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Disney umbrella- Small products, big market

Speaking of IP shaping, many people can’t help but think of Disney and its huge IP empire, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, Pooh Bear ……, any of the IP image shaped by Disney, it is difficult to study.
Disney TsumTsum Land is a puzzle block clearing game. Players will be able to collect different characters and use their unique skills to get higher scores in each stage.
The game also features a leaderboard and various mini-games for players to explore.
Reverse umbrella design, not only easy to carry, but also to close the umbrella, will not wet themselves, very humane.
The design of the umbrella is divided into two types of men’s and women’s models. Disney’s classic cartoon images, deeply loved by Disney fans.
As an excellent umbrella manufacturer in China, hfumbrella continues to cooperate with global famous brands to develop popular umbrella products. If you have a well-known brand license, please contact our R&D team.

If you are an authorised Disney distributor and intend to purchase customised Disney umbrellas from China. Please note the following points.

1: Please make sure you choose a manufacturer that has passed the Disney inspection. Disney has appointed 8 global factory inspection agencies and factories can choose any one of them.

2: Apply for a production authorisation letter (FAMA) from Disney. Each region and each product category, must be applied for independently. Details such as the name and address of the manufacturer are included on the top of the document.

3: Whatever the case, please do not source counterfeit products. Chinese customs are very strict on counterfeit products. Not only will your goods be seized, but your company may also be blacklisted.