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Reverse Umbrellas

reverse umbrellas

What does a Reverse Umbrella mean?

Just like traditional umbrellas, reverse umbrellas also perform the same function of safeguarding you from sun or rain. However, the major difference that has been identified in these two types of brollies is the fact that they open in opposite or in the reverse direction. This means that these umbrellas function simply in an upward-opening mechanism rather than pulling it upwards or downwards, thus making it a subversion of traditional or normal umbrellas.

A reputed Japanese designer, Sakamoto invented the concept of reverse umbrellas many years ago. Thus in 2013, the first version of reverse umbrellas, also known as inverted umbrellas was introduced in the brolly industry for the first time. Later in the year 2015, the second version of the reverse umbrella was launched, which grew popular by the name of KAZbrella.

Over the years, the concept of reverse umbrellas received tremendous support and gained popularity amongst the customers, while numerous reputable brands even implemented this concept on their products with the objective of branding. Currently, the brolly industry of the UK comprises a diverse range of reverse umbrellas featuring appealing and exquisite designs.

Different Types of Reverse Umbrella

Knowing about different types of reverse umbrella that are available in the market indeed makes us curious. In this regard, the brolly industry of the UK is loaded with various types of reverse umbrellas that have unique benefits and special features. Thus, to ease the buying decision of business organisations and corporate clients, the most popular types of reverse umbrellas have been identified:

  • Self-Opening Umbrella: This type of reverse umbrella is simple and easy to use for users. All that it takes to use this umbrella is to press the button that is placed near the handle, following which the umbrella opens instantly.
  • Manual Reverse Umbrella: A manual reverse umbrella requires manual efforts for the purpose of opening or closing them and are similar to standard umbrellas.
  • Transparent Reverse Umbrella: This variety of reverse umbrella ensures continuous protection against the sun as they are equipped with waterproof fabrics of high-quality.
  • LED Reverse Umbrella: To serve the users in the dark hours, LED reverse umbrellas are equipped with energy-efficient LED lights that perform the function of higher visibility even in times of heavy rain or storm.
  • Reflective Inverted Umbrella: This type of umbrella is similar to an LED reverse umbrella that enhances visibility at times of heavy rains and night hours. In addition to this, they are also designed with the objective of ensuring protection against UV rays.

The selection and final decision with respect to choosing the best types of the reverse umbrella are dependent upon the budget range, needs, and requirements of the client. In this regard, the brolly industry of the UK comprises of numerous brolly manufacturers that you may choose in accordance with your needs and requirements.

Reverse Umbrella- Innovation, Pros and Cons

Why Should You Choose a Reverse Umbrella as a Promotional Gift?

The suppliers and manufacturers of brolly in the UK highly recommend their clients to purchase reverse umbrellas, rather than the traditional umbrellas. In this regard, reverse umbrellas are completely different as compared to standard umbrellas as the part from where they open is towards the umbrella. The raw material being used in these umbrellas utilises double umbrella cloth, which provides a waterproof coating of high density, making it an ideal choice for protection against sun and the rain. Since it is of high quality, therefore it symbolises strength for respective clients, who utilise these umbrellas as a promotional gift.

In the case of traditional umbrellas, corporate clients need to close the umbrella in advance before leaving or entering the car. However, reverse umbrellas provide ease to its users as it does not require to be closed in advance, thus demonstrating its flexibility.

Reverse umbrellas serve as an ideal promotional gift due to their enhanced visibility as business corporations may imprint their logo onto this umbrella and provide it to their clients, thus leading towards enhanced recognition. What makes it amazing is its “C” shaped circle handle that allows the person to free their hands from holding the umbrella and perform other tasks simultaneously like holding a phone or carrying a bag. Additionally, it is an automatic open style which makes it highly appealing, while its popularity is strongly associated with its availability of 27-inch reverse umbrella capable of accommodating two to three people.

What’s The Best Reverse Umbrella?

When it comes to choosing the best reverse umbrella, the Bagail reverse folding umbrella is considered as the best choice. It folds in a reverse manner and opens instantly, thus making sure that you do not get wet. It is indeed a bestseller in the brolly industry of the UK and is reflected as the best reverse umbrella.

When fully opened, Bagail has a diameter of 46 inches, making it amongst the largest reverse umbrella. So, for all those corporate clients and business organisations supporting outdoor events, this type is accommodating and perhaps the best choice.

The unique feature of Bagail includes its capability of covering you instantly as soon as you step of your office or home due to the super-quick deployment of its canopy. Additionally, even if you are travelling or headed to meet a client, the interior of your car does not mess up as the reverse design confines the raindrop inside.

The popularity of Bagail is also associated with its two layers of durable pongee cloth and sturdy construction that comprises a durable metal frame. Consequently, upon exposure to harsh weather conditions, it does not collapse and is resistant to harsh gusts of wind. The availability of UV protection provides further protection from the sun, while its convenience is assured from its C-shaped handle.

How to Find a Reliable Reverse Umbrella Manufacturer?

When finding a reliable manufacturer for a reverse umbrella, it is important to consider the quality provided by the respective manufacturer. It is necessary that the umbrella serves the purpose for what it is made and is comfortable to use.

Initially, a manufacturer that provides the most number of panels in their umbrellas were considered as a reliable manufacturer. However, this does not serve as a criterion for a good quality umbrella following the improvement pertaining to the quality of fabrics and utilisation of raw materials.

Therefore, the ease and comfort with which the umbrella is open and closed along with the closeness with which the segments are linked with the ribs, are the main factors enough to determine a reliable manufacturer for the reverse umbrella. In addition to this, the following indicators are the perfect reflection of a reliable manufacturer:

  • The payment structure developed by the manufacturer determines the reliability as it is necessary for clients to select the most suitable trading solution in accordance with their needs. In this regard, business corporations should convey their needs and situation to the respective manufacturer before making the final decision.
  • The reliability of the brolly manufacturer can be further determined from the time period of their trading, the credit rating, and the background of the respective manufacturer. This is necessary as the manufacturers may not be a true PAYE company and might move your money offshore, thus providing an indication of offshore tax solution.
  • It is necessary to obtain a complete picture on the applicable charges as the reliability of a manufacturer is strongly dependent upon its transparency. In this regard, it is necessary to obtain breakup of expenses to identify whether the products are inclusive of exclusive of taxation, along with the criteria being followed for timely payments.
  • Many brolly manufacturers in the UK tend to misguide clients by providing exaggerated claims related to tax evasion by claiming contracting expenses. In this regard, the reliability of a manufacturer may be subject to question, showing his non-compliance.
  • Most of the business corporations focus on strengthening their bond and maintain cordial relations for achieving a prosperous and long term business relationship. In this case, the reliability of the manufacturer can be clearly assessed, especially when your business is subject to the unexpected downturn and whether your manufacturer is readily available to cater to changing business plans or not.
  • Whenever you are opting for the best and reliable manufacturer of the brolly, it is necessary and highly recommended to download the checklist of manufacturer’s calculator. In such a case, entities are able to assess and analyse and choose the best manufacturer for their products.

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