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5 Ways Wood Umbrellas Are Better Than Metal Umbrellas


If you have a patio, a garden, or an outdoor pool, you may be thinking of installing a large patio umbrella. As you go out shopping for a patio or pool umbrella, you may get some options regarding the size, materials, and features available. With regard to the structure too, there are some options available, but generally it is either made up of wood, aluminum, fiber glass, or cast iron metal. Different materials have different appeal, looks, and durability. If you are confused between whether to get a wood and metal umbrella for your garden, patio, or pool, this article might help you know more about how wooden umbrellas are better. This will help you to decide what sun protection umbrella to buy.

Metal Umbrellas

Patio décor is mostly incomplete without a patio umbrella. Metal patio umbrellas are used by many homeowners to keep themselves prevented from sun-rays as they enjoy the open-air environment. Metal umbrellas are usually constructed with durable weather-resistant material that is light weight, such as aluminum. Aluminum umbrellas are really common and can be purchased as an affordable option for your patio. It comes in a variety of frame colors, tilt mechanisms, and fabric choices to make your outdoor look the way you like it. However, wood umbrellas are more common because of the benefits and style they bring to the patio and the outdoor look of a house.

Wood Umbrellas

A wood umbrella as a patio umbrella is a great choice. Wood as a material has remained a symbol of elegance and solid construction since years. The kind of feel and look that a wood umbrella gives is unmistakable. It evokes a primitive aesthetic that is desired by many homeowners and enthusiasts who like classic and natural things around them. A wood patio umbrella is hence, not just a shading option but also a stylistic choice that depicts something about the homeowner’s taste and preferences. Therefore, despite so many metal options for umbrellas, wood umbrellas are still preferred not just for patios and pool sides generally, but also for gatherings and outdoor weddings, mainly because of the timeless look they give and the beauty they add.

Technological advancements have brought many improvements to wood umbrellas now. Sometimes, fiberglass is added to make them further wind resistant. Boat quality nylon rope and stainless steel pulleys for lowering and lifting the umbrella’s canopy are other major improvements. There are also numerous fabric choices that come with a wooden umbrella so that you can give your patio the look you desire.

The price of wood umbrellas varies from about $100 to a few thousand depending on the wood quality and the features it has. These include features like cranks, fabric of the canopy, built in lighting, solid wood pole, metal or brass fittings, cranks etc. The things you want in your wood umbrellas depend mainly on the needs and purpose you have of getting it and determine its price to a great extent.

Types of Wood Umbrella

Wood umbrellas are basically of two types: patio wood umbrella and wood market umbrella. Any umbrella that is used on a patio, deck, pool area, lawn, or garden, is referred to the patio umbrella. They are usually for outdoor use and often placed in the outdoor of your home. On the other hand, wood market umbrellas are generally higher in terms of quality, heavier in duty, and come with a central wooden pole. They are used in open air markets sometimes.

Now that we know about wood umbrellas, without much further ado, let’s talk about 5 things that make wood umbrella better than metal umbrellas.

1. Wood umbrellas do not rust

One of the major drawbacks of metals is that they rust over time. Their working parts are also prone to damage as years pass. Unlike metals, however, wood does not rust. When varnished properly and made waterproof, wooden umbrellas are found to be durable in sunny and rainy environments. They might rot if not maintained properly, but sealed and stained wood has the ability of standing and giving years of service before it decays.

2. They can stand the test of windy conditions

Although in windy conditions or before storm, it is advisable to put down the patio umbrella, sometimes this might not be possible. Hence, making a choice that stands the test of weather changes is usually a preference. While metal umbrellas are also designed to bear high winds, under prolonged high-speed winds, they can bend and warp at times. In contrast, a wood will not do so. When the limit is reached, it may break or simply split but that is a rare scenario.

3. You can match your wood furniture with a wood patio umbrella

If wooden furniture is your preference and you want to match your umbrella with it, then a wood patio umbrella would be a great choice. Wood umbrellas pair well with wood patio dining tables and look really great. Usually most of the wood umbrellas are built with either beautiful pale teak or the dark redder hardwood. However, a patio umbrella made of teak usually changes its color over time, which should be kept in consideration when going for a teak wood patio umbrella. Also, if the outdoor area has thick foliage, a wood umbrella looks best.

4. Wood umbrellas give a really classy and rich look

Wood is often used to give a classic and elegant look. When used in the patio or stationed to your outdoor pool area, it provides a rich and classy look. It gives the look of Italian Street Cafés or Mediterranean beaches to any patio décor. Giving such an elegant look is one of the benefits of a wood patio umbrella. It might require some maintenance to keep your wood umbrella look like new, but so does every other wooden furniture and classy artifact need. It is a style choice that is preferred by homeowners and décor enthusiasts to add an aesthetic look to any outdoor area. Because of the beauty a wood umbrella adds, a picturesque outdoor setting is difficult to imagine without it.

5. They are ideal for tropical settings

Environment plays an important role in making a choice regarding your patio umbrella. Wooden umbrellas are considered suitable especially for tropical settings. This is because of the fact that they do not rust. In tropical environment, an umbrella has to bear intense sunlight and stay strong. A wood umbrella, therefore, works better in such conditions.

Given all the benefits, elegance, and a classy look that wood umbrellas bring, there is no doubt that wood umbrellas work better than metal umbrellas and coordinate beautifully with the outdoor natural environment.

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