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Foldable Automatic Led Umbrella with Reflective Strip and Torchlight handle for Men and Women

The automatic opening and closing LED umbrella is definitely one of the best corporate gifts. When it is dark and rainy, I open this umbrella, it is not only for me to cover the rain and brings light, let my heart feel very warm, very safe. Thus, I have more trust in the brand of this company. So a good gift is to enter the heart of the user.
Product number: HF2022050901

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Product Description

Our custom-made Led umbrella redefines high-quality products to suit your needs. With this foldable led umbrella, you’re sure to get premium quality alongside creative functionality, all at an affordable cost.

Automated Open and close function

Among the many features, the one thing you need your umbrella to be is flexible and easy to use. You are getting precisely that with our Automatic foldable led umbrella. The automated system enables you to instantly open and close your lead umbrella quickly and with remarkable ease, through one click of a button on the handle. When it comes to being smooth and flexible, this lead umbrella is right there on top.

Windproof technology

Our fully automated LED umbrella can withstand powerful gusts of rain and wind due to its durable structure. The ribs are made from a variety of high-quality steel, aluminum, and fiberglass materials that make it sturdy and easy to withstand the elements. Come rain, come sunshine, and now, come wind, you’ll be well prepared for any conditions.

Waterproof umbrella

What is it they say about the best umbrella? They are 21OT pongee waterproof! So, you are confident in your Led umbrella to withstand torrential downpours. The material used for the fabric is super repellent and dries up faster than most.

Reflective strips

No Led umbrella is complete without its lighting fixtures to make you stand out in the crowd. Just like the striking reflective strip of this beauty to add vibrancy, color, and most importantly, illumination to brighten up your night.

Flashlight Handle

Our custom-led umbrella rounds up its high functionality here with a flashlight placed at the handle. Now, you’re assured of safer night travels.

What else are you waiting for? It’s time to choose your lifetime umbrella partner.

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