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Promotional Umbrella Make People Pay

In marketing there are many truisms which apply to promotional umbrellas as much as any other form of advertising. However, there are some which are not only specific to promotional products but apply to items such as printed umbrellas as well. For instance:

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Keep the message brief
Promotional umbrellas give such a large area for your design that it is tempting to include everything you ha ve ever wanted to say a bout you product on it somewhere. It should be remembered that most corporate umbrellas will be raised in poor weather and will be seen from a distance. Keep it big and simple is good advice.

Do not shock
It can be tempting to include innuendo or double meaning on your promotional umbrella, After all, it made your staff laugh when you mentioned it to them. However, bear in mind that they always laugh at your jokes and that your printed umbrellas might betaken into areas where a sense of humour is not all that common

Test it
Although promotional umbrellas are a very cheap form of advertising you will still, at a time of increase VAT rate, want to get best value from them. Ask a few people from the group you wish to influence what they think of your latest design for corporate umbrellas before ordering hundreds.

Tell people what to do
Most of your customers will prefer to be directed. If your promotional umbrella merely hints at your preferred method of contact then a significant percentage will miss it, If you want them to log on to your website then ensure that the URL is the most prominent feature. If the telephone is your choice then big bold figures on your printed umbrella is the only sensible way to go.

There is a lot of background noise out there and you do not want your promotional umbrella to become invisible amongst it all In your design go for something that catches people’s attention and, if possible makes them think A corporate umbrella that becomes a talking point is the best of all possible worlds.

You know your customers so go for a style of promotional umbrella that they will like. It is obvious advice of course. However, you have a choice. Do you go for a printed umbrella that someone will want
to use and display or should you opt for something that will attract customers by the way it looks?

Go for both. A specific type of promotional umbrella, such as telescopic or golfing, will be aimed at a specific use whereas you want your logo and product seen by potential customers. A corporate umbrella can be both things to both groups.

Just because costs are so low, do not treat promotional umbrellas casually. For help, advice and guidance on what products are right for you , speak to a professional promotion product supplier who is a member of both UK trade associations, PROMOTA and BPMA :