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Checklist to Choose the Right Promotional Umbrella

Promotional custom umbrellas are widely popular for the purpose of building value as a clearly researched product determines the success of an event or a campaign. The implication of the appropriate strategy enables business corporations to surpass its rivals, whereas a poor choice may hinder growth and prosperity.

Business corporations across the globe consider promotional umbrellas as a medium to promote the marketing success of their respective brands. Positive promotions pave the way towards establishing new avenues for employees, clients, and customers, especially in case of versatile commodities.

Whether your clients seek shade during corporate golf outings and outdoor events or try to stay dry during rainy season, the right promotional umbrella will perhaps offer visibility to your target audience throughout the year. Regardless of country clubs, tournaments, or trade fairs, promotional umbrellas serve as commendable giveaways and are highly appreciated, even if your clients are involved in outdoor activities or not.

Trouble deciding from various options? Here is a checklist that may guide you for choosing the right promotional umbrella for your brand.

  1. Purpose of the Product

Before you go through the checklist for choosing the right promotional umbrella, make sure that your organisation has determined the purpose of such promotion. Do you seek to enhance visibility? Collaborate with prospective business ventures? Extend your target through new leads? Consequently having an established objectives will contribute significantly in selecting the required promotional umbrella.

  1. Choose a Reputed Name

Currently, the brolly industry of the UK is regulated by numerous manufacturers and suppliers. Some of them are labelled as “newbies”, while some maintain their dominance over the entire market with maximum share. In case you are unaware of the market conditions, ask around for brands with solid reputation. Rather than relying blindly on the price of the umbrella, it is rather preferable to approach a brand, which is trustworthy and reliable for its product.

  1. Determine the Target Audience

The ideal customers that a corporation intends to target is a key factor for choosing the right promotional umbrella. What is the target audience of your brand? This question is indeed crucial for selecting the products that is interesting and beneficial for your target audience.

  1. Conveying the Right Message

Business corporations often tend to ignore the message they seek to convey from their promotional product, which eventually hinders in exploiting the benefits that could have been tapped otherwise. The type of promotional umbrella will portray a lot about your company. You may stick to light and decent colours if you wish to demonstrate a serious approach. But if you wish to display your business personality as quirky and eccentric, then bright colours will be the perfect reflection.

  1. Check for the Prices

The best approach is to simply avoid the products that are labelled for their poor quality, irrespective of their price. However, once you manage to shortlist the best manufacturers, obtain quotes for the required quantities from the best suppliers. Throughout this process, companies should keep a check of the costs they may incur in relation to their promotional marketing efforts along with additional expenses that are likely to arise.

  1. Consideration for Branding. Information, Text and Logo

Before you move any further, go back and review the purpose for using the product once again. Once you have evaluated your objectives, what information do you intend to promote through promotional umbrellas? Is it the logo of your company? The name of the company? Or your brand’s message?

Promotional umbrellas are available in different sizes and features and should be chosen in accordance with the purpose you seek to achieve. The larger the umbrella, the larger will be the imprint as you would not like your respective message to get messed up or be illegible with images and texts. Thus, the more you want to say, your customised promotional umbrella will become bigger.

  1. Products with Warranty Offer Reliability

What differentiates a brand from another is the warranty it provides for its products. If you intend to establish your marketing strategy using a promotional umbrella as an advertising tool, it is advisable to choose a trustworthy umbrella brand that offers warranty and back their products. It is essential to have faith in it, especially if your branding is dependent upon it.

  1. Request for Rendering or Samples of Promotional Brollies

Many reputed manufacturers in UK’s umbrella industry are well-known for providing a sample of their product upon request to show off the confidence they have in what they offer. However, some names are reluctant to do so, which eventually raises doubt and leads to the question as to what might be wrong?

This option on your checklist serve two fold benefits. It develops a visual impact on the client upon the possibility of seeing a prospective branding, while providing insights regarding the customer service of the respective brand. How they respond to your request is a matter of significant importance. A negative response, especially during such crucial phase of business should have implications upon your final decision.

Final Word

Hfumbrella is one of the credible umbrella sellers in the UK. You may be well aware of the fact that our promotional umbrellas are a true reflection of the quality merchandise. We have utmost pride in the fact that we provide the best quality umbrellas at the most reasonable prices as our focus is targeted towards providing maximum value to our respective clients.

Hfumbrella comply with all the quality protocols that have been specified for the UK’s umbrella industry. Our efficient management system and scientific methods of production contribute significantly towards effective execution, planning, and decision making, which is eventually reflected in the final products that we offer to our clients.

What makes Hfumbrella the perfect choice for companies while choosing the right promotional umbrella for their marketing strategies is the presence of adequate supervision, stable customer resources, robust network of suppliers, and a professionally regulated internal control.

Keep the aforementioned checklist in mind before taking the plunge to buying your go-to umbrella.

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