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7 Reasons Why Promotional Umbrellas Are Amazing For Branding

Businesses usually look for promotional products as a means of drawing the attention of more potential customers. Promotional products have been used for years as a low-cost marketing tactic for driving brand awareness and long-term growth. Businesses, whether large or small, startups or established, are always searching for corporate promotional gifts that are functional as well as stylish. One of the products that are gaining more attention for branding and marketing in recent times is the customized or promotional Umbrella. Umbrellas work really well as a promotional item because of a number of reasons.

Here are 7 reasons why you should invest in promotional umbrellas for your marketing and how they are amazing for branding:

1. It is a useful and convenient promotional item

The last thing you want in a promotional item is to not have any usefulness, which means your brand will not have the visibility you are looking for. To protect from hostile climatic conditions of rain and thunderstorm to blazing sun, umbrellas are a useful companion to have. It is a product that is used widely all year round in many parts of the world. It is not the kind of custom gift that people get every other day and that is kept in the cupboard and simply forgotten about. It is something that has a lot of functionality and use. Hence, as the product is used by the people it is distributed to, your brand gets more exposure with no additional effort or cost.

2. Umbrellas are a long-lasting product

Unlike a pen, mug, or diary (which are common promotional items), a quality promotional umbrella is a long-lasting product, which also offers you brand longevity. As the umbrella continues to be used by the recipient for months and sometimes even years, your brand will continue to get exposure. As you select a durable promotional product to promote your brand, you basically produce a marketing method that will provide you with a higher and extended returns on your initial investment. This makes umbrellas a cost-effective promotional option with only a few products or advertising methods can match in terms of garnering impressions over a long period of time.

Also, since promotional umbrellas are waterproof and not sensitive to heat, you can get them in bulk at a lower price when you are planning your promotional campaign and store the additional ones for a long time until you plan to use them again. Also, they do not have any expiry, so there is no pressure on you to use them as soon as possible. You can just keep them stored for as long as you like it.

3. The logo and branding have high visibility

As the clients stay safe from downpours, your branding gets clear visibility when you opt for promotional umbrellas for branding. With print sizes more than 300mm, there is a lot of space to utilize creatively to make sure that your brand and logo get a decent exposure. The size of the umbrella means that people are more likely to notice the branding and logo from far away if you use the area in attractive ways.

You can use each panel for showcasing your logo or you can get the entire umbrella printed with the design you like or that aligns with your brand. There are endless options and possibilities to opt for. Even the bottom of the handle can be printed or customized to give it the look you desire. However, using the canvas of the umbrella creatively and making it a style statement with intelligent placement of logo can go a long way and make for a perfect business gift.

4. It offers a lot of coverage and exposure

Umbrellas work especially well in sporting and corporate events in which there is a large gathering. This ensures that your brand and your logo will be seen by the audience. However, there is a wide scope of their use beyond that too. They are like a moving billboard for your business. The person who receives the umbrella as part of your promotional campaign, he/she will carry it along anywhere they go, which means your brand and logo has the possibility of being seen by as many people as that individual is surrounded by at different times, in various locations.

Every time your umbrella’s recipient goes to a crowded place, the exposure your brand gets is multiplied. Thus a promotional umbrella is usually regarded as an effective promotional product to make numerous impressions over its lifetime.

5. They can be customized in different styles and colors

Umbrellas are an incredibly flexible promotional product. They offer a lot of options for customization to meet your requirements and can make a great backdrop for almost any kind of logo. They come in different sizes, styles, and colors to align with your brand identity. From commercial outdoor umbrellas, to promotional golf umbrellas with different logo printing design, there is something for every business.

People are usually happy when they receive something useful and functional as an umbrella, but with the addition of cool, trendy features and a stylish look, they are more likely to pick yours if they have to choose one from a variety of umbrellas. Of course, it is a little tricky to come up with a general crowd-pleaser, but with some intelligent work and some research, you can come up with the right design to promote your brand. A trendy umbrella has the potential to be a topic of discussion and longing for anyone who sees it and will definitely help in providing you the publicity you are looking for.

6. They can be given to people of any age and gender

Umbrellas are used by everyone, regardless of their age and gender. From young school-going children to professionals, from old people to teenagers, an umbrella is something that they all look for in rainy conditions. Therefore, if you are looking for a promotional product to target all kinds of audiences and do not want to come up with something that would appease to just a specific age-bracket or demographics, then an umbrella is the best option to settle with.

7. It is an environment-friendly option

Brochures and leaflets are disposable forms of brand promotion, usually thrown away by those who receive them. On the other hand, umbrellas are a long-lasting item and not thrown away by recipients. That’s why promotional umbrellas do not contribute to polluting the environment, making them an eco-friendly promotional choice.

Final Word

Given all these impressive reasons, if you are looking to get promotional umbrellas in China for branding, Hfumbrella is the place for you. Hfumbrella is one of the leading companies in China for getting personalized umbrellas. We are capable of professionally designing, printing, and tailoring umbrellas in accordance with the needs of our users. We know how to give a creative spin to the product, adding fashion elements to make it a product with high value that not just promotes your brand but is also fashionable and functional.

If the above reasons have inspired you to order custom umbrellas for your next promotional campaign, head to our website to find out more details and place an order.

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