of tough but light. With kids
umbrellas, you can also find custom plastic handles in the shape of cartoon characters. These may look really
cool, but keep in mind if they will be uncomfortable to hold after a while. If your child has a long walk
home, it’s better to get something comfy and usable rather than cool. If they really want their favorite
character nearby, let them add stickers or small charms for quick customization, It’s a good middle-ground
for particularly picky kids.

As for the canopy, kids need something lightweight that also avoids ripping and tearing. Polyester is a
common and popular material in kids umbrellas today – it dries fast, offers UV protection, and doesn’t shrink
or grow when exposed to humidity. Beware of static build-up though – beyond just mild shocks, kids with
long hair might come home looking at a mad scientist!

Nylon avoids this static issue, dries quickly, and is much softer to the touch than polyester. However the
fabric can grow or shrink depending on humidity – this can make it harder to close, especially for young
kids. Keep in mind where you live and what conditions the umbrella will face.

A material that might be unfamiliar to American consumers is Chinese Pongee – tightly woven threads that
are both highly protective and tough. This material is a great choice but is often more expensive the nylon or
polyester, so it depends on your budget.

Plastic is also an option, particularly popular for bubble umbrellas. Cheap, dependable, and easy to colour
make this fabric highly appealing, and the water slides right off without worry. Beware of cold temperatures,
though – they offer little warmth in colder climates. Any rips are also harder to replace – you likely have to
change the entire canopy, where other materials can use patches in a pinch.

kids umbrella

Top Ten Kids Umbrellas of 2020

Whew, you got to the end! Clearly, shopping for kids umbrellas is far more complicated than a quick search
on Amazon. Don’t feel bad if you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start – I got you! Keeping
all that in mind, here are some of the best rated and best-selling umbrellas of 2020 to use as a starting point.
Keep in mind, they all have their pros and cons, and which is best really depends on your specific needs.

1. FCTRY Hipster Kids Umbrella – A simple umbrella designed to be lightweight and kid-friendly. It’s
got an easy opening and closing mechanism to avoid pinched fingers and a matte rubber handle that’s
easy for little hands to hold. They come in a variety of fruit-themed designs, from lemon to
watermelon to kiwi. Great for siblings who might otherwise have trouble telling their umbrellas apart.

2. Safety Round Colour Kids Umbrella – A great way to avoid a pointy kid-on-kid collision, these
umbrellas come with rounded corners to avoid accidental eye-poking. It’s made from high-grade
polyester, great for any season, and is child-tested.

3. HF Color Changing Umbrella – A creative idea by HF designed with kids in mind. While it appears
white while dry, add a little rain and it changes color using special ink that has been tested and is
safe for kids. Your kid will love showing it off on the playground – a good incentive for them to
actually remember to carry it!

4. Stephen Joseph Pop-Up Umbrellas – One of the most well-known brands for kids umbrellas, you’ll
find Stephen Joseph umbrellas on every top-ten list you can find. Well made with light materials and a
comfy grip, these umbrellas come in unique 3D designs which your kid will love to show off at school.

5. Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella – the plastic bubble dome keeps little ones dry in even the worst
rainstorms – great for kids who can’t seem to avoid puddles no matter what you do. It features rounded
tips and a pinch-proof closing mechanism. The adorable, clear designs are an added bonus!

6. Kids Safe Umbrella with Round Edges – another lightweight and durable kid-safe umbrella notable
for its rounded edges, reflective stripes, and name-tag to avoid losing it at school. This umbrella was
designed by a mom for moms and has great reviews and unisex styles.

7. SMATI Kids Umbrella – a lightweight plastic handle with a clear plastic bubble dome. Comes in
several adorable animal-based designs, with reflective stripes for added peace of mind.

8. Plemo Automatic Compact Windproof Umbrella – a great umbrella if your area’s prone to windy
days, with extra-strength metal ribs to avoid flipping inside out on windy days. It’s a compact umbrella
which can easily be slipped into backpacks and carried without thinking – and it’s entirely automatic,
so no worrying about pinched fingers.

9. Skip Hop Zoo Umbrella – noted for being especially durable even by kids standards, this umbrella is
made from strong materials designed to stand up to all the abuse a kid can throw at it. The plastic
handle and dome make it lightweight and easy to carry, and the Peek-a-Boo window ensures kids can
see where they’re going.

10. Hatley’s Boy’s Printed Umbrellas – A simple but well-made 100% polyester umbrella with a wooden
handle. It’s a little heavier than it’s plastic counterparts, but stronger and less prone to cracks after daily
use. It’s available with matching rain-boots and coat as well, to keep your little one dry in style!


Custom Kid Umbrellas

With all these options and things to consider, parents often have a hard time finding one umbrella that
matches all their criteria. Despite there being so many kids umbrellas available, to really get the best one for
your specific needs, you may need to get one custom made. Custom umbrellas are uniquely able to fulfill
any and all expectations, designed to satisfy even the pickiest kids out there.
So how do you go about getting a custom kids umbrella?

Well, start by outlining what you want from the umbrella. Do you want one with rounded edges? A special
handle? Is there a character or design your kid loves? A good start is to write down a list of what you need,
keeping in mind specifics like material, size, and safety additions such as reflective stripes.
Once you outlined what you need, you’re ready to start looking! The top-ten list above is a good place to
start, but remember, those are only a few of the thousands of kid umbrellas out there. There are loads more,
each with their own unique features as selling points. It understandable if you feel a little overwhelmed by
all the options!

A good place to find custom kids umbrellas is HF Umbrellas, which you can find here ->
If you haven’t heard of them, HF Umbrellas are reliable and highly praised by just about everyone in the
industry. They’ve been making custom kids umbrellas for over 30 years, and have a great reputation for well-made
and well-priced umbrellas. A lot of people who are interested in a custom kids umbrella worry about
the price tag attached; you don’t have to worry about that here. On average, their umbrellas are 30% – 50%
cheaper than their competitors, because they cut out the middleman and let you order directly from the
factory, saving you money, The materials and designs are all top-notch too, with dozens of options. If you
found something you like in the top-ten list above, chances are HF Kids Umbrellas has a version of it, which
can be customized even further to perfectly fit its recipient. They build their umbrellas from the frame up, so
anything you can imagine customized, they can do it!

They also have a section on the specific care needed for kids umbrellas. I recommend anyone who’s
interesting in purchasing a kids umbrella to take a peek at their advice. It’s targeted to young kids who can be
rather rough on their umbrellas, with the goal of making your custom umbrella last as long as possible. HF
Umbrella isn’t just focused on selling you a single umbrella, but on finding the perfect umbrella your kid will
love, and making sure it can withstand anything your child can throw its way. And another great feature is
there is no minimum or maximum order size.

Do you want one unique kids umbrella?

You got it! Do you have twins or siblings who all want something similar but still custom? You can find that too! Even the
pickiest kids can find something they like on HF Umbrellas, which, as any mom will tell you, that’s half the
battle right there.

My personal advice is that when you find a kids umbrella your child really loves, buy at least two. It’s
always great to have a replacement and save yourself the headache of trying to find that specific model all
over again. Happy shopping!