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Huifeng Umbrella factory is one of the top leading manufacturing companies that are based in Guangzhou, China .over the past 30 years our growth is converting into global umbrella exporter or umbrella solution supplier. Now we are known as worldwide umbrella provider with happy customers that are satisfied with our services and wish to book new orders further.

We are at this level due to the efforts of Mr. Tan who took a step in umbrella factory in the early ’90s. The great potential and efforts and strong will as well take us on the big level of an export umbrella as global umbrella provider. Later in 1999 the competition becomes super fast and so tough to compete. So the great thinker Mr. Tan decided to transform the products in a great way. The operations staff has done great efforts that today we have become the brand on an international level. Now at this time, our products/stocks are exported in USA, UK, and Europe in great quantity. There is no word of compromise on quality and standard in Huifeng Umbrella factory to the growth of the business we have adopted these steps:

  • Customization
  • E-business

We have come in the market with Great Spirit. To compete with the big industry we have all the qualities that are necessary for a manufacturing company. The great things that transformed and take us on a high level are customization.

Gateway of our success is Customization of umbrella:

We have a strict customization procedure. Under customization, we concentrated on clients demand. Although we know what to provide. But we stress that customer tells us their requirement. For their satisfaction, we produce the umbrella according to their desire. We have made ourself with quality products. Our name is known by quality. We do what our customers say. According to the direction of MR. Tan and advanced techniques from our professional we have the skill to produce the most stunning and stylish umbrella in great range. The color, fabric, and printing are entirely depends on you. You have heard that every company claims to provide the customized product but they fail to prove it. Due to the unreliability of the products.


When we adopt the e-business we noted that the order is increasing day by day. So we stressed the workshop staff to work faster. With their great efficiency and proficient performance we can stand on top-level in the umbrella industry. Umbrella factory has loaded with a skilled worker that is fully trained and licensed. They work in a short time and provide the best quality.

Justin oversees marketing manager stated that:

“Increasing in order from abroad is based on the development of E-Commerce”.

Team of Huifeng Umbrella Company exporter said:

“Although the traditional trade model is running the e-commerce helped us a lot in attracting client from the entire world”.

Which Variety of Stunning And Gorgeous Umbrella You Want:

Huifeng Umbrella Factory has a great variety of umbrella. Delicate pet umbrella, gorgeous and automatic umbrella, souvenir umbrella printed with customized pictures. When you visit the umbrella office in Huifeng Umbrella Company you will look at the office like umbrella room. Colorful umbrella covered the walls of the office and look like an umbrella museum.

Different variety of umbrella is listed here:

  • Beach umbrella
  • Fashion umbrella
  • Golf umbrellas
  • Promotional umbrellas
  • Kids umbrella
  • Mini umbrellas

Beach umbrella:

If you are looking for the most beautiful, stunning and stylish umbrella for the beach then you have come on the right place. We have the best customization procedure under your requirement. To go on the beach with the colorful umbrella create an impressive look. Just select the category which type of umbrella you want and book order right now:

We have custom printed sand anchor beach umbrella, 8ft fiberglass beach umbrella UPF,100+-Heavy-duty, picnic time outdoor umbrella, multi-color stripe. Multicolor patio beach umbrella with wind vent.

Fashion umbrella:

In this era, the fashion umbrella is used in the industry. The photographers used the stylish umbrella for models. Buy the most stunning and gorgeous umbrellas from us on low rates. We have the fashion rainbow laser reflective shiny umbrella, custom design full color printed 3 fold sun umbrella, fashion comic, and animation stick, couple canopy umbrella windproof, fiberglass strong frame, fashion design innovation inverted umbrella.

Golf umbrella:

In this category we have windproof lightweight double vented sports golf umbrella, PGA TOUR 23 INCH AUTOMATIC DOUBLE CANOPY GOLF UMBRELLA, 64 personalized large black windproof golf umbrellas for sale, golf umbrella with a flag pattern, manual, open, 190T ponges, and 8 ribs.

Promotional umbrella:

In this category we have commercial outdoor umbrellas, promotional Golf Umbrella with different logo printing design, advertising windproof promotional custom golf umbrella, high-quality huifeng advertising BMW/Benz promotional umbrella.

Kid’s umbrella:

In this we have Disney frozen Anna Elsa Forever Sisters Kids umbrella, rain stoppers W104 Kids Multi shark, Print Arc, 32, Multi umbrella, cute kids sun rain UV protection frog umbrella, children umbrella lightweight and content and simple.

Mini umbrella:

In this category we have 2018 new item carbon fiber ultra light umbrella, ultra-light mini creative gift capsule umbrella, super light mini pocket umbrella 5, folding small automatic umbrella, ultra light five folding compact mini umbrella solitary walker portable, and travel UV Vinyl Pocket Umbrella.

Umbrella Factory:

Although there are many companies in China that are manufacturing umbrella .Huifeng Umbrella Factory are one of them that are leading in all. In the starting Huifeng was manufacturing the high-quality umbrella on the great range so that we have hired the talented and skilled workers from Japan on high salaries. We also imported fabrics from Taiwan. The entire machine is working on standard and quality. Due to the efforts of our workers, we can deliver the most competitive stock that is eco-friendly. In a comparison of others, we are most promising than others. We have specialized material, advanced production machines, and equipment, latest technology with highly skilled staff.

Scientific standard production:

Huifeng Umbrella Factory has standardized scientific production in a great manner. The organized decision making, planning and logistic support make us more appealing. We have best and strict control on rational supplier structure, internal control, customer resource and safety of raw material. The finishing of the product in inventory and dynamic management ensure the efficiency of company’s operation department.

The operation dept is super fast and active. They keep on working with the 3 time upgraded machines produce the most competitive umbrella.

We have the best and skilled staff in different department:

  • Umbrella packing
  • Umbrella pattern sewing
  • Clear umbrella workshop
  • Clear umbrella worker

The procedure of umbrella making:
The very first step is the fabric store we import the fabric from Taiwan that is very reliable in manufacturing umbrella. Then we put this fabric in silk screen printing. After the fine silk printing, we deliver it to the sewing department. The experts sewed the umbrella fabric in a great manner. After sewing the fabric the cloth is ready for cutting. The cutting experts cut the fabric in umbrella style. Then the other step is stitching. Top sewing and bend sewing, tips nailing then assemble it. The final step is to handle fixed. In the finishing, the umbrella delivers to the warehouse and ready to export.

R&D Idea

Huifeng Umbrella has the most tremendous R&D idea that is FASHION, STAND WEAR, AND TEAR, MAKE VARIED. We are struggling day by in sake of providing a great quality product. We have 8 invention patents, 35 utility model patents 2 designs, 7 overseas invention patents. We at least produce thousand of the modernized automatic umbrella, sun umbrella, and multifunctional environment umbrella. Huifeng Umbrella Company have adopted the latest techniques and advanced technology in the operation department by the universities and unique designs. We have worked with the universities to understand the new concepts of latest design and technology and different creative skills. We have shared the research achievement with a university like the central academy of fine arts, in this way it increases the content of our product in an integrated way.

R&D Department:

Our R&D dept is under control of the Technology Research Department, it has the Sample exhibition (SEC), the CAD-Technology Center (CADTC), and Sample Working Center (SWC). These help us to create the more modern and creative content product in plate pattern making, designing of latest designs, graphics, pictures and predicting consumptions. This system helps us to manufacture the latest and researched content that is with the best modification of designs and sample.

Why we are the best:
Huifeng Umbrella Factory never compromise on quality. Therefore we have set the large chains of clients in China and overseas.

Low rates:
We are highly competitive and meet your expectations in bulk quantity.

Free and easy:
We offer you try a free sample, free assistance and super fast delivering service.

All the money is refundable:
If you are not satisfied with our product then we promise for refundable money.

On-time shipment:
We provide the delivery in a short turnaround. We do not say what we do not do.


Just order us and believe us. We hope to hear from you as soon as possible. We are accessible at UNIT 04, 7/F, BRIGHT WAY TOWER, NO.33 MONG KOK ROAD. KOWLOON, HK.

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