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Automatic Compact Led umbrella with Rotating Flashlight handle

If you are looking for a creative gift to promote your brand or as a promotional gift, then this folding compact LED umbrella is the best choice. Convenient and practical, cheap price. High frequency of use and wide advertising surface. The umbrella can also use environmental RPET FABRIC to promote the concept of environmental protection.

Item number: HF20220509002

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The automatic Led umbrella has been made to cater to your special needs. It is large enough to protect you from the weather whilst also compact enough to conveniently fit into your bags. During torrential downpours and powerful wind conditions, this LED umbrella has you covered due to its durable windproof, and waterproof functions. Finally, it is lightweight and flexible—this is quite important especially if you have moved around frequently.

Flashlight grip

Do you know what’s better than a LED umbrella with a handle? One with a handle that rotates 180 degrees! This gives you premium utility in adjusting the position of the lights so it is comfortable. Now you can see puddles from different angles and avoid stepping into them when you are walking at night.

Automated open and close function

One-handed, one click of a button and this unique Led umbrella is ready for use. You’ll waste no time in protecting yourself from sudden rain and wind with this easy-to-use function of our Led umbrella.

Reflective edge

Your night walks are about to get brighter! Designed with reflective strip light on the edge, this umbrella provides you with high visibility at night to enable you to go on extended long walks.

Windproof and waterproof

If you are looking for sturdy and durable products, you should try our automatic compact LED umbrella. With an 8- rib fiberglass structure, it can withstand the strong wind without being destroyed. Similarly, this Led umbrella is made with high-quality waterproof fabric that prevents leaks during a heavy downpours

What function do you want your umbrella to serve? It is all covered in our Automatic compact Led umbrella with a rotating flashlight handle. You can get one from our collection of premium and excellent custom Led umbrellas here.