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Custom Semi-Automatic Straight Led Transparent Umbrellas

There are lots of outdoor activities you can do with these straight Led transparent umbrellas simply because it is transparent!

Item number: HF20220509004



Your clothes make a statement when you wear them and so does your choice of an umbrella! You can create Fashion Week statements with the unique and vibrant Led transparent umbrella. Turn a great day into a bright one with its colorful vibe. It is also perfect for social occasions like outdoor weddings, graduation parties, Prom, etc. Thinking of gifting something cute and trendy to your girlfriend or spouse? The Led transparent umbrella is a perfect gift choice.

Transparent umbrella

Most umbrellas will provide you with excellent protection against atmospheric conditions. So, what makes our Led transparent umbrella unique? It combines trendy, functionality, and practicality all in one. The clear, soft transparent plastic material is engineered to allow you to maximize visibility whilst protecting yourself from tough weather conditions.

Windproof construction

This trendy product is structured with 8 reinforced fiberglass ribs for sheer resistance against powerful wind. What’s even more amazing about its design is the utility of being able to see through your umbrella even when it is very windy. Not many products can boast of that!


The soft plastic fabric of our excellent Led umbrella is very flexible and lightweight which makes it stress-free for you to move around with. You can fold the fabric easily and perfectly when not in use for easy carriage.

Led light

When illuminated, the entire handle of the umbrella sparks to life to give it strikingly because the look and feel. As cool products go, this is a sure 10/10

Outdoor umbrella

There are lots of outdoor activities you can do with this umbrella simply because it is transparent! So, there are no limitations! If you want to go hiking, camping, golf with friends, etc, you have a perfect companion right here. Finally, it is very suitable as a special and trendy gift for your family and friend.

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