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7 Tips to Customize Your Promotional Umbrellas to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Umbrellas are a versatile invention and have a long history of use all over the world in different forms since the earliest civilizations. Be it ancient Egypt, ancient India and China or the Mesoamerica’s, the umbrella, or parasol as it is called in some places, has found use in daily life as well as ceremonial functions all over the world.

It can be as simple as a mat of leaves supported by a wooden stick, or it can be ornately decorated in regal manner decked with gold and jewels for the highest honors of royalty. The umbrella is a universal tool of human ingenuity and in many ways has become a template for the expression of local culture, traditions, beliefs and mythology.

The canopy of the umbrella is nothing less than a convenient and portable canvas for the projection of human creativity, and in the twenty-first century, this canvas can be put to use as prime branding real-estate.

What better way to spread the word of your brand than a free moving billboard that takes your brand everywhere your clients go. Promotional umbrellas are a great way to make your brand get noticed quickly and easily, and if utilized correctly, can turn into a very profitable marketing strategy.

Today, we’ll discuss the seven tips and tricks you can use to customize your promotional umbrellas to achieve the greatest efficiency and value for your marketing and branding. Let’s begin!

1. Bright Colors Stand Out

When it comes to human perception, we have been tuned through evolution to recognize and identify bright colors almost instantly. What was once a survival mechanism for the early humans can now be used as a marketing advantage. Decorating your promotional umbrellas with bright, eye-catching colors can create an instant impression in the minds of your target audience.

Using different colors, we can instill emotion of our choice into everyone who comes across your promotional design. Pair this with the next few tips and tricks, and your brand is sure to become instantly recognizable to everyone, everywhere.

2. Prominent Branding

The whole purpose of a promotional umbrella would be void if the branding and logo of your company or business is unreadable, faint or simply badly placed. The canvas of the umbrella can provide immediate results, but only if used correctly and efficiently. Placing prominent branding on the umbrella ensures that your business gets the most attention when your umbrellas are in plain sight.

Overbearing colors or distracting designs, patterns or lines can lead your viewers’ attention away from your brand which defeats the purpose of the endeavor. As always, simpler is better. Bold, prominent branding can take your promotional umbrellas a long way in terms of marketing and advertising your business.

3. Patterns and Designs

If you prefer to give an artistic look to your promotional umbrellas, use of patterns and designs is a great way to drive your audience’s attention towards your branding. When used correctly, directional lines and patterns can divert the gaze of onlookers directly onto your branding and logos. Simple, elegant designs that do not overpower the branding in terms of colors or intricacy, can serve as an easy and convenient tool to bring attention to your promotional umbrella.

This is also an effective way to ensure that people keep using your promotional umbrella frequently, as an appealing design will make your customers and clients more willing to carry your promotional content with them all the time.

4. Catch Phrases Catch Attention

Using your company’s motto or a clever catch-phrase is a good way to make your branding memorable and fun. A play on words or a well written company tag line can bring attention to your business easily and ensures that your brand is recognized and remembered by your audience.

A motto or a tag line quickly delivers your potential customers the key information and scope of your business apart from giving an idea of the nature of services or products provided by your company. A memorable catch phrase printed on your promotional umbrella is a quick way to get recognized and remembered by potential customers and clients.

5. Know Your Audience

The most successful marketing and promotional strategies place the highest focus and attention on determining the target audience for your brand. Choosing the right audience can help design a creative and functional promotional umbrella that speaks out directly to the target audience and catches the right kind of attention from the crowds.

For example, if the promotional umbrella is targeted towards children, then bright playful colors, caricatures and cartoons and colorful patterns will be the way to go. If the target audience is based on real estate industry, then decorating the promotional umbrella with architectural pictures and references are a good choice for branding your promotional umbrella.

6. Pictures and Artwork

Pictures speak louder than words as they say, and a well-placed relevant picture on your promotional umbrella not only brings attention to your brand but also adds an aesthetical dimension turning your promotional umbrella into something fashionable. Pictures or artwork that represent your industry, your country or city or even pictures of your own past events and activities can create a lasting connection in the minds of potential clients and customers.

Pictures that connect your business to a specific industry or service, or using recognizable artwork that is already connected to your company is a good way to bring more attention to your promotional activities and company.

7. Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right size for your promotional umbrella is the most effective way to ensure that your branding and marketing reach more of your potential customers. You can choose from outdoor umbrellas that are perfect to place at restaurants, clubs and public places, standard umbrellas that become a daily carry for your customers or small foldable umbrellas that serve their purpose whenever they are needed.

Choosing the right size based on your requirements can ensure that the purpose of your promotional umbrella is recognized and utilized to its full extent.


A well-designed, personalized and branded custom promotional umbrella can boost your brand’s market visibility and recognition among potential clients to an all-time high in an affordable and efficient manner. Focusing on the potential audience, selecting the right size, using catchy words and phrases along with representative images or artwork and properly placed prominent branding, designs or patterns can bring aesthetic quality to your promotional umbrellas while making sure that your brand reaches large number of businesses and clients in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Fashionable, aesthetically pleasing umbrellas are a must have for any business looking to explore a unique marketing channel with the potential to generate quick results. Using the historic creative medium of the umbrella, a cultural and psychological bond can be created with potential customers. It can be a simple hassle-free medium to promote your business activities, services or products while bringing convenience to your clients and customers with a great practical and fashionable gift for your clients and customers to have.